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Chapter 568 Shareholding

“Sure.” Gu Jingyuan sat down.

“I wont sell the new medicine directly, but I want to work with you as a shareholder.”


Everyone started discussing.

In the past, they would buy formulas and patents directly to save money.

Even Sun Yijing sold half of her patents.

Her own patents were only sold in certain areas.

She didnt dare to fight for commercial benefits with these big shots, but Gu Jingyuan would

Selling the formula directly was no different from selling the child that he had painstakingly given birth to.

The money he received was only temporary.

After that, it had nothing to do with him.

The market had nothing to do with him.

However, he didnt want the market to be completely occupied by these people, nor did he want to give away his hard work.

He wanted a more stable and long-term development.

He wanted to let the world know about the rise of Country S.

“Doctor Gu, youre asking for too much.

Im sorry, but we cant work together.” A pharmaceutical sales representative stood up and left.

Gu Jingyuan said unhurriedly, “What if I say that my medical laboratory can provide all kinds of new drugs endlessly” Those who were about to leave also stopped in their tracks.

Everyone knew how difficult pharmaceutical research was.

Furthermore, the research and development of every drug required a huge amount of manpower and resources.

Sometimes, after a few years, they might even face failure and end up with nothing.

This was the reason why the prices of many new medicines were ridiculously high when they just became available.

In the medical world, the big shots never lacked money.

Instead, they lacked talented researchers.

If Gu Jingyuan could really provide all sorts of new medicines, even if he was a shareholder, everyone would still profit.

No one could resist this temptation.

“Doctor Gu, we can talk about the details.” The representatives calmed down and sat down in front of Gu Jingyuan.

“Okay.” Gu Jingyuan started discussing in detail with them.


After Sun Yijing was sent out, she clenched her fists and bit her lips.

All her efforts were in vain.


That person.

If that person could get the new drug, shed have a glimmer of hope.

She could use it right away.

She could still salvage the delegates.

She immediately took out her phone and called that person.

“Did you get the medicine”

“Im trying.”

“Today is your best and last chance.

If you cant get the medicine from Gu Jingyuan, think about the consequences!”

The other side repeatedly promised that they would get the medicine.

Sun Yijing hung up and pinched her eyebrows tightly.

The assistant said in a low voice, “Old Madam called to ask about todays situation…”

“Im not picking up.” Sun Yijing was in a bad mood.

She reached out and blocked the call.

The only thing she had to wait for now was that one remaining chance.

Looking at the time on her wrist, she was anxious.

Finally, the phone rang again.

She picked it up immediately.

“Hello, did you

get it”

“Ill be right there.”

Sun Yijings face finally showed a hint of unyielding confidence.

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin wanted to fight with her How could they know about the chess piece that she had already set up

Soon, the car stopped outside the hotel.

Sun Yijing walked up to him and said, “Lets talk inside.”

The two of them entered a private room.

Sun Yijing couldnt wait any longer.

“Did you get the thing”

The person on the other side smiled and handed a box to Sun Yijing.

Sun Yijing took it excitedly.

She finally got it.

As long as she immediately found someone to use the medicine to reverse engineer the formula, everything could be salvaged.

With the Sun familys strength, those representatives would know who to work with as long as their brains werent damaged.

Sun Yijing opened the box.

Apart from a check, there was nothing else inside.

She rummaged around randomly and got angry.

“Liang Jing, wheres the medicine”

The person standing in front of her was Liang Jing, a member of the medical laboratory and one of Gu Jingyuans most capable partners.

At this moment, the gentle and calm Liang Jing was looking at her with faint mockery.

Sun Yijing felt something off and took out the check.

It was the one she gave Liang Jing.

She understood.

Her voice was shrill.

“You betrayed me”

“Do you think Im a fool Stealing formulas and drugs from Gu Jingyuan”

“You promised me! Moreover, what I promised you is definitely more than what you got from Gu Jingyuan! Think about what the Sun family can offer! Gu Jingyuan is just a member of the Li family who is down and out.”

Liang Jings smile became even more mocking.

“The Li family may not be comparable to the Sun family now, but with Gu Jingyuan, whats there to worry about in the future Besides, theres also Gu Zehan and Shi Jin.”

Sun Yijings expression kept changing.

“Liang Jing, do you think Gu Jingyuan will still trust you Youve been with me for five years and your hands are already dirty.”

“Then do you know why I followed you”

Sun Yijings pupils suddenly dilated.

“In the past, my father followed you.

He worked diligently, researching medicine for you.

What did he get in the end Also, didnt the other doctors follow your Sun family You relied on the intelligence and wisdom of so many people to obtain so many formulas, but in the end, you took all of their hard work to build your glory.

At the same time, your Sun family is also secretly stealing other peoples inventions and patents to benefit yourselves!”

Liang Jings voice was angry and serious.

“Isnt it all because of such despicable means that your Sun family was able to enter the Four Big Families Compared to Gu Jingyuan, youre not even fit to carry his shoes! You and your father and grandfather all ate human blood to accumulate wealth! Do you think that I was willing to follow you back then and agreed to help you steal the formula everywhere because I really wanted to help you, really wanted to get money from you No, I just wanted to see how you died!”

“So, you knew that the formula you stole from Gu Jingyuan was fake from the start” Sun Yijing never thought that she would be fooled by him.

“Thats right.

Isnt it fun Do you think that although the prescription looks good, the drugs that are concocted cant be used Thats right.

Ive also waited for such a long time for an opportunity to trick you guys.

This time, Im having a good time.” “Liang Jing, you!” “Sun Yijing, instead of looking for trouble with me here, why dont you think about how to deal with the aftermath of the production line you spent so much money on It cant be used or produced now!” Liang Jings gentle eyes were filled with the joy of getting revenge.

Sun Yijings eyes were filled with venom, as if she wanted to kill Liang Jing with her gaze.

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