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Chapter 572 Amazing

“Everyone going against me” Shi Jin asked with a smile.

Everyone knew that when Shi Jin participated in the talent show program back then, she had been treated with a tag-team battle.

The director smiled and said, “It wont be that extreme.

Are you okay with it”

“Sure.” Shi Jin agreed.

Variety programs were after all variety programs, what they wanted was the effect.

When they heard that everyone could challenge Shi Jin alone, everyone was eager to try.

Liang Yu was the first to go on stage and stood in front of Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, I wont stand on ceremony then.” Liang Yu pulled the bowstring.

She shot three times in a row.

The score was 9, 8.7, and 8.6.

Shi Jin also shot three times.

The score was 9, 8.7 and 8.7.

Everyone watched helplessly as Shi Jin accepted the challenge one by one without faltering.

Every time, her score for the first two arrows was the same as the others.

Only the last arrow would exceed her opponent by 0.1 points.

Jiang Yunmo sat at the side with a helpless expression.

The last time, Shi Jin really was going easy on him.

Even until Jiang Yunmos challenge, Shi Jin still maintained this battle record.

When more than a dozen celebrities finished their challenges, not only were they shocked, the director was even more shocked.

“Shi Jin, youre really awesome!”

“Thats right, Shi Jin.

If you had used ten points to win us every time, we wouldnt have been so shocked.

However, you were able to score the same points as us in the first two rounds.

You only won us by a little in the last arrow.

This is really too shocking! Its not even as difficult to get ten points every time!”

Everyone found it hard to imagine how accurate Shi Jin was to be able to achieve this.

After the recording of the variety show ended, there was still some time before the edited version was broadcasted.

Shi Jin asked Meng Ling to read the script together.

Meng Ling readily agreed.




A week later, this episode was broadcasted.

The fans had watched the show before.

This time, they had moved their benches early to wait.

When they saw Shi Jin appear, everyone greeted her with smiles.

Some brought soup, some handed clothes, while Shi Jin maintained her usual cold attitude.

Everyone felt the same way.

“Doesnt Shi Jin look like an emperor patrolling his harem” “Yes, yes, yes, thats how it feels! I didnt find a suitable word to describe it!”

“Your description is so on point.

Look at the other artists, dont they look like all kinds of concubines They all seem to be saying,Your Majesty, I want to present a song to you tonight.

Stay with me tonight!”

“Your Majesty, I just learned a new dance.

Your Majesty, please go to my room!”

“Hahahaha, the visual sense is too strong.”

When it was time for everyone to challenge Shi Jin, the fans couldnt help, but slap their thighs.

“Oh my god, the director is a genius.

Whoever wins against Emperor Shi Jin tonight will get to the spend the night with her!” “Indeed thats what it looks like!”

“Meng Ling must be the Empress!”

“Jiang Yunmo is probably Concubine Yun.”

“Hahahaha, Mei Tian is Consort Tian.” “Then Liang Yu is probably Noble Lady Yu!” “His Majesty is really too merciful.

Is he giving face to every beloved concubine and only winning by 0.1 points”

When Shi Jin finished competing with everyone, the fans could not suppress the smiles on their faces.

“How amazing! Shi Jin is too amazing!”

“I am willing to bow down to her, long live!”

“She only won by 0.1 points every time.

If this program was not edited on purpose, Im willing to call it a masterpiece!”

“Previously, someone released an article saying that Shi Jin wouldnt be able to play the role of Pitaya.

Now, I unilaterally declare that Shi Jin can play any role in this world.”

As “Exercise King” was too fun, it became popular very quickly.

Although a lot of the attention was on Shi Jin, everyone had also seen the brilliance of the entire show.

Everyone elses efforts had been seen by everyone.

Compared to the previous show, this time, it had attracted a lot of fans.

The programs popularity soared.

All the celebrities had also gained a wave of fans.


After the heavy rain, the air was filled with a fresh and tranquil atmosphere.

In Orchid Pavilion, the plants drank their fill of water and stretched their branches and leaves, shaking the dewdrops off.

When Shi Jin got out of bed, she was surrounded by warmth.

It was only then that she remembered that Fu Xiuyuan had left for two days.

He had gone to Hong Kong overnight because Old Master Fu had called him over urgently for work.

At that time, Shi Jin was still recording the rest of “Exercise King” and didnt even know about this.

After she finished recording, she saw Fu Xiuyuans WeChat message.

Hong Kong was the birthplace of Fus Enterprise and was also the location of the headquarters.

It was Fu Xiuyuans generation that had brought Fus Enterprise to the capital.

Although the Fu family had a wide range of businesses and rich assets, they were actually beyond the four major families in the capital.

Shi Jin had no work today, so after breakfast, she busied herself in the back garden for the entire morning.

She picked some flowers and leaves and baked them before sealing them up.

Only then did she go to the Fu residence.

Old Madam Fu was accompanying Fu Heyan in the back yard for some fresh air.

When they heard that Shi Jin had arrived, both of them said happily, “Quickly invite her in.”

When Shi Jin came in from the main door, Fu Heyan was walking towards her quickly.

Although she was pregnant, her steps were light and it was obvious that she was in good health.

“Sis, slow down.”

“I dont think I can slow down.” Fu Heyan was still the same, carefree and energetic.

“Im going to be bored out of my mind if I stay at home every day.

Its rare to see you, so how can I slow down”

“You child.” Old Madam Fu said from behind her, “Sinian left you in my care.

Even if you dont think about your own child, you should think about me, this old woman.

If you really have any accidents, how am I going to answer to Sinian”

Fu Heyan smiled and held Shi Jins hand.

“Lets go in first.”

After they entered, Shi Jin took Fu Heyans pulse and smiled.

“Both mother and baby are very healthy.

Grandma, how have you been recently”

“Me With your essential oil, I sleep pretty well every night.

Once a person sleeps well, they really dont have anything to worry about.

Look at me.” Her face was glowing and she was in high spirits.

She was indeed in a good state.

Shi Jin passed some of the herbs she had brought to them and explained in detail how to use them.

Old Madam Fu quickly got someone to put it away.

It was already afternoon and Old Madam Fu was used to taking a break in the afternoon, so Fu Heyan brought Shi Jin to her room.

After going up, she suddenly smiled and said, “Oh right, you dont even know what Xiuyuan was like when he was young, right”

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