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Chapter 577 Its Impossible

Perhaps Qin Fanya was not that straightforward with her intentions, but Old Master Fu had many positive comments about Qin Fanya and was eager for Fu Xiuyuan to marry Qin Fanya.

Song Fan did not dare to mention these things in front of Shi Jin, but Shi Jin knew that Old Master Fus attitude hadnt changed.

Of course, she didnt think that her achievements in the entertainment industry would move him.

Old Master Fu might even think that Fu Xiuyuan had spent a lot of money to create those achievements.

“Ill go in and take a look.”

“Okay, here is the bathrobe.” Song Fan had already asked the hotel staff to prepare it.

He passed the brand new things to Shi Jin.




Although Cao Jingxi had arranged a VIP bath for him and Fu Xiuyuan, it was actually very spacious inside and could accommodate dozens of people.



Shi Jin pushed the door open and entered.

She saw Fu Xiuyuan in the corner.

He had his back to the door and his hands were naturally resting on the wall rock.

The steam swirled around his strong body.

Shi Jin smiled faintly and walked towards him with light steps.

Before she reached him, she heard his extremely impatient voice.

“Didnt I already tell you to get lost”.

Shi Jin stopped in her tracks.

Did that mean that someone had already entered Who was it

She thought for a moment and continued walking forward.

After not seeing him for a few days, Shi Jin thought that she would not miss him very much.

After two lifetimes, she felt that it was mostly due to guilt and compensation, but when she really saw him in person, she realized that it was her mistake.

She really could not wait to see him, not even a second later.

It wasnt guilt, nor was it making up for past mistakes.

It was the longing she felt for him from the bottom of her heart.

She walked to Fu Xiuyuans side and bent down.

Before she could touch Fu Xiuyuan, he quickly avoided her, thinking that she was someone arranged by Cao Jingxi.

He didnt hesitate to dodge at all.

The person at the edge of the wall quickly fell into the water.

Fu Xiuyuan was only slightly stunned for a second before he realized something and immediately reached out to catch the person who fell.

Shi Jin was held by his arm and did not choke on the water.

She looked a little disheveled as water droplets splashed all over her face.

Realizing who she was, Fu Xiuyuan tightened his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace.

A trace of fear rose in his heart.

If he really let her fall just now, what should he do

On second thought, he knew that she could swim and was always well-prepared.

Why would she fall

It was just a thought, but Shi Jin already smiled.

“Are you planning to kill me”

“How could I bear to” Fu Xiuyuan hugged her tightly and pressed her against the wall, kissing her directly.

It was as if he wanted to melt all his longing into this kiss.

His kiss overwhelmed Shi Jin.

After the kiss, Shi Jin breathed through his embrace.

“So, who came just now” “Cao Jingxi was here just now.

You know him.”

Shi Jin thought of Cao Jingxi.

Fu Xiuyuan had mentioned before that he could be considered childhood friends with Fu Xiuyuan.


Everything about him was good except for one thing.

He was surrounded by flowers, though he never touched a single leaf.

Of course, that couldnt be considered a bad thing.

“Then I made the right decision to come.”

“Even if you didnt come over, nothing would have happened.” How could Fu Xiuyuan give that kind of woman a chance

Shi Jin blinked.

“Does that mean that I can leave now”

“No way!” Fu Xiuyuan pulled her into his arms and pressed her down.

Shi Jin smiled.

“I wont leave.

I have an event here today.

After Im done with this event, I wont have anything to do for the next few days.

I might need to borrow your place to stay for a while.”

“Borrow” Fu Xiuyuans expression darkened.

“Do you want me to help you recall the fact that youre already Mrs.


Shi Jins face was covered by the steam, but it could not hide the blush.


Late at night.

Fu Xiuyuans car headed towards the Fu family mansion.

The car stopped at the entrance.

Fu Xiuyuan didnt get off immediately, but waited for Shi Jin to wake up.

She had fallen asleep from exhaustion just now and the blush on her face had yet to subside.

After a while, Shi Jin woke up groggily when she felt the car stop.

“Whats wrong”

“Youre awake” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.

“Were already here.”

“Mn.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Lets get out of the car.”

After Shi Jin got out of the car, Fu Xiuyuan draped his jacket over her.

She was about to step forward when Fu Xiuyuan picked her up bridal style.

“Hey, watch yourself!” Shi Jin knew that Old Master Fu was still at home.

“Theres nothing wrong with it.” Compared to Old Master Fus opinion, he cared more about doting on Shi Jin.

Butler Kang was very surprised to see Fu Xiuyuan carrying a woman back bridal style.

A moment later, he recalled that the Old Madam had informed him that Young Master and Shi Jin were already married, so everyone had to be careful with what they said.

Butler Kang took a closer look and realized that Fu Xiuyuan was indeed carrying Shi Jin.

He couldnt help, but be surprised, not by Fu Xiuyuans deep affection, but by Shi Jins compromise.

He had heard Shi Jin clamoring a thousand, if not a hundred times about not wanting to be with Fu Xiuyuan.

He did not expect things would end up like this

“Young Master.” Butler Kang quickly went up to him.

“Do you need us to prepare supper”

“Are you hungry” Fu Xiuyuan asked Shi Jin in a low voice.

“No.” Shi Jin was only tired and not hungry.

“Theres no need to prepare.”

“Alright, Ill go clean up the guest room,” Butler Kang quickly said.

“Prepare a new set of toiletries and send them to my room.”

Butler Kang quickly replied, “Yes.”

So it seemed like the marriage was real

He gave it some thought and was really a little worried.

He had long heard of Shi Jins ability to cause trouble.

He wondered if she would bring that to the house here and make everyone uneasy.

Fu Xiuyuan was about to go upstairs with Shi Jin in his arms when Old Master Fus aged voice came from the stairs.

“Are you treating me like I dont exist in this house”

Shi Jin quivered and got out of Fu Xiuyuans arms.

She stood up straight.

Fu Xiuyuan supported her and adjusted the coat that was draped around her shoulders.

“Grandfather, I thought you were asleep.”

“Grandpa,” Shi Jin greeted him.

Old Master Fu snorted.

“Who asked you to call me grandpa” “Fu Xiuyuan and I are already married.

Naturally, I have to call you Grandpa.

Anyway, Ill call you whatever he calls you.” Shi Jin was calm and indifferent.

She didnt flinch or show any weakness when facing Old Master Fus gaze.

Old Master Fu looked up at Shi Jin.

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