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Chapter 567 I Dont Like Such Reckless Actions

There were strict requirements for the reports of live subject experiments.

The Sun family, where Sun Yijing was from, had researched many medicines before.

It was very easy for them to obtain a set of information.

She just had to deal with the current situation.

Gu Jingyuan must be very anxious now, so her people would have a chance to get his new medicine.

Hence, this information would eventually become real.

The pharmaceutical sales representative looked through the information in detail and did not find any flaws.

“Well, then, our partnership with Miss Sun is about to come to fruition.

Here, I think…” A blond-haired, blue-eyed American started to speak, but before he could, there was a movement outside the door.

Sun Yijing gave her assistant a look, telling him to go out and see what was going on.

What happened today was very important to Sun Yijing and the entire Sun family.

There must not be any mistakes.

Sun Yijing continued her discussion with the pharmaceutical sales representative calmly.

However, the door was opened very quickly.

Even Sun Yijings assistant and bodyguards could not stop the intruders.

When she saw Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin appear, Sun Yijings expression changed slightly, but she remained calm.


“Doctor Gu, Miss Shi, this is our companys business activity venue.

Its not very appropriate for you to barge in like this, right” She spoke in English and deliberately let these pharmaceutical sales representatives hear what she said.

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin had done something so inappropriate.

Naturally, she hoped that these pharmaceutical sales representatives could take a good look at their rude behavior.

As expected, everyone frowned.

Clearly, they did not like such reckless behavior.

“Everyone, its indeed very rude of us to come here today.

However, our main purpose is to prevent everyone from being cheated by others.

You dont want to feel regretful and lose a large sum of money.

You might even be imprisoned.”

His words were so serious that everyones expression turned grave.

Someone asked who Gu Jingyuan was in a low voice.

One of them had already recognized him and said, “Gu Jingyuan, the youngest medical genius in the German National Medical Academy and also the youngest researcher in the pharmaceutical industry.

He had been studying abroad all this while and only returned to the country to study now.”

“I heard that he has treated many difficult illnesses and the drugs he researches are at the forefront of the world.”

“Arent you going to get someone to chase them out” Sun Yijing heard these discussions and knew that Gu Jingyuans identity was a signboard that couldnt be kept.

However, if her assistant and bodyguard really had the ability to chase Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin out, they wouldnt have let them in just now.

Sun Yijing glared at her assistant and realized that Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin were also professionally protected by bodyguards.

It was impossible for them to leave.

“Doctor Gu, please tell us what you mean by what you just said,” one of the pharmaceutical sales representatives asked immediately.

“The drugs in Sun Yijing and her company cant really be put into use.

If someone really wants to work with her, Im afraid that all the money spent on the collaboration will go down the drain.

They wont be able to wait for the subsequent drugs to come out.

Of course… if youre willing to wait for three to five years, theres still hope.” Sun Yijings face twisted.

“What nonsense are you talking about We have aptitude and we have experiments too.

We have produced many good medicines in the past.

How can it not work”

The pharmaceutical sales representative nodded.

The previous pharmaceutical sales company of the Sun family was indeed not bad.

They were famous.

Otherwise, there would not be so many people willing to cooperate with them once they heard that they had produced a new drug

Moreover, they also saw the finished product of the new medicine.

The results of the live subject experiments were quite good.

“Theres a problem with your live subject experiments.

How dare you say that the new medicine can be used” Gu Jingyuan held a document of their experiments in real life.

“The content on it is all fake.

These people who participated in the experiments in real life did not participate in the experiments on this medicine.

This document of the experiments in real life is all pieced together.”

The staff behind Gu Jingyuan stood up and distributed their personal information and situation to the representatives.

From the information, it was obvious that the subjects indicated could not participate in Sun Yijings live subject experiment.

Everyone was in an uproar.

They had never expected that the Sun family would use such a method to fabricate the report.

If such words were to spread, who would still believe them in the future

Sun Yijing barely managed to maintain her balance and did not fall.

She had never thought that Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin would be able to get hold of her weakness and even cut in from the most crucial point.

Who was it Who leaked her situation to Gu Jingyuan

Seeing Sun Yijings expression, how could the representatives not understand who was telling the truth

One of them stood up and said sternly, “Miss Sun, by doing this, youre not only making money, but also killing people!”

“No, I can explain! Our new medicine has been confirmed, but the report hasnt come down


Gu Jingyuan revealed a gentle smile.

“Miss Sun, do you dare to use your own medicine”

Sun Yijing: “…”

The representatives shook their heads in disappointment.

“Miss Sun, we came with great sincerity to seek cooperation with you.

What youve done is really disappointing!”

One of the representatives then turned to Gu Jingyuan and said, “Doctor Gu, thank you for standing up for justice.

May I ask if you guys have already developed such a drug”

“Yes, we have.” Gu Jingyuan took out his various proof documents and the report form for his experiments.

The delegates had a copy each.

This time, they read it very carefully.

“Weve brought the new medicine.

Theyre all here.”

Gu Jingyuan got someone to bring the medicine over.

With the previous example, everyone was very serious this time.

There was no problem with verifying it.

“In our own laboratory, there are staff who often go to work in places like Africa.

There are already people who have been injected with this preventive drug.

The effect is quite good.”

Gu Jingyuan showed them the situation report.

Sun Yijings face was ashen.

She had no chance of making a comeback because she did not expect that Gu Jingyuan would use such a direct method to challenge her.

“Now, invite Miss Sun out,” Shi Jin said calmly to the bodyguards behind him.

“What are you doing Let go of me!” Sun Yijing shook them off indignantly, but how could she She was quickly sent out.

The scene was cleared and only Gu Jingyuan, Shi Jin and their people were left.

“Doctor Gu, lets talk about cooperation.” The representatives would not miss such an opportunity.

Since they had come all the way here, they definitely had to work with the person who was most worth working with.

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