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Sun Yijing was helpless too.

After the elder returned with the prescription, he instructed someone to concoct the medicine according to the formula.

However, in the process of concocting the medicine, he discovered that the prescription was not completely perfect.

Sun Yijing received the message and was very angry.

“How is that possible When I showed it to you, didnt you say it was fine”

“The first time I saw it, there was indeed nothing wrong with it, but look, if you use it in detail, youll find that these two drugs counter each other.

These two drugs dont merge, and if you dont use these, youll lose the essence of this drug.”

“Ill find him.”

Sun Yijing made a call.

The person on Gu Jingyuans side was puzzled when he received the call.

“How did this happen”

“Take a look for yourself.

Theres no way to fuse them!”

“Ill take a look immediately!”

After reading it, he felt that there was a huge problem.

“Get the formula again.”

“I dont think that will be possible.

Gu Jingyuan was the one who showed us the formula before.

Usually, we can only see the part that we are in charge of and not the full form of the formula.

If we go and take it now, it will alarm him.

You dont want to see me expose everything, right”

Sun Yijing was so angry that she smashed her phone.

She returned to the old mans side.

“Cant you think of a way”

“Im sorry, Miss Sun.

Gu Jingyuans research direction is too tricky.

We really cant follow his train of thought.

We can continue our research, but we cant do the same thing as him.”

“What if I use the current formula directly and go public”

“Miss Sun, that wont do.

If you take out this formula, not only will it be useless, it might even be harmful..:

It was all because of Gu Jingyuans research.

No one could keep up.

How could a medicine from a formula out of thin air be used

“Do as I say.

Well talk after we get it out!”

If she could not seize the market this time and Gu Jingyuan took the initiative, she would lose all her chips in the future.

At most, she would get Gu Jingyuans medicine later and then study the formula in detail.

She had to announce to the public that she had this drug before he did.

After Sun Yijing announced the success of the drug, she received widespread attention.

This was especially so for foreign countries.

They took this matter very seriously.

Immediately, foreign pharmaceutical companies came to see Sun Yijing to discuss the collaboration.

The Sun family also received a lot of attention.

They were at the bottom of the Four Big Families originally, but had been in the limelight a lot recently.

After all, no one was willing to miss out on such a powerful Sun family.

At this time, Gu Jingyuan had yet to announce to the public that he had successfully developed the drug.

Before the live subject experiment was completed, he didnt like to be self-assured.

He didnt want any mistakes to happen.

He had always been responsible for his research.

“Did our formula leak out” In the laboratory, everyone was talking at once.

“Thats right.

How could Sun Yijing be the one who came up with this medicine first I didnt hear anything before, but she suddenly released the medicine.”

Everyone looked at each other with disappointment on their faces.

No one could tell who the spy was.

They just felt that everyones efforts were wasted.

“Everyone, dont panic, and dont doubt yourself.

Our research will definitely not be useless.” Gu Jingyuans expression was very calm, and not the slightest hint of panic could be seen.

“Sun Yijing has already taken out the medicine, so our formula is not worth much.

What should we do now”

Everyone fell silent.

“I wonder if Sun Yijing applied for a patent yet.

If she does, well be in trouble.”

After working so hard for such a long time, no one was willing to do useless things.

If Sun Yijing really beat them to it, everyones enthusiasm would disappear.

“Dont worry, everyone.

I was the one who led you to create the formula.

Naturally, I will give everyone an explanation.

Alright, didnt Sun Yijing want to meet the pharmaceutical sales representatives from Europe and America today Shi Jin and I will go over as well.

Everyone, if you are interested, why dont you all go over together”

Everyones emotions surged.

Only one of them could not help looking at Gu Jingyuan.

Whether they could get his new medicine today would depend on this.

Imperial City, Imperial City Hotel.

Today, Sun Yijing was here to meet the pharmaceutical sales representatives from overseas.

Her medicine was not enough to produce a finished product.

However, she still had to seize the opportunity.

The spy was also on the move.

He would obtain Gu Jingyuans new medicine at this critical moment.

As long as he could get it, it would be enough to deal with todays situation.

After that, he could also use the new medicine he obtained to research and obtain the real formula to completely shake off Gu Jingyuan.

“The large pharmaceutical factories under the Sun family have prepared the production and distribution of the new medicine.

Have you prepared all the ingredients” Sun Yijing asked one of the assistants.

“Miss Sun, everything is in preparation.

No problem.

As soon as we get the formula, we can produce it immediately.”

“Okay.” Sun Yijing had been waiting for this moment.

She had invested a lot of money and equipment for this day.

After making all these arrangements, the pharmaceutical sales representative and the others arrived at the hotel.

Sun Yijing used fluent English to greet the pharmaceutical sales representative who came today.

She looked calm and confident.

The pharmaceutical sales representatives became more confident and valued her.

“Everyone, please come to our meeting room.” Sun Yijing had already booked a meeting room in the hotel.

It would be convenient for the pharmaceutical sales representatives to attend the meeting, and it would also be convenient for them to stay.

The pharmaceutical sales representatives from all over the world sat down.

Sun Yijing took out her PowerPoint and projected it on the big screen.

She started to introduce this new medicine.

She did things swiftly and decisively without any hesitation.

She did look like a strong woman.

After her introduction, everyone couldnt help nodding.

One of the representatives took the lead and asked, “What about the report and results of the live subject experiment What about the side effects”

“This is right here.

Its already prepared.” Sun Yijing immediately took out a document..


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