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Chapter 575 You Said Its Not Good Now

“Thats good.

Ill bring you more next time I come.” Qin Fanya sat beside him and took his pulse.

For the past few years, Old Master Fus illness had been handled by Qin Fanya.

The elderly always had some issue with their bodies, but Qin Fanya was diligent and had been taking care of him.

Naturally, their relationship was different.

After checking his pulse, Qin Fanya smiled and said, “Its not a big problem.

Just keep taking my medicine.”

“Mm.” Old Master Fu nodded in satisfaction.

Butler Kang came over and said, “Old Master, dinner is ready.

Shall we start now” “Go ahead.

Wheres Xiuyuan”

Following Old Master Fus question, Qin Fanyas gaze also searched the room.

Knowing that Fu Xiuyuan had been back for a few days, Qin Fanya didnt take the initiative to come over because she didnt want to seem annoying to him.

Where was he now

“Young Master said… he has some important matters to attend to, so he cant accompany you for dinner.” Butler Kang conveyed Fu Xiuyuans words.

Old Master Fus beard trembled.

No wonder he didnt mind that he invited Qin Fanya over for a meal.

Fu Xiuyuan never planned to stay.

“What does he have going on thats so important”

“I dont know either.” Butler Kang knew that this was a small conflict between the grandfather and grandson and quickly lowered his head.

Qin Fanya smiled and said, “Grandpa Fu, dont blame Xiuyuan.

He hasnt been back for a long time, so he naturally has to meet his friends when he comes back.

Let him do his thing.”

“Its good that youre so understanding.” Old Master Fu finally smiled.

“Alright, lets go eat.”




When Shi Jin arrived in Hong Kong, she first went to the event venue.

She didnt bring anyone with her, so even her makeup and styling were handled by herself.

This was a promotional event for a brand.

Other than her, there were other artistes.

Everyone was surprised to see that there was no one around her.

However, when they saw her bright and beautiful appearance, which was not inferior to other artistes who had a whole makeup team, everyone put away their unhappiness.

People would only be jealous of people who were slightly better than them, but they had no power to be jealous of people who had far surpassed them.

“Shi Jin, you can go on stage soon.

Please wait for a while.” The staff was very polite and even brought her a chair.

Shi Jin sat down and waited.

Someone beside her was quietly borrowing something.

“Do you have a makeup brush I would like to borrow




Shi Jin lifted her head to take a look.

Who was going around borrowing makeup brushes right before going on stage What kind of artist had such an unreliable team

Shi Jin saw the figure of a very reserved young lady.

She looked anxious and was asking around one by one to borrow a brush.

However, the artistes things were handled by their assistants.

It was useless for her to borrow from them.

Moreover, even if someone had it, they would not be willing to lend it to a nameless person, causing trouble.

She tried to borrow a few more people but to no avail.

She was a little disappointed.

“I have one here.” Shi Jin did not bring anyone with her today.

Coincidentally, she had some spare makeup items in her bag.

“Can I borrow it” After the young lady asked this question, she recognized that the person standing opposite her was Shi Jin.

She immediately started stammering, “Shi, Shi Jin Can I, can I borrow your things”

“Sure, take it.” Shi Jin took it out and handed it to her.

She could tell that she was very reserved.

Her hands trembled as she held the things in her hands.

After a long time, she took them and started to apply foundation on her face.

Shi Jin could tell at one glance that there was a long scar on her face.

It was probably because she had taken off her makeup earlier, so it was quite obvious now.

No wonder she wanted to touch up her makeup.

However, she did not know if she was an artist.

It was a pity for her to have such a scar on her face.

After she was done with her makeup, the long and thin scar was covered.

It did not seem to have any marks, but probably because of the scar, she looked a little unconfident and always hung her head.

Judging from her attire, she should be an artist who came to attend the event together.

However, her timid look did not seem like an artiste.

It was no wonder that Shi Jin did not know her.

“Thank you.” She handed the makeup brush back.

“Im just sorry.

I dont have time to clean it for you now, so I can only return it to you this way.”

“Its fine.” Since Shi Jin agreed to lend it to her, she had never thought about whether it was clean or not.

Besides, it was just a makeup brush.

When it was time to go on stage, Shi Jin, who was the most famous artiste, was escorted to the center of the front desk like the moon surrounded by stars.

After listening to the hosts introduction, she realized that it was a film crew that had come to participate in the event.

The lady just now should have been a very small character.

Judging from the cameras and the reporters, she probably wouldnt have gotten more than two shots.

Most of the attention was on Shi Jin, and the rest was on the two main leads.

Although the girl had carefully covered the scars on her face, no one cared.

At events like this, celebrities who were not famous would not receive much attention.

Shi Jin glanced in her direction, but did not bother with her.

She focused on her own activities.




In a high-end private clubhouse.

Fu Xiuyuan was drinking tea after dinner.

The man sitting opposite him had an evil look on his face.

He reached out to pour himself a cup of tea and asked, “Is the tea here better”

“I used to think it was alright, but now…” Fu Xiuyuan shook his head.

After drinking the tea specially brewed by Shi Jin, it was really difficult to develop feelings for the tea in front of him.

“Youre saying that its not good now How is that possible I specially hired a master to make this.

Do you know They are all the best tea leaves with the most precise manufacturing techniques.

These tea leaves are limited to 50 kilograms per year in the world.

Do you know why Its because there are only a hundred of such tea trees in total.

One tea tree can only produce so little tea leaves.”

“Then keep it and drink it yourself.” Fu Xiuyuan pushed the teacup towards him.

“Forget it, lets drink together.

Ive already found a bath house.

Shall we”

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan didnt agree immediately, he said, “Otherwise, are you planning to go back and meet Qin Fanya It wasnt easy for me to get you out of the house.

Do you really want to meet Qin Fanya” “Cao Jingxi!”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I wont talk about it anymore.” Cao Jingxi knew that he was someone who couldnt be bothered with matters related to relationships.

He was also afraid of women approaching him with ulterior motives.

The two of them went to the bath house.

Cao Jingxi suddenly asked, “Hey, are you… really still with that little devil”

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