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Chapter 581 Still Buying

“Owner, are there any herbs of a higher grade” Shi Jin pointed at one of the herbs and asked.

“No, this is the highest.” The owner saw that she was a young girl and didnt care much.

“Is that so” Shi Jin sniffed again and said, “Then your grade is really not enough.”


“What does a young lady like you know Only we know whats good and whats bad about these Chinese medicines.

Dont be fooled by the appearance.

Let me tell you, its not that what looks good is the best medicine.

This isnt buying clothes or cosmetics.” Shi Jin placed the herb down.

“This herb of yours was originally supposed to be harvested in May and used after drying in the sun.

However, it seemed to have been harvested too late, so it looked dry on the surface but is damp on the inside.

Its not very useful and the quality is just average.

In order to make this herb look good, it was specially dried and took away 30% of the medicinal smell.

If this is what you call a high grade, then there really isnt anything good.”

The owner originally saw that she was young and didnt seem like someone who would come to buy medicine, so he didnt have any thoughts of getting better herbs for her.

However, now that she said that, he couldnt help feeling surprised.

She really knew

“Little girl, wait a moment.

Ill get you another one.” The owner immediately climbed up the ladder and took out another medicinal herb.

This medicinal herb didnt look any better than the previous one, but it had a rich medicinal fragrance.

It was very authentic.

The owner would usually keep these good medicinal herbs for old customers and old Chinese doctors who knew their stuff.

He would not casually sell them to young people who did not know anything.

“This is not bad.” Shi Jin could tell at one glance that this was not an ordinary item.

Otherwise, the owner would not have kept it hidden.

“So you know your stuff.

If I had known earlier, I would have taken it out earlier,” the owner said with a smile.

“I was just afraid that some people would not understand and ruin these good herbs.”

“Also, are there any better grade ones of these here”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Ill get it right away.” The boss immediately took a lot of herbs from upstairs.

Shi Jin looked at it for a while before choosing.

Soon, there was a huge bag.

Fu Jiang was Fu Xiuyuans man, so he was helping Shi Jin dutifully.

Even if Shi Jin bought it to please the Old Master, it was still a token of her efforts.

On the other hand, Fu Neng belonged to the old master.

He had always only approved of Qin Fanya, so he looked down on Shi Jins actions.

Did she know what the drugs were, how to use them, and what kind of illness they were targeting Why did she buy so many

As someone from the entertainment industry, wanting to compare her medical skills with Qin Fanya was really too whimsical.

If she had been well-behaved and only bought some supplements for Old Master, Fu Neng would have admired her more.

“Im done.

Pay up,” Shi Jin said to Fu Jiang.

Fu Jiang immediately took out Fu Xiuyuans supplementary card and handed it to the owner.

Of course the Young Master wouldnt let the Young Madam spend her own money when she went out.

Shi Jin felt at ease.

She did not care about whose money this was, because this price was nothing in her eyes.

On the other hand, Fu Neng thought that she was too dependent on the Young Master.

It was no wonder that she was willing to follow Young Master back to Hong Kong.

To put it bluntly, money was more important.

He really felt unjust for his young master.

The young master of the Fu family had actually fallen for such a woman!

“Wait a minute.” A gentle voice was heard.

Shi Jin followed the voice and saw a familiar face.

It was a young and cute girl.

“Shi Jin, do you remember me You lent me a makeup brush for yesterdays event.

My name is Fang Tang.”

She was soft-spoken and really suited her


“I remember.” Shi Jin nodded at her.

“Owner, I will pay for Miss Shi.” Fang Tang handed her card over.

“Miss Fang, I cant accept that.

I cant just spend your money like that.”

“Shi Jin, you helped me a lot yesterday.

A thank you will be too light.

These Chinese medicine ingredients arent expensive to begin with.

Besides, I often come here to buy them.

You dont have to treat me like an outsider.

Owner, swipe my card.”

The owner obviously knew Fang Tang.

He took her card and swiped it.

Seeing that Shi Jin was still looking at her, Fang Tang smiled and said, “Although Im just a nobody, I can still afford this bit of money.

Dont take it to heart.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin took the herbs.

“If theres nothing else, Ill leave first.” Fang Tang revealed a soft smile.

She left very quickly.

Fu Jiang took the initiative to tell her, “Fang Tang is a member of the Fang family.

The Fang family can be considered to have some wealth, but as the eldest daughter of the family, her life is a little too miserable.”

“Fang family”

“The Fang family is one of the oldest families in Hong Kong.

After many conflicts, they are no longer as wealthy as they used to be, but they still have some foundation.”

Shi Jin nodded.

Fu Jiang came forward to take the herbs from her and asked with a smile, “Young Madam, where are we going”

“Lets go to the next medicine shop.”

Fu Jiang put the things into the car and opened the car door for her.

“Are you sure”

“Of course.”

Fu Jiang immediately drove off.

However, he found it a little strange.

Hong Kong was a famous shopping paradise.

Most people would go there to buy clothes and skincare products.

It was rare for someone to be free from the norm, Shi Jin only went to the herbal medicine shops!

Fu Neng, on the other hand, didnt find it strange at all.

Shi Jin had just arrived at this unfamiliar place, so she had to put in effort on Old Master Fu.

If she couldnt conquer Old Master Fu, how was she going to gain a foothold in the Fu Family

Shi Jin went to several shops in the afternoon and bought a lot of herbs.

When she returned, she smelled like Chinese medicine.

Fu Jiang asked, “Young Madam, do you still want to buy more”

“No, maybe in a few days.”


“Young Madam, are you really not going to those fun places I know many beautiful places.

If you want to go, I promise Ill be your tour guide.”

“Ill go another day.”

“Alright.” Fu Jiang nodded.

Back at the Fu residence, Shi Jin handed two bags of herbs to Fu Jiang and Fu Neng respectively.

“This is” Fu Jiang was a little surprised


“Youve been with me all afternoon.

This is for


“No, Im working for Young Master.

Ive been by Young Masters side since I was young.

How can I take your things when Im only doing my job” Fu Jiang shook his head.

“These are good for soaking your feet,” said Shi Jin.

Although they were only following Fu Xiuyuan and Old Master Fus arrangements, they did their best to aid her.

And this was just a matter of convenience to Shi Jin.

“Then I shall accept it.” Fu Jiang reached out and took it.

Fu Neng accepted it as well.

Shi Jin walked inside.

Fu Jiang picked it up and took a look.

“It smells pretty good.

I really didnt expect Young Madam to give us something.”

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