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Chapter 585 Why Are You So Troublesome!

Qin Fanyas smile froze.

Sure enough, this little bit of difference could still be detected by others.

How exactly did those tea leaves come about What was added inside


Shi Jin did not take Butler Kangs silly son to heart.

To her, it was just a small interlude.

The next day, Shi Jin woke up late, so by the time she woke up, Fu Xiuyuan had already gone to the office and was not at home.

After having a simple breakfast, Shi Jin recalled the exotic flowers and herbs in the courtyard last night.

She was moved and wanted to take a look again.

She had always been interested in flowers, plants, and trees.

It was even more so after learning ancient Chinese medicine.

Nothing could attract her attention more.

She took her phone and walked into the backyard.

Li Yuanyuan had sent her a message.

“Shi Jin, I heard that you are in Hong Kong recently”

“Yes, thats right.” Shi Jin could guess who had leaked the information.

Of course, she had attended that event before, so it was not difficult to guess that she was here.

“I knew it.

No wonder Senior Qin called to ask about your grades.

It seems like your appearance made her nervous.”

Shi Jin was not surprised.

“Its alright.

Didnt everyone say that my abilities are far from hers”

“Thats because outsiders dont understand.

In my opinion, youre much better than her!”

Shi Jin smiled.

Only this silly girl would think of her that way.

“I heard that Hong Kong is rich in Traditional Chinese Medicine and some of them are of good quality.

I need some of them for my recent classes.

Can you bring some back for me I dont need anything good, just some ordinary ones.

I can use them for practice.

However, if you are too busy, forget it.”

“Its okay.

Ill send you some back.

I promise itll be authentic.”

After answering Li Yuanyuans WeChat messages, Shi Jin continued walking towards the backyard.

Vaguely, she heard someone talking in a low voice.

“Oh, come on, eat it.

Seriously, its all over your body again.”

It looked like a nanny taking care of Butler Kangs son.

However, Kang Feis movements looked very uncoordinated, so he didnt eat well when he held the food.

He foolishly covered himself with the food, and was very messy.

His clothes were all smeared.

“Seriously! Troublesome!” the nanny complained.

Looking at her, it was probably because Kang Fei was Butler Kangs son that she was barely managing to tolerate him.

If it wasnt for that, she wouldnt have bothered at all.

Kang Fei took another bite and got it all over himself again.

She was anxious and hit his hand hard.

“Why are you so troublesome”

She snatched the thing from Kang Feis hand and stuffed it into his mouth.

Kang Fei couldnt eat it and was agitated by her attitude.

“I wont give it to you if you dont eat it!”

Kang Fei finally calmed down a little.

The nanny was probably still afraid of Butler Kang and did not dare to really do anything.

She then broke the food into small bites and stuffed it into his mouth.

When she saw Shi Jin, she hurriedly said, “Young Madam.”

“What are you doing”

“I…” The nanny looked around.

“This fool is always disobedient.

I will discipline him well!”

“Are you in charge of taking care of him”

“Yeah, hes been mentally unsound since he was young, and he refused to be controlled by others.

Im the only one who can control him, but dont worry, Young Madam, Ill definitely punish this fool for offending you!” the nanny said smugly.

Shi Jin saw that all the nannies in the mansion, from top to bottom, were very scrupulous and knew their place.

However, this one was shrewd and scheming.

It was probably because Kang Fei was only willing to let her take care of him that she became arrogant.

It was a good thing that she and Kang Fei didnt live here.

Otherwise, Old Master Fu would have fired her ten thousand times over.

“Forget it.

Youve already said that hes stupid.

Why punish him Since youre the one who takes care of him, you should take good care of him instead of punishing him to please me.

Theres no need for that.”

The nannys face turned red.

She had heard that Master Fu had almost chased away Butler Kang, who had worked for more than thirty years, in order to stand up for Shi Jin.

Hence, she thought that as long as she abused Kang Fei, she could gain the favor of the new Young Madam.

Who knew that not only did Shi Jin see through her scheme, but she also exposed her intentions.

Shi Jin picked up a leaf and handed it to Kang Fei.

Kang Fei looked at her timidly and took two steps back as if he was afraid.

It was obvious that Butler Kang had taught him a lesson when he went back last night.

Although his IQ was low, he definitely had a basic sense of danger and instinctively wanted to avoid danger.

Shi Jin said, “Dont be afraid.

This is for you.

You have to eat well, understand”

He shivered again before taking the leaf.

He bared his white teeth at Shi Jin.


Shi Jin could not help laughing.

The nanny was also stunned.

Clearly, she did not expect that apart from herself, this fool would establish friendly relations with others.

“Take good care of him,” Shi Jin said, looking bright and cold, and there was a sense of oppression that could not be ignored.

For a moment, the nanny felt the pressure she felt when facing Master Fu.

She did not dare to refute or question her words.

Shi Jin looked at the flowers in the backyard for a while before going out.

Fu Jiang and Fu Neng were waiting outside.

“Young Madam, where do you plan to go today” Fu Jiang asked.

“Lets go shopping for herbs.”

Fu Jiang smiled and said, “Why do you like shopping in that kind of place so much Everyone avoids it.

However, Young Madam, I really took the medicine you gave me that day back to soak my feet.

Guess what happened”

“What is it”

“My Achilles tendon was injured before, which is an old issue of mine.

It hurts whenever the weather changes, and I cant bear the cold weather.

Because of this, I lost the opportunity to follow the Young Master to the Imperial Capital.

However, after soaking in the medicinal herbs you gave me, didnt it rain last night I actually didnt feel anything.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Thats good.”

“Fu Neng, are you sure you dont want to soak in it” Fu Jiang asked.

After all, they were all bodyguards, and their bodies were very important.

For people like them who trained all year round and had to fight every day, it was inevitable that they would have some problems.

Because of his Achilles tendon injury, Fu Jiang had lost the opportunity to stay by Fu Xiuyuans side for a long time.

He had always regretted it.

He knew that Fu Nengs body could not avoid the same problems either.

“I dont need it.” Fu Neng belonged to Old Master Fu, so he didnt have any special filter towards Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

He had always known that Fu Jiang was Fu Xiuyuans super fanboy.

His fan filter was 800 meters thick.

However, he didnt expect that Fu Jiang could also produce another 800 meter thick filter for Shi Jin.

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