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Chapter 579 Come Attend Our Wedding

Qin Fanya had specially come over today and finally had a chance to have a meal with Fu Xiuyuan.

Although she was trying to hide her happiness, it was still obvious.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin went to the dining room and sat down, while Qin Fanya accompanied Old Master Fu and only sat down after he sat down.

After taking a seat, Qin Fanya glanced at Butler Kang.

Butler Kang hurriedly came over with two dishes and a soup.

He said, “This is the food that Miss Qin specially went to the Full Fortune Restaurant to wait for.

Didnt Old Master and Young Master like to eat these two dishes the most This soup is also very good for the body.”

“How thoughtful of Fanya.” Old Master Fu smiled.

“I was just thinking that since Brother Xiuyuan hasnt been home for a long time, he must have missed his favorite food, so I specially got someone to buy it and send it over.

Brother Xiuyuan, do you want to try it”

She scooped some soup and brought it to Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan did not take it and said calmly, “You guys drink it.

After being away for so long, many habits and tastes have changed.”

Qin Fanyas hand froze in mid-air.

After a while, she could only retract it.

Old Master Fu took it from her.

“Let me drink it.

I have indeed been missing the soup here for a long time.

Its still Fanya who has the heart to remember all these.”

“Its only right for me to be filial to Grandpa Fu.” Qin Fan lowered her head, her expression unclear.

“Grandpa Fu is like my own grandfather.

This is something I should do as a junior.”

“Its great that you have such thoughts.

Thank you for being filial to Grandfather for me and Xiuyuan.” Shi Jin picked up the drink beside her.

“Thank you, Miss Qin.”

Qin Fanya didnt expect Shi Jin to climb up the ladder.

Wasnt Shi Jin the dumbest in the past Qin Fanya didnt treat her as a competitor at all and thought that she would soon fade out of Fu Xiuyuans sight.

What, after being in the entertainment industry for so long, did she begin learning things

Qin Fanya had no choice, but to raise her cup.

She smiled and said, “Brother Xiuyuan and I are long-time friends.

Our relationship has always been good.

Its only right.”

“I see.

Then I have to thank Miss Qin even more.

Its rare for you to have such upbringing and the love of elders.”

“Grandpa Fu dotes on me.

Its my duty to be filial to him.” “Yes, of course.

Xiuyuan and I are far away in the Imperial Capital, and there are many things that we cant take care of.

Grandpa isnt used to the weather in the Imperial Capital, so he has always been unwilling to move over to live there.

With someone as capable as you taking care of him, Xiuyuan and I are very assured.”

She kept addressing him as Xiuyuan, her attitude as the lady of the house was perfect, and her words were appropriate as well.

It made Qin Fanya unable to respond, and also made Old Master Fu a little curious.

Was there a spell cast on Shi Jins mouth today

In the past, she only knew how to make a ruckus, but now, she could speak so flawlessly

Old Master Fu did not notice the uncontrollable smile on his own face.

In essence, he treated Qin Fanya and Shi Jin the same way.

They were both the granddaughters of his old friends and had been friends for generations.

Back then, he had agreed to the engagement with the Li family, so deep down, he respected the daughter of the Li family.

It was just that Shi Jin was too good at acting like a demon, and Qin Fanya was also good at pleasing people.

Naturally, he would be biased.

However, in reality, the person he doted on the most was still his own grandson.

As such, he would prefer the one who was sharp and worthy of his grandson.

Qin Fanya had also noticed the subtle changes in Old Master Fu, and her attitude became more unyielding.

“Shi Jin, I remember that you used to want to cancel your engagement with Brother Xiuyuan, causing everyone to be unhappy.

Now that youre in university, and even working, you should put away your tantrums, okay”

“Thank you for your kind words.

Ive grown.

Xiuyuan and I have already registered our marriage.

When the time comes to send the invitations, we will definitely be the first to inform Miss Qin.

Miss Qin, please come attend our wedding.”

“What” Qin Fanyas chopsticks fell to the ground.

How was that possible Shi Jin was actually married to Fu Xiuyuan Why didnt she hear anything

Not long ago, Chu Lings publicity team was still talking about how deeply Shi Jin loved him.

Many fans believed that it was true.

And Qin Fanyas information came from these places.

She didnt believe that Shi Jin would change so quickly.

She had always thought that Shi Jin hadnt completely escaped Fu Xiuyuan because other than the fact that she didnt have the ability to escape him, the main reason was that she wanted to rely on his power.

After all, the Li family was already an arrow at the end of its flight, but how did they get married

“You didnt hear wrongly.

Were married.” Shi Jin smiled.

Qin Fanya couldnt hold it in any longer and couldnt control her emotions.

“Then… congratulations.”

She looked at Old Master Fu.

Old Master Fu already knew, but he couldnt help saying, “You two are really… hard to explain in a few words.”

“I wonder whats so difficult to explain” When Shi Jin spoke, her tone was always indifferent, but when paired with her extremely beautiful and moving appearance, looking into her eyes, it was very difficult to escape her gaze.

There was a touch of innocence in her eyes, a sweetness that came with knowing the ways of the world, but not succumbing to the ways of the world.

At Old Master Fus age, he also found her beautiful, like the granddaughter-in-law he was looking forward to.

No matter how much he detested her, he had to admit that this face was good enough for Fu Xiuyuan.

“Xiuyuan likes you.

In any case, I dont like you.”

“Im not marrying you.

Im marrying Xiuyuan.

Isnt it enough if he likes me”

Old Master Fu: “…”

as r

It was rare for Fu Xiuyuan to see Old Master Fu so speechless.

Shi Jin was also rarely this quick-witted and active.

Seeing that she was openly mentioning their marriage and relationship, Fu Xiuyuan was happy for her to speak more, so he did not interrupt.

Seeing that she was thirsty, he ladled a bowl of soup and passed it to her to moisten her throat.

Shi Jin took it and smiled at him.

When she wasnt smiling, she was already attractive enough.

When she was smiling, she looked even more stunning.

Fu Xiuyuans gaze was immersed in her smile.

There were four of them at the dining table and the table was spacious, but there was an air of close proximity between the two of them that no one else could penetrate.

Qin Fanya wanted to say something several times, but could not find a topic to join in.

Old Master Fu smiled when he saw this.

He recalled the photo his wife had sent him.

When next to Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan always had a glow to him and was different from usual.

Now that he looked at it this way, he somewhat believed it.

After dinner, Qin Fanya poured a cup of calming tea for Old Master Fu.

“Grandpa Fu, please have some tea.”

She carried it to Old Master Fu with filial piety and brought some to Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin as well.

“I grew these tea leaves myself and made them myself.

I added some Chinese medicine ingredients, which are very effective in calming the mind.

Even people who dont suffer from insomnia will have the effect of nourishing their health after drinking them, clearing and calming their minds.”

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