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Chapter 573 No, Hes Very Good

“I really dont know.”

“Let me show you the pictures.”

Fu Heyan immediately took out a bunch of photos and showed them to Shi Jin.

When he was young, Fu Xiuyuan had the same childhood photos as other cute and good-looking children, but from a young age, one could tell that he was distant and cold.

Regardless of whether it was a group photo or a solo photo, there was a faint loneliness on him.

Shi Jin reached out to touch it and felt a slight sourness spreading in her heart.

“Sister, I dont think we saw your mother.

Where is she” Shi Jin looked at the photos and was acutely aware of this problem.

Fu Heyan was silent for a while before saying, “You mean her When Xiuyuan was very young, she didnt care about us anymore.”

“Where did she go”

“Actually, Im not too sure either.

I just remember that my mother used to be a very nice and gentle person.

She would sing songs and tell stories to me, and she would gently reason with me.

She was really a very nice and beautiful mother.

However, after giving birth to Xiuyuan, she became very cold to us.

Gradually, she even deliberately avoided us.

Then, she rarely came back to visit us.”

A lot of questions seemed to have been answered in Shi Jins heart.

In the past, she had found it strange.

The elders of the Fu family were all nice people, and Fu Heyan was a cheerful person.

Why was Fu Xiuyuan the only one with a sensitive personality and a gloomy mood Now it seemed that it had something to do with his mother.

However, Fu Xiuyuans father was nowhere to be seen in these photos.

In her previous life, she didnt care about Fu Xiuyuans situation at all, so she naturally didnt know what his parents were like.

Seeing her confusion, Fu Heyan said, “Its strange.

After my mother stopped caring about us, my father stopped caring about us.

We moved to the Imperial Capital, and my parents rarely came to see us.

Even when we went to look for them, we rarely found them.

So I dont know what happened.”

“Havent you investigated”

“Sigh, my dad was also a very powerful person when he was young.

He didnt want to see us, so we couldnt find out much about him.

Besides, theres only so much warmth in a persons heart.

Sometimes, it will slowly turn cold, and they wont bother to warm up anymore.”

“So…” Shi Jin lowered her head gently, understanding where Fu Xiuyuans uneasiness came from.

His mental state was also very broken.

On one hand, his grandma and sister treated him very well and gave him a lot of warmth and light, but on the other hand, his parents did not care about him.

This could easily cause him to feel abandoned.

When Fu Heyan mentioned her parents, her voice was filled with love.

It meant that her parents were actually very good to Fu Heyan, but they changed immediately after giving birth to Fu Xiuyuan.

At that time, Fu Xiuyuan was still so young.

Naturally, he would feel desolate and unloved.

That was why he was in such a state when he met Shi Jin in his previous life.

He clearly loved Shi Jin deeply, but he did not know how to express his feelings and love.

At the same time, he was afraid that Shi Jin would leave.

Hence, he could only lock Shi Jin up in that way and confine her to his side, afraid that she would leave for no reason.

Thank goodness it was different now.

Shi Jin sighed softly in her heart.

Thankfully, she had this chance to be reborn.

She could understand his heart and understand the whole story.

She would not let his life be in pain for nothing.

Seeing Shi Jins gloomy expression, Fu Heyan quickly put away the photo album and said, “Forget it, lets not look at this anymore.

Dont be too sad.

Xiuyuan has grown up.

Everything is good now, especially after you.” “Sorry, Sis.”

“Dont say sorry.” Fu Heyan knew that Shi Jin was apologizing for her earlier stubbornness.

However, when she thought about it carefully from the perspective of a bystander, she couldnt blame Shi Jin.

If it were any other girl, being imprisoned and tied up by a man in the name of love, and trapped by his side, they would have the mentality to escape.

She was just glad that Fu Xiuyuan didnt hurt Shijin too deeply and that Shi Jin didnt hurt Fu Xiuyuan.

Hence, the two of them had a chance to understand each other and rely on each other.

Fu Heyan said softly to Shi Jin, “Actually, I should thank you.

With you around, Xiuyuan is much more normal.”

Shi Jin composed herself and smiled.

“Thats why Xiuyuan has always been insecure and emotionally unstable.

So I know you must have suffered a lot.”

Shi Jin shook his head.

“No, hes good to me.”

He was very good to her.

In this relationship, he had been learning how to get along with her, learning to overcome his uneasiness, learning to love and accept love.

He had already done very well.




After Shi Jin left, Fu Heyan sat on the sofa and looked at the photos on her phone.

Old Madam Fu had also rested well.

When she heard that Shi Jin had left, she could not help feeling disappointed.

“If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have taken that afternoon nap.

I could have chatted more with Shi Jin.”

“Take good care of yourself.

I think Shi Jin will be happier about that than chatting with you.” Fu Heyan smiled and invited her to sit down.

“What are you looking at” Old Madam Fu asked.

“Looking at Xiuyuans photos.” Fu Heyan placed her phone in front of her grandma.

Old Madam Fu flipped through it.

“This child was really cold when he was young.

Look at him.

He hasnt known how to smile since he was young.

Its as if his muscles and nerves are not developed.

Sigh, looking at these photos when he was young, I feel pity…”

As she spoke, she flipped to the next photo.

In the next photo, Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin stood together.

Shi Jin did not smile.

She was speaking to someone.

Fu Xiuyuan stood calmly beside Shi Jin.

The sunlight slanted down and shone on his tall nose bridge.

His eyes were still calm, but there was a smile on his lips and a glimmer of light at the corner of his eyes.

Old Madam Fu continued to flip through the photos.

Every photo of him standing beside Shi Jin was filled with light.

His smile was not obvious, but it was unusually bright.

Old Madam Fus eyes welled up as she flipped through the photos.




“Shi Jin, there are a few activities in Hong Kong that I have turned down for you.” Yao Jiahong sat in front of Shi Jin.

“The market there is too small and it is too far away.

I dont think it will improve your career, so we wont be going there.”

“Wait.” Shi Jin reached out to take his tablet.

Yao Jiahong looked at her quietly.

Shi Jin picked a random event.

“I want to go to Hong Kong.” “Are we really going” Yao Jiahong saw that this was just a small event.

There was really no need to go there.

“Ill go alone.

You dont have to follow me.”

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