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Chapter 57: Her Again!

“This is just decadent music!” criticized Fu Heyan harshly.

Since she was the eldest daughter of the Fu family and started to shoulder family responsibilities early in life, she naturally had no interest in saccharine love songs.

However, she glanced at the screen and realized the program was a live telecast.

If the production team did not plan this in advance, Shi Jin genuinely had great vocals.

The nurse noticed Fu Heyan did not like the music, so she hurriedly said, “In that case, I shall not disturb you.

Why dont you have some rest”

The nurse wanted to take the opportunity to watch the program with her colleagues now that she had a bit of free time.

“Hang on.” Fu Heyan wanted to see what Shi Jin was made of.

“Just watch it here so I can listen to it.”

“Omigod! She won! Little Stone won!” The nurse smiled happily.

“I will never speak ill of Little Stone ever again!”


This time, Shi Jin had a borderline win against Zhou Ziwei.

Before he got off the stage, he stepped forward and shook hands with Shi Jin.

Despite his exceptional performance, he lost to Shi Jin.

However, he had a clear conscience and was unafraid of the talent agency.

He raised Shi Jins hand as everyone watched and gestured that she was the true winner.

He hoped everyone could applaud her.

Although it was unethical of him to challenge Shi Jin, he was a real gentleman when he lost.

He even told the audience to save the applause for the true winner!

“Little Tail was very good, but he met his match.

It was too bad he was singing against Little Stone.”

“Little Stone has really earned my respect tonight!”

“I already became Little Stones fan in the last round!”

“Heh! I became her fan even earlier!”

Deng Yufei was up next and she was all set backstage.

She wanted to discuss this with Shi Jin and get Shi Jin to help her make it through this round.

However, there were cameras everywhere and time was tight, so she was unable to find the opportunity.

She exhaled deeply.

Golden Domain Entertainment suggested she challenge Shi Jin as well.

Despite how unethical it was, Deng Yufei was keenly aware Shi Jin was her best bet.

Shi Jin genuinely treated Deng Yufei as her best friend, so Shi Jin would let her win even without Deng Yufei asking.

Moreover, Shi Jin was already in the safe zone.

Even if she lost a challenge, she had one more chance to save herself from elimination.

Deng Yufei quickly went on stage.

She contemplated for some time before she replied to the host, “I came to this show so that I could learn from the best.”

“Who would you like to challenge” asked the host.

“Since I have to put up the best performance, I need to challenge an exceptional singer.

In that case… I would like to challenge Little Stone!”

After Deng Yufei explained her choice, she announced it.

Since she did not want to take the risk, she had to choose Shi Jin.

“Little Stone again! She picked Little Stone again!” The host felt excited.

“Little Stone, do you have anything to say”

“Little Raindrop and I have always been close friends.

Im happy to accept her challenge.

I hope both of us can give our best performance,” replied Shi Jin.

Deng Yufei felt Shi Jin was giving her a hint.

She heaved a sigh of relief before she signaled Shi Jin with their secret sign.

Shi Jin caught it.

Deng Yufei always cued Shi Jin with the signal when Deng Yufei had something to ask of her.

She nodded gently to indicate to Deng Yufei that she got it.


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