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Chapter 570 As If Nothing Happened

“Long live Doctor Gu!” This time, everyone laughed even harder.

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

The atmosphere in the laboratory was really good.

“Shi Jin.” Wei Zai called her name carefully.


“When are you going back to the film sets”

His face was full of concern and love for his “daughter”.

When Shi Jin saw this, she frowned-career fans were really scary!




After this incident, Shi Jin didnt specifically ask about Sun Yijing.

However, she could vaguely hear the news of Sun Yijing being scolded harshly by Old Madam Sun because of her terrible losses.

Immediately after, there was news of internal strife among the Sun family.

Old Madam Sun had many children and grandchildren, and all of them were eyeing Sun Yijings position covetously.

She had made all kinds of mistakes and had been defeated by Gu Jingyuan, Gu Zehan, and Shi Jin one after another.

She had already incurred the wrath of the masses.

Now that everyones dissatisfaction had accumulated, the Sun family was really going to have a fight.

At the same time, following the Sun familys decline and the effective rise of Gu Jingyuans pharmaceutical company, the entire capital finally saw the Li familys gradual rise.

It was only then that everyone realized that these people from the Li Clan did not reveal their abilities.

It was not that they did not have the ability to do so, but that they had only been silent for a short while.

In an instant, the old friends and acquaintances who came to make friends appeared one after another, as if many things had never happened before.

However, the Li family now already knew who they did not need to befriend.

Even if they rose again, they would not be able to restore their relationship with them.


Yao Jiahong placed countless scripts in front of Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, look, the business and work that Ive invited you to recently has increased by many times.”

“The noses of the people in the capital are really good.

They all want to suck up to the Li family now that they have caught wind of it.” Shi Jin casually flipped through her work and looked at the investors.

She knew who was after her and who was after the Li family.

Yao Jiahong also sighed.

“No one would care if you were poor in a bustling city.

However, if you are rich, even if you lived in the mountains, you would have distant relatives wanting to knock on your door.”

“Help me filter them out.

If theyre just here to pull some strings and want to give me resources, reject them all.” “Alright.” Yao Jiahong couldnt help sneering at these people.

The current Shi Jin, was she someone these people could climb up to

Even without the two brothers of the Li family behind her, Shi Jins popularity and fame alone would allow him to find many jobs for her.

There was no need for these people to show mercy to her.

After Yao Jiahong rejected them, the numbers decreased significantly.

Everyone knew that if they wanted to salvage their relationship, they had to do it slowly.


After Shi Jin was done with Gu Jingyuans matters, there was still the recording of “Exercise King”.

As soon as she arrived at the set, Meng Ling came over with a pot of soup.

“Shi Jin, this soup is specially brewed by my mother for you to nourish your body.”

“Thank auntie on my behalf.” Shi Jin took it graciously.

“You dont know this, but after returning home, my mother heard about what happened to you.

She also heard that you and Doctor Gu had caused the Sun family to suffer greatly during the battle with the Sun family.

She has always been very emotional.

If there were people like you and Doctor Gu back then, the Sun family wouldnt dare to be so arrogant, and my father wouldnt…”

Shi Jin knew that the Sun familys actions back then had hurt many doctors who were serious in their research.

Doctor Meng and the rest were also deeply affected, so they hated the Sun family very much.

Now, because of Sun Yijing, the entire family had fallen into chaos.

It was also a crime that they should bear.

“Have a bowl too.” Shi Jin passed a bowl of soup to Meng Ling.

“Okay.” Meng Ling happily picked up the soup.

After drinking the soup, Shi Jin wanted to change her clothes and put on makeup, so Meng Ling left first.

She and her manager walked out.

Her manager was with Meng Ling and had already been signed into Time Entertainment.

Yao Jiahong had arranged for her to work.

Now, Meng Ling had gotten a new script.

“Meng Ling, youre also a supporting role in this new script.

From the looks of it, youre an antagonist.

Are you sure itll work…” The manager was a little doubtful about this.

“Its different this time.” Meng Ling had already read the script seriously.

“In the past, the supporting roles were all basic, but look at this time.

This antagonist is flesh and blood, and is responsible.

She also had her own difficulties and thats why she turned bad in the later stages.

I believe in Mr.

Yaos judgment.”

She also believed in Shi Jins taste.

The manager nodded.




After changing, Shi Jin went to the set.

Mei Tian was already waiting for her.

The moment she saw her, she handed her the bow in her hand.

“Shi Jin, this is new.

Youre taller than me, so it wont be easy to use mine.

I got the props team to customize it for you.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin took it.

“Youre welcome.” Mei Tian was very grateful for the publicity effect brought by Shi Jin last time.

Actually, she had always had a boyfriend and did not like the publicity of TV dramas where they had to pretend to be a couple, but she had no choice.

For the sake of her job, she had to make sacrifices.

In private, she knew that Jiang Yunmo also had someone he liked.

When it came to publicity in front of the stage, they both wanted to separate public and private matters as much as possible.

They didnt want to be deliberately tied up like before.

Shi Jins arrival had obviously greatly relieved the awkwardness and pressure between the two.

Seeing that Shi Jin had started training, Mei Tian didnt go up to her.

She didnt want to distract her.

Meng Ling also changed and walked over.

Her relationship with Shi Jin was different, so it seemed natural for her to stay there.

The way Shi Jin shot her arrows was very professional.

Meng Ling was envious.

“Shi Jin, how did you learn this”.

“I practiced it myself.

What about you”

“Me I used to go to all kinds of stadiums with my dad.

When I saw other people practicing, I practiced with them.

But havent you noticed My movements are not standard.”

She made a pose for Shi Jin to see.

“But you always score well.”

Meng Ling shook her head.

“I think the standard of action is more important.

Im about to join the filming crew for a role that requires very standard archery skills.

Im probably not good at this.”

“Come here, let me take a look.” Shi Jin offered up her spot.

Meng Ling stood there and tried a few times.

In order to aim, she leaned forward too much each time and exerted too much force.

Hence, her results were not always good, rather, there were some good and some bad.

However, in the long run, her muscles would be easily damaged.

She also wouldnt look especially good on screen or acting roles.

“You move like this… Yes, thats it.” Shi Jin corrected her movements and started practicing again.

After practicing for a while, Meng Ling found the feeling and her movements became much more relaxed.

“Shi Jin, youre really good.

Its just that my accuracy is much worse now.”

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