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Chapter 574 Far Worse

Yao Jiahong suddenly remembered that Hong Kong was the headquarters of the Fu Corporation.

Master Fu seemed to have returned over the past few days.

He immediately understood and said with a smile, “Alright, Ill arrange it for you.”

“Alright, lets reject all the other unnecessary activities.

During this period of time, you have to take care of Meng Ling and Liang Yu.”


Before Shi Jin left for Hong Kong, she went to the medical lab.

Gu Jingyuan was already developing other new drugs.

The new drug that was developed last time had already been developed with several large pharmaceutical companies.

When Shi Jin went over, everyone had just finished their experiments.

When Gu Jingyuan saw her, he immediately walked over and handed her a research form.

After taking a look, Shi Jin sighed from the bottom of her heart.

“Not bad, Brother.

You have developed a new prescription.”

“Everyones working hard together.” Shi Jin told him about her recent plans.

Gu Jingyuan smiled and said, “I told you to take a good rest.

This trip to Hong Kong is a good opportunity.” “I wont be coming over to the laboratory anytime soon.”

“Mm, its fine.

Im here.”

Shi Jin nodded.

She knew that her family had Eldest Brother and Second Brother to take care of things.

She did not have to worry about things during her trip this time.


Hong Kong.

Fu Corporations headquarters.

It was located in the south, another important economic development area in Country S.

Previously, Fu Corporations main company was here.

However, after Fu Xiuyuan took over the companys affairs and quickly took control of the entire company, the development of the company had advanced by leaps and bounds.

While this was still called the main headquarters, much of the main development was focused in the capital.

At that moment, Fu Xiuyuan was sitting beside Old Master Fu with a chess piece between his fingers.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up his teacup and elegantly tasted the tea in it, patiently waiting for Old Master Fu to speak.

After a long time, he put down his chess piece and said, “The new generation surpasses the old.

I acknowledge peace.”

“Thank you for letting me win, Grandpa.” Fu Xiuyuan put down his teacup, picked up the chess pieces, and placed them back in their respective positions.

“Im getting on in years.

I have to admit that Im old.” Old Master Fu took the cup of tea from Butler Kang and sipped it slowly.

“I called you back this time because I wanted you to manage a lot of the companys business.

You cant just focus on the capital and neglect your familys business over here.”

“Grandpas health has improved a lot recently.

I heard from the doctor that everything is going well.

There are many things at the headquarters that need Grandpas help.”

Fu Xiuyuan knew that his grandfather had long wanted to retire.

At this age, there were indeed many things that he could not do even if he wanted to.

However, he also understood that his grandfather was not someone who could stay idle.

If he really did not allow him to do anything, he would feel empty instead.

Old Master Fu put down the teacup.

“Recently, Fanya has been helping me nurse my health, and it has indeed improved.

Oh right, youve been back for two days.

Have you seen Fanya”

“Shes helping you nurse your body.

She only needs to see you.”

“You cant say that.

The Qin family has always been on good terms with us, and Fanya has always done her best for my illness.

After you come back, you have to visit her no matter what.” Old Master Fu glanced at Fu Xiuyuan.

“Or, I can ask her to come over for a meal.”

Seeing Fu Xiuyuans frown, Old Master Fu snorted lightly.

“I asked her to come over and have dinner with me.

You wouldnt have any objections, would you”

“No,” Fu Xiuyuan replied calmly.

Old Master Fu smiled and said to Butler Kang, “Old Kang, give Fanya a call.”

Butler Kang glanced at Fu Xiuyuan before turning to call Qin Fanya.

A moment later, someone came looking for Fu Xiuyuan because of work.

He got up and left.

Butler Kang walked over and said with a smile, “Old Master, the call has been made.

Miss Qin will be here soon.

However, I think she has already wanted to come over.

Shes been waiting for a suitable time.” “This child, shes too accommodating to Xiuyuan.

Shes afraid that hell be unhappy, so she doesnt dare to come directly.

If you ask me, were all family friends, so she can come whenever she wants.

Why should she care about his attitude”

Butler Kang nodded.

“Old Masters words make sense, but Miss Qin also cares about Young Masters thoughts.”

“His thoughts” Old Master Fu snorted lightly.

The thought of Shi Jin filled him with displeasure.

Back then, he had arranged this marriage with Old Master Li on account of the relationship between the two families.

It was also because he thought highly of the Li familys character.

In his opinion, this marriage was supposed to be a strong union and not a one-sided trampling on Fu Xiuyuan by Shi Jin.

His upright grandson Fu Xiuyuan, why did he have to rush to let a naughty little girl trample on him The Fu family did not want such a daughter-in-law with no taste.

Butler Kang saw the look in Old Master Fus eyes and knew what he was thinking.

He smiled and said, “That miss from the Li family is indeed a little too arrogant.

Shes far inferior to Miss Qin.”

“Its not just being arrogant!” Old Master Fu reached out and slapped the table fiercely.

“Ive never seen such a despicable person.”

“But Old Master, both Old Madam and the Miss have said that she has changed her personality and that shes not a bad person.

She even treated Old Madams illness.

It seems like she has changed for Young Master.”

Old Master Fu didnt believe this.

“Could it be that she fed them some sort of bewitching potion In the past, Xiuyuan used to say good things about her.

What, is everyone saying those things now”

He did not believe that a naughty little girl could change her nature.

Old Madam Fu and Fu Heyan said that Shi Jin had changed.

It was probably because she had been too terrible before.

Now that she was slightly better, there was a huge contrast.

Besides, how could he not know the mentality of his old woman She praised Shi Jin because she was indulging her grandson and was afraid of hurting his heart.

Seeing that Old Master Fu was concerned about this matter, Butler Kang immediately went to get a cup of calming tea.

“Old Master, these are the tea leaves that Miss Qin specially prepared for you to calm your mind.

Drink a bit first, dont let troublesome matters hurt your mind too much.”

Old Master Fu received the tea and was about to drink it when another butler, Butler Meng, led Qin Fanya in.

Qin Fanya looked mature and steady, her long wavy hair adding to her charm.

Her makeup was simple, elegant, and clean.

It was very light and looked very beautiful, but it was not overly eye-catching.

“Grandpa Fu.” Qin Fanya walked over with a smile.

“Are you drinking the calming tea I wonder if you were able to rest better after drinking this recently”

“Much better, much better.” Old Master Fu nodded with a smile.

“Old people dont sleep well and often suffer from insomnia, but after drinking your calming tea, I really slept well.”

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