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Chapter 580 She Could Smell the Herbs

Shi Jin took the tea and took a look.

The brewing technique of the tea leaves was quite good.

Although it was not considered top-notch, it was not bad either.

It had exceeded the passing grade.

Seeing that she wasnt drinking, Old Master Fu said, “Ive always enjoyed this tea.

Do you still not believe in Fanyas ability”

“Not bad.” Shi Jin took a sip politely.

Fu Xiuyuan didnt drink a single mouthful.

It was hard to say that other tea leaves were good stuff after one drank tea brewed by Shi Jin.

Compared to Shi Jins tea, other tea could be considered undrinkable.

“By the way, Miss Shi brought tea leaves for Old Master as well,” Butler Kang quickly said as he handed over the tea leaves.

Qin Fanya took a glance and saw that it was also homemade tea leaves, so she did not take it to heart.

When it came to planting tea and making tea, no one had more experience than her.

She was also at the top when it came to adding Chinese medicine to nourish the body and mind.

All these years, she had been helping Old Master Fu recuperate.

She already had her own way of doing things.

Shi Jin was still far from that.

Old Master Fu took a look and said, “Take it, at least for Xiuyuans sake.” “Shall I brew some for you to try” Butler Kang asked.

“Theres no need.

Im old and have just eaten.

How can I have so much appetite to drink Maybe next time.” Ever since Old Master Fu drank Qin Fanyas tea, he had not drunk any other tea.

The essential oil that his wife had specially sent him last time had also been thrown somewhere.

Butler Kang could only put away the tea leaves that Shi Jin had given him.

Qin Fanya smiled and said, “Shi Jin, dont blame grandpa.

I was the one who prescribed the Chinese medicine for grandpa.

He was also afraid that drinking other tea would have a conflict with Chinese medicine.

He didnt mean to reject your gift.”

“Which eye of yours saw that I blamed grandfather” Shi Jin looked up at her.

“I didnt mean—”

“Thats good.

Grandfather wont look down on my gifts, and I wont have any thoughts like that.

Dont try to guess our feelings.”

Qin Fanya knew she had miscalculated.

How could she have expected Shi Jin to be so sharp-tongued

Most importantly, Fu Xiuyuan was still looking on with an indulgent expression.

He didnt think there was anything wrong with Shi Jins words and Old Master Fu didnt express any opinion either.

It seemed like she was the one trying to sow discord.

“Grandpa, can I take your pulse again” Qin Fanya asked.

“Okay.” Old Master Fu extended his arm.

Shi Jin saw that Qin Fanyas Chinese medicine skills were pretty good.

She seemed to know what she was doing as she took his pulse, so Shi Jin gave them several more glances.

“Grandfather, your pulse is stable, but your stomach is a little weak.

This is a symptom of spleen deficiency.

Ill take care of it for you during this period so that you dont get indigestion over time.” “Okay, okay.”

Shi Jin shook her head secretly, but did not say anything.

“Xiuyuan, is there any place in Hong Kong that we can visit” Shi Jin asked Fu Xiuyuan.

“There are many places to shop, but I cant go with you for the next two days.

There are some things I need to take care of at the headquarters.”

“I dont need you to accompany me.

I can go shopping by myself.” Shi Jin knew that this place was full of Chinese medicine.

Hong Kong was located close to tropical regions, and there was no winter in the four seasons of the year, so the herbs produced in Hong Kong were very different from those produced in the capital.

This was determined by the geographical location, so many medicinal herbs grown in this environment had completely different medicinal properties.

Since Shi Jin was here, she had to do some research.

“Alright, Ill arrange for someone to accompany you,” Fu Xiuyuan said.


When Shi Jin left, Qin Fanya was still arranging Chinese medicine for Old Master Fu.

When she got into the car, the chauffeur turned around and flashed her a big smile.

“Hello, Young Madam.

My name is Fu Jiang.

Young Master arranged for me to accompany you.” Although he looked frail, he spoke with a cheerful voice that reminded one of the warm weather in Hong Kong.

The person sitting beside him looked very tall, but his tone was heavy.

“I am Fu Neng.

Old Master has arranged for me to accompany


It was fine that Fu Xiuyuan had arranged for someone to serve Shi Jin, but Old Master Fus arrangement had a deeper meaning.



Shi Jin knew that Old Master was still examining her.

It didnt matter to her.

She was no longer the Shi Jin she used to be.

Even if he arranged for a hundred people to inspect her, she would still be herself.

There was nothing shameful about her.

Fu Jiang asked with a smile, “Young Madam, where do you want to go Let me put it this way, Im a living map of Hong Kong.

As long as you want to go there, theres nothing I cant find.

If you want to shop, buy clothes, go to the mall, find something delicious, or do something else, just say the word and Ill send you there.”

“Im going to a place that sells Chinese herbs.

I want to go somewhere big which has a lot of variety.”

Fu Jiang obviously did not expect her to make such a request.

“You want to buy medicine”


Just looking around.”

Fu Jiang didnt ask further.

He knew that Old Master Fu had been drinking traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate in his old age.

His family often prepared Chinese medicine.

Shi Jin probably wanted to buy medicine for Old Master Fu.

Fu Jiang drove off.

Fu Neng took a glance at Shi Jin through the rearview mirror and did not think much of it.

Qin Fanya had always been the only one who could interfere with Old Master Qins illness.

How could they use the medicinal herbs that other people bought

Qin Fanya was reputed to be a Chinese medicine prodigy at her age.

She studied at the Imperial Capital University of Chinese Medicine and was selected by the International Ancient Chinese Medicine University to further her studies.

She was able to beat doctors of the same age and even surpass many seniors.

With her around, the Old Masters health could be adjusted

Even if Shi Jin went to buy some medicine, could it really be used

Very quickly, Fu Jiang drove the car to a huge Chinese medicine shop.

“Young Madam, were here.”

“Okay, thank you.” Shi Jin got out of the car and walked straight in.

Fu Jiang and Fu Neng followed in.

The two of them were about the same height, but Fu Jiang looked much thinner than Fu Neng.

Shi Jin glanced at the two of them.

Her gaze paused on their legs for a moment before she retracted it and walked ahead.

They followed her in and saw Shi Jin picking the herbs.

This shop specialized in selling Chinese medicine ingredients.

They could find the doctors here to concoct medicine, and they could also choose what they wanted to buy.

Here, Shi Jin saw many herbs that could not be grown in the capital and some rare herbs.

Although they could transport the medicinal herbs over to the capital, she always felt that the medicinal herbs that had been transported lacked the original smell of the local herbs.

She picked up some and sniffed it, a smile appearing on her lips.

Fu Jiang smiled and said, “Young Mistress, you can buy whatever you like.

Ill just wait here to pay the bill.”

“Mm, Ill look around some more.”

Fu Neng was surprised to see her sniffing the herbs seriously.

She could smell the herbs

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