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Chapter 578 Crossing That Path

It had been a long time since he last saw Shi Jin.

In his memory, he had never seen her face clearly.

She was always sloppy and looked dejected, as if someone owed her something.

After Shi Jin became famous, he did not care about her at all.

He only heard about her from Old Madam Fu and Fu Heyan from time to time.

Old Master Fu had never taken her seriously.

How could Shi Jin become famous without Fu Xiuyuan contributing

No matter how much he did not understand the rules of the entertainment industry, he knew that with Shi Jins ability, she would not be able to do anything.

However, now that he saw Shi Jin, she was neat and tidy.

She looked rather likable, but her impression on Old Master Fu was formed long ago, so how could he change all of a sudden

“Hmph, I dont have a granddaughter-in-law like you.”

“It doesnt matter whether you admit it or not.

What matters is that Fu Xiuyuan and I are legally protected.

Youll have to admit it sooner or later.”

Old Master Fu could not help, but take a few more glances at her after hearing her logical reasoning

Fu Xiuyuan held Shi Jins hand and looked into Old Master Fus eyes.

“Grandpa, Shi Jin is right.

She is my wife.

I know who I should choose.”

These words made Old Master Fu feel a little stifled.

“Then dont regret it.”

“Ill only regret what I didnt do.

Ill never regret what Ive done.” Fu Xiuyuan looked straight into his eyes.

Old Master Fu recalled what Shi Jin had done in the past and snorted, but seeing Fu Xiuyuans determined expression, he didnt say anything else.

“Grandpa, its getting late.

Please rest early,” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly.

“Go ahead,” Old Master Fu said coldly.

Shi Jin wanted to change his mind based on this little impression What a joke!

Shi Jin did not pay much attention to it.

She had a clear understanding of this trip and knew what she was about to face.

Upstairs, Fu Xiuyuan held Shi Jins hand tightly.

“Im sorry,” he whispered, a little huskily

Before he was fully prepared, he didnt want to bring Shi Jin back, but in the end, Grandpa still managed to find faults.

“What does it matter I was the one who did something wrong in the past.

Now, its just Grandfather saying a few words.” When Shi Jin spoke, her eyes were sparkling with stars.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuans expression darken, she smiled until her eyes narrowed.

“As long as we dont divorce, would our relationship be ruined just because of a few words from others”

Her words were like a breeze that swept away all the gloom in Fu Xiuyuans heart.




Old Master Fu was indeed angry.

He sat on the sofa, not in the mood to sleep.

Butler Kang was at the side serving tea and talking to him.

“Old Master, please calm down.

I think Young Master and Young Madam are doing well.”

“Who asked you to call her Young Madam”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I wont call her that, but the next time you see Old Master Li, wont you still maintain the relationship between old friends”

Old Master Fu put down his teacup heavily on the table.

“It was their family who insulted our child first.

If he has the face to see me, Im not afraid to see him.”

Butler Kang filled his cup with hot water and stood quietly at the side.




The next day, Shi Jin set the alarm and planned to wake up early, but by the time she was done sleeping, it was already late.

She reached for her phone and realized that the alarm had been turned off.

When she saw the man sitting beside her, she knew that he had done it.

“How did you sleep” Fu Xiuyuan bent down and asked.

“I was planning to get up early so that I could at least have breakfast with you and Grandpa.”

“Its okay.

Its more important that you sleep well.”

After Shi Jin freshened up, she went downstairs.

It was almost noon.

Old Master Fu was sitting on the sofa, chatting casually with Qin Fanya.

Upon hearing the commotion, Qin Fanya immediately stood up and asked, “Brother Xiuyuan didnt go out today”.

She looked up and saw Fu Xiuyuan standing at the steps.

The person standing beside him was bright and beautiful.

Even though Shi Jins expression was cold and indifferent, her brightness could not be suppressed.

In front of Shi Jin, even the most beautiful woman would be easily defeated.

However, there was always a hint of nonchalance in Shi Jins expression.

It was as if such beauty was of no importance to her.

It made her look even more carefree and beautiful.

Qin Fanya pinched her palms and said, “So… Shi Jin is here too.”

Why was Shi Jin living with Fu Xiuyuan Didnt she hate Fu Xiuyuan the most in the past

Qin Fanya had been waiting to see when Shi Jin would stir up enough trouble.

Who would have thought that she and Fu Xiuyuan had already crossed that threshold

It was only then that Shi Jin saw the person who had spoken.

In her previous life, she didnt like Fu Xiuyuan, so she didnt care who liked him.

At that time, she had vaguely heard of Qin Fanyas name and even wanted to matchmake the two of them.

Now that she thought about it, she was a fool.

“Yes, Im here too,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Old Master Fu asked, “Fanya, you know Shi Jin


“Grandpa Fu, of course I know her.

Shi Jin is so famous, how many people would not know her now Besides, she is one of the most popular people in our school at the Imperial University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I even heard the teachers praise her.”

Qin Fanya brought up these matters with a smile.

Although it sounded like an unintentional remark, those who paid attention could hear the underlying meaning.

Old Master Fu looked at Shi Jin.

“Youre still in school.

Why arent you working hard Is it right to stay in the entertainment industry every day”

“Grandfather!” Fu Xiuyuan caught his words.

“Shi Jin has always been doing very well in her studies.

Her studies have never been delayed because of work.”

“Is that so” Old Master Fu didnt think much of it.

They called her a good student They called her entering the entertainment industry a job

Qin Fanya said softly, “Grandpa Fu, although Shi Jin doesnt go to school often, she is good at her studies.

It was indeed approved by the teachers.”

Old Master Fu said lightly, “Are you sure someone didnt secretly exchange greetings with the teacher”

“Brother Xiuyuan isnt that kind of person.” Qin Fan immediately defended Fu Xiuyuan.

Old Master Fu remained silent.

He knew that his grandson wasnt one of those who would play dirty tricks, but he might do it for that little witch.

If her studies and her work were all built upon her own efforts, Old Master Fu would at least admire her for not relying on Fu Xiuyuan or the Li family!

Butler Kang walked over and asked softly, “Old Master, may the meal be served”

“Yes,” Old Master Fu said gloomily.

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