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Chapter 584 Youll Have No Grandson

“Alright, Butler Kang brought Kang Fei here to stay for two days.

It was also something I agreed to,” Old Master Fu said.

“Since nothing happened, theres no need to make it sound so unpleasant.

Kang Fei used to come here for a short stay every year, isnt that normal” “Yes, I think its fine.

If Kang Fei wants to stay for a few more days, Butler Kang can arrange it for him.” Shi Jin could tell that there was something wrong with Kang Fei, so she wanted to see if he had other issues.


Since that was the case, it was better to keep him by her side.

“I wouldnt dare, I wouldnt dare.

Ill send him away soon.” Butler Kang was sweating profusely.

He knew who the person in charge of this family was.

How would he dare to do anything before Fu Xiuyuan spoke

Fu Xiuyuan understood what Shi Jin meant and said calmly, “Do as Shi Jin said.”

Butler Kang was stunned and looked at Fu Xiuyuan in surprise.

He knew that Fu Xiuyuan was a man of his word and would not change his initial decision for anyones sake.

However, he actually changed his mind because Shi Jin spoke up

“Alright, Xiuyuan has spoken.

You can go now,” Old Master Fu said.

He was a little surprised that Shi Jin did not become arrogant because of his favor and instead spoke up for Butler Kang.

How many days could her generous nature last

“Thank you, Old Master.

Thank you, Young Master.

Thank you, Miss Shi.

No, thank you, Young Madam,” Butler Kang said hurriedly before turning to leave.

“Let me look at your hand again.” Fu Xiuyuan took Shi Jins hand and looked at it seriously.

After making sure that there were no scratches, he let go.

Fu Jiang heaved a sigh of relief as well.

He was someone arranged by the Young Master to be by Shi Jins side.

If anything happened to Shi Jin, he would not be able to bear the consequences.

During the meal, Shi Jin asked softly, “Whats the situation with Kang Fei”

“Hes been lacking in intelligence since he was young.

However, hes Butler Kangs only son, so Butler Kang has always doted on him,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

Old Master Fu said, “Butler Kang has been with me for decades.

His wife passed away early and he only has one son.

I have the heart to dote on him like a grandson.”

“You can treat him like your grandson…” Fu Xiuyuan put down his chopsticks.

“But if this happens again, you wont have a grandson anymore.”

His words were harsh.

Old Master Fus fingers paused and he subconsciously glanced at Shi Jin without saying anything.


Through tasting and smelling the tea leaves, Qin Fanya managed to find Chinese herbs with similar taste.

She had prepared a few sets of tea leaves, but after mixing them, there was still a slight gap between them and the original.

The difference wasnt huge, but sometimes, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

She used all sorts of methods to narrow down this gap, and finally, there was only a little bit of dissatisfaction left.

She called the butler over.

“Send these tea leaves to Grandpa Jiang, Grandpa Wang, and Grandpa Tang.

Ask them if they taste good.”

The butler left with the things and returned in less than two hours.

“Miss, the elders are all thanking you.

They said that its quite delicious.”

Qin Fanya smiled.

The butler quickly added, “However, they said that it would be better if there were tea leaves with the same taste as the previous time.

They asked if you could follow the same taste as the previous time.

Old Master Jiang also said that after drinking the tea leaves from the previous time, he has felt much better recently.”

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