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Chapter 576 Four Big Words: “No Interest in Women”

Fu Xiuyuans cold gaze traveled over, and Cao Jingxi said as he dodged, “F*ck, is that true I thought youd let go, but you havent What did this little devil do to make you fall in love with her”

“You should call her sister-in-law,” Fu Xiuyuan reminded him.

Cao Jingxi almost fell into the pool.

“The two of you are really together That little devil stopped running Why did I hear that shes been in the entertainment industry recently… and shes doing pretty well Oh, no wonder.

So youre supporting her from behind.”

He was instantly relieved.

Why did Shi Jin suddenly change from being a good-for-nothing to a shining star With Fu Xiuyuans capital and resources behind her back, as long as she wasnt a pig, anyone could do it, right

Seeing his expression, Fu Xiuyuans gaze turned colder, causing Cao Jingxi to shiver.

Was he not allowed to criticize people now

“She relied on herself.”

Hearing the seriousness in Fu Xiuyuans tone, Cao Jingxi surrendered.

“My bad.”

Although he said he was convinced, he did not think so on the inside.

He probably had the same mindset as Old Master Fu.

The only reason Shi Jin was able to become so popular must be thanks to Fu Xiuyuans effort in the background.

As for her music compositions, without Fu Xiuyuan, how could Shi Jin do it

The more popular Shi Jin became, the less popular she became in their circle.

Of course, Cao Jingxi wouldnt say that aloud.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan was unhappy, he shut up and obediently soaked in the bath.

However, he couldnt help being curious.

“Then why didnt you bring sister-in-law back this time”

“Shes busy.” Seeing that he really couldnt get anything out of him, Cao Jingxi changed the topic.

Fu Xiuyuan had been like this since he was young.

If not for the fact that the two families were long-time friends, Cao Jingxi suspected that Fu Xiuyuan would not even bother to be friends with him.

As the two of them were bathing, two young and beautiful girls dressed in bathing suits walked in with red wine and fruits.

Both of them were dressed very lightly.

They walked over with a smile and squatted down in front of Cao Jingxi.

“Young Master Jing, this is what you wanted.”

“Leave it here.”

“Let me pour it for you.” One of the women picked up a bottle of red wine and slowly poured it into a glass.

Cao Jingxi reached out and touched her hand.

She smiled sweetly.

“Youre so annoying, Young Master Jing.” “The wine you poured must be very sweet, without any bitterness.”

“Then try it, Young Master Jing.”

Cao Jingxi took the wine glass and held her hand.

As he drank, he swept his gaze over her body.

Another girl quickly picked up a piece of watermelon and sent it to Cao Jingxis mouth.

Fu Xiuyuan frowned slightly.

He stood up, picked up the towel, and strode outside.

He switched to an empty pool and went back to soaking in the bath.

Cao Jingxi burst into laughter.

“Young Master Jing, is that your friend”

“Yes, but let me tell you, dont provoke him,” Cao Jingxi said with a smile.

His expression suddenly became serious and carried a hint of warning.

“Dont blame me for not reminding you.”

Fu Xiuyuan was born with the words “not interested in women” plastered on his face.

He had never been able to blend in with the people in the circle who liked to play around.

Cao Jingxi liked to play, but he didnt dare to play too much in front of Fu Xiuyuan, much less drag him down.

“Young Master Jing, is this watermelon delicious”

“Not bad.” Cao Jingxi was already a little distracted.

The two models that came today were both tall, long-legged, and good-looking.

Knowing that Fu Xiuyuan wouldnt play with him, he got up from the water and said, “Come, follow me to my room.”

He was holding the hand of the woman who delivered the fruit.

The one who delivered the red wine pouted and said, “Young Master Jing, what about me” “You can go back first.

I prefer wine with a hint of bitterness.”

This meant that he didnt like her.

Otherwise, with Cao Jingxis playful personality, he definitely wouldnt let her go.

Cao Jingxi brought the girl who delivered the fruit out.

The girl who delivered the red wine had no choice, but to follow them.

When she went out, she turned back to look at Fu Xiuyuan, who was in another pool.

Her eyes were filled with reluctance.

She could tell that this mans status, figure, and appearance were all above Cao Jingxis.

Even if she did not get anything from him, she would not lose out just by having a one night stand.

However, his expression was too distant and she didnt dare to go near him.

Besides, she wasnt here for him.

However, Cao Jingxi had already kicked her out of the game and she had gained nothing tonight.

She was really unwilling to leave just like that.

She held the glass of red wine and walked out.

After some thought, she walked back towards Fu Xiuyuan.

The man was soaking in the pool with his back facing her.

There was a thin layer of muscles on his back that perfectly outlined his figure.

His hands were casually placed on the wall of the pool, like a lion that was taking a short break.

He was lazy, but still mighty.

She slowly walked forward and was about to bend down when she heard a low and impatient voice.

“Get lost.”

Her hand was suspended in the air, still thousands of miles away from Fu Xiuyuan.

A powerful aura pressed down on her, making her not dare to move for a moment.

Suddenly, she recalled Cao Jingxis warning to her not to provoke him.

Startled, she didnt dare to do anything else and hurriedly left with her things.

Fu Xiuyuan closed his eyes and soaked in the pool calmly.




It was getting late by the time Shi Jin finished attending the event.

She called Song Fan and found out that Fu Xiuyuan wasnt at the Fu residence tonight.

Instead, he was out with his friends.

Shi Jin took a taxi to the place Song Fan mentioned.

She was not familiar with Hong Kong, but she knew that there were many things to worry about.

Fu Xiuyuans parents were still in Hong Kong, and Old Master Fu had a bad impression of her.

However, compared to the bad impression that she had left on others, Shi Jin had never met Old Master Fu before.

She had never acted up in front of Old Master Fu, nor had she left any bad impression that could not be salvaged.

It was still alright.

However, it was still a bad impression that she had left in the past, so Shi Jin felt that it was necessary for her to come over.

When they arrived at the hotel Song Fan had mentioned, Song Fan quickly came out to welcome them.

“Miss Shi, youre finally here.

I told you to let me arrange for a car to pick you up, but you insisted on not letting me.

I was even afraid that something would happen to you since youre unfamiliar with this place.”

“What could happen Wheres Fu Xiuyuan”

“He went to the bath house with a friend, but that friend of his has already left.

Master Fu hasnt returned home yet, I think it will take a while.” Song Fan didnt say that Fu Xiuyuan didnt want to go home because he didnt want to meet with Qin Fanya.

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