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Chapter 58: Her Voice Cracked

Deng Yufei instantly felt assured.

She quickly selected one of her old songs, “Miss You”.

This song was a fan favorite.

Shi Jin had written the song.

It was also the song that cemented Deng Yufeis status as a talented singer-songwriter.

By the time Shi Jin was reborn, she had already given the song to Deng Yufei.

Shi Jin naturally did not care.

She did not feel sorry for giving Deng Yufei the song since it was about her feelings for Chu Ling.

Even if she had the song, she would feel disgusted by it.

However, there were a lot of tricky parts in the song.

Shi Jin was in the habit of writing songs set with traps.

Just when the performer thought she had mastered the song, she could end up missing a transition and ruining the entire song.

Deng Yufei did just that previously when she teamed up with Cui Hang and performed badly.

This time, Deng Yufei steered clear of the song out of fear she would make the same mistake.

She had practiced “Miss You” countless times, so she was confident about singing it well.

She quickly went on stage confidently and started to perform.

Since everyone thought she was a talented singer-songwriter, they liked her a lot.

The moment she went on stage, everyone showed their support.

Shi Jin quietly watched as Deng Yufei performed.

In her past life, she would always cue Deng Yufei when she got to the tricky parts of the song and helped her to overcome them.

This time, Deng Yufei might be able to finish singing the song without a hitch even if Shi Jin did not remind her.

However, she might end up embarrassing herself completely.

It was all down to probability.

Sure enough, Deng Yufeis worst dreams happened.

When she sang the chorus a second time, she let down her guard after she finished singing the climax without a hitch.

She simply assumed there was no way she could botch an easy part of this song.

However, her voice cracked before she knew it! Not only did her voice cracked, but she also made a poor transition.

Her voice cracked at an easy part of the song! Everyone was in shock! The audience was left dumbstruck by this rookie mistake!

The viewers started to comment.

“Why did Little Raindrop perform so badly”

“I have to say I often get stuck at that part of the song when I sing.

I thought the contestants would have it better than me, but she is shockingly just as bad at singing the song as I am!”

“Little Raindrops vocals really cant compare to her songwriting skills!”

Deng Yufei forced herself to finish singing the last two lines.

However, even though the last two lines turned out well, the crack in the middle of the song made it impossible for anyone to notice her great performance later on.

It was impossible for the audience to overlook the problem, especially since it appeared in an easy part of the song.

All they could remember was her cracking voice.

Deng Yufeis face lost all color.

She did not see this coming! Was she going to get eliminated now Or could Shi Jin get her voice to crack somewhere as well

As long as Shi Jin made a mistake, she could win!

Deng Yufei stood by the sight dejectedly and did not even know when Shi Jin started to perform.

How could she get eliminated She had yet to show her true potential and get Fu Xiuyuan to fall for her and be with her!

Deng Yufei knew Fu Xiuyuan liked music since she caught him listening to Shi Jins songs several times, so she deliberately honed her vocals and used Shi Jins music to try and get his attention.

How could Deng Yufei get eliminated before she succeeded

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