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Chapter 582 How Could She Have Such Talent

“If you like it, take it all.” Fu Neng stuffed his bag into Fu Jiangs hands.

“Why dont you want it” Fu Jiang asked.

Fu Neng didnt say anything.

Fu Jiang understood what he meant.

“Old Master not liking her is Old Masters business.

Why do you have to have such an attitude”

“Its your own business if you like her.

Why bother with my attitude”

Fu Jiang smiled.

“Although everyone didnt like her in the past, Ive seen her shows.

Shes quite a nice person.”

“People who fawn over celebrities have no future.”

Fu Jiang hugged the medicine bag.

It wasnt as if he was chasing after idols to gain something.

How was that related to his future Moreover, she was someone Young Master liked.

What right did others have to judge her

When Shi Jin entered the house, she saw Old Master Fu and Qin Fanya playing Go together.

It could be seen that Qin Fanya had a way of coaxing Old Master Fu.

When he saw Shi Jin, Qin Fanya stood up and said, “Shi Jin, youre back I have nothing on today so Im playing Go with Grandpa Fu.”

“Take your time,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Smelling the fragrance of the herbs in her hands, Qin Fanya asked, “You went to buy Chinese medicine”

“I did buy some.”

“Shi Jin, you cant just buy random Chinese medicine ingredients.

Some of the ingredients can be used as you please, but many of them are poisonous and have the characteristics of mutual augmentation and suppression.

If you dont use them well, you might end up in great danger.” Qin Fanya was concerned about her professionalism and became anxious.

“Can I take a look”

“Sorry, no.”

“Im just a benevolent doctor.

Dont think that Im just trying to scare you.

Some medicinal herbs might even go wrong if you dont keep them properly.” “I bought it myself, so Ill take good care of it.

Miss Qin, you dont have to worry about it.”

“Alright, Fanya.” Old Master Fu cut off Qin Fanyas words.

“I heard that Shi Jin is in the same profession as you.

Since she bought it, she will naturally settle it.

You dont have to worry.”

“Alright, Grandpa Fu.” Qin Fanya glanced at Old Master Fu and lowered her head obediently.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Grandpa, Ill go upstairs first.”

Old Master Fu picked up the black chess piece and put it down.

Qin Fanya followed suit and picked up the chess piece, but her mind was elsewhere.

“Butler Kang, take half of the tea that Shi Jin gave me and give it to Fanya to drink,” said Old Master Fu.

Butler Kang hurriedly nodded and wrapped some up for Qin Fanya, “Miss Qin, please.”

Qin Fanya smiled and said, “This is a gift from Shi Jin, how can I take it away”

“Didnt you say that with my condition, Im currently eating the Chinese medicine you prescribed.

I have to be wary of many things, afraid that they will harm each other.

I dont dare to casually eat the things given to me by ordinary people.

Take a look and see if you can drink this tea or if I can drink it.”

“Alright, Grandpa Fu.” Qin Fanya immediately opened the box of tea leaves.

A very light and elegant fragrance assaulted his nose.

It was extraordinarily elegant.

Looking at the tea leaves, there were actually some special petals mixed in.

It wasnt a very common type, but it was a type that was very good for the nerves.

There was also the smell of Chinese herbs.

For a moment, Qin Fanya could not tell what kind of flower leaves or medicinal herbs it was, but even so, she knew that this was a tea that was specially concocted.

It was harmless to the human body and didnt need to be bothered about mutual augmentation and suppression.

It was very good for calming the mind.

Just by smelling it, she felt a magical calming effect.

It was amazing.

Was this actually a gift from Shi Jin

Qin Fanya subconsciously looked at the brand label on the box, wanting to see where Shi Jin bought it from.

However, after looking around, she didnt find any brand.

Could it be that this was also a special tea that was handmade

“Can I drink this” Old Master Fu asked when he saw how carefully she was observing it.

“Grandpa Fu, these tea leaves smell pretty good.” Qin Fanya said seriously, “But its not good for your health.

Its better not to drink


“Since thats the case, Butler Kang, bring the rest over and let Fanya take them away.”

Qin Fanya took the heavy box from Butler Kang, her heart also felt heavy.

If these were made by Shi Jin… No, that was impossible.

Shi Jin relied on her made up persona to survive in the entertainment industry.

How could she actually have such talent

Qin Fanya took the tea leaves home and tasted them carefully.

She had to admit that these tea leaves, whether in terms of taste or effect, were better than the one she had concocted herself.

At this thought, she immediately picked up her phone and called Zhang Fengnian.

After exchanging some pleasantries, she joined in the conversation.

“Director Zhang, I would like to ask how Shi Jins studies are”

As the director of the University of Chinese Medicines ancient Chinese medicine department, Zhang Fengnian was stunned for a moment before he remembered Shi Jins name.

He said indifferently, “She hasnt been to school for a long time.

If you didnt mention it, I would have almost forgotten about her.”

“She doesnt go often, so what are her grades like”

“Its just average.” Zhang Fengnian did not think highly of Shi Jin from the start.

Even if she had done many things to change her character, he was unwilling to admit it.

Admitting her excellence was equivalent to denying his own judgment.

“I see, but I heard from the news that shes quite good at medicine.

I really thought that our school had another talented junior.”

“As for the entertainment industry, theres always a need to set up some personas.” Zhang Fengnians attitude was still very calm.

“She has a few classmates who are quite capable, and everyone is supporting her.

After all, pretty girls have some advantages.” Qin Fanya changed the topic and hung up.

She had long heard that Shi Jin had a good relationship with a few seniors the moment she entered the school.

Her abilities were not particularly outstanding.

Moreover, the entertainment industry was so busy, how many opportunities would there be for her to really study

Most likely, this tea was made by someone else for her and was specially given to Old Master Fu.

However, the handmade tea leaves were different from the mass-produced ones.

There would always be a difference every time.

If it was done well this time, it might not happen again.

Even for someone as experienced as Qin Fanya, she had to admit the differences every time.

“Miss, Old Master is here with an old friend.

Please come down and have a seat,” a maid from the Qin family said as she walked over.

“Alright, Ill be right down.” Qin Fanya changed into a new set of clothes and put the tea leaves into a different box before heading downstairs.

Old Master Qin smiled and greeted, “Fanya, your Grandpa Tang, Grandpa Wang and Grandpa Jiang are here.

Come and meet them.”

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