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Chapter 565 Actually, Its Not Hard

“Liang Yu and Meng Lings development in their company is limited.

I want to sign the two of them to our company.”

Assistant Director Liu knew that this was Yao Jiahongs request for Shi Jin to participate in the show.

This request was indeed not too much compared to Shi Jins current status.

“Alright, Ill communicate further with you soon.”

Yao Jiahong hung up.

Shi Jin had instructed him to sign these two young ladies.

Yao Jiahong always felt that Shi Jin was very tolerant and protective of girls.

Perhaps it was because she was a girl herself that she knew that it was even harder for girls to make a name for themselves in this industry.

Yao Jiahong didnt go to Le Yuan Entertainment personally because he didnt want them to feel that he was adamant on signing them, lest they raise the price.

With Assistant Director Liu in the middle, many things would be more convenient and less involved.

As expected, Assistant Director Liu replied very quickly, “This matter is a little difficult to handle.

However, our production team is indeed very concerned about Shi Jin, so we still did our best to help you settle this matter.

After Shi Jins contract is signed, Liang Yu and Meng Lings contracts can also be taken out.”

Yao Jiahong could tell that he still had a trick up his sleeve.

He wouldnt let go until he saw the rabbit.

Actually, to Le Yuan Entertainment, keeping Liang Yu and Meng Ling around wouldnt be of much use to them.

They had many similar female artistes and could easily produce similar ones.

So it wasnt difficult for Assistant Director Liu to convince them.


When they heard that Shi Jin wanted to film a few more episodes, almost all the celebrities in the show were happy.

Previously, everyone had been supporting Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian.

The effects of the show might be useful to the two of them, but it didnt have much effect on everyone.

However, after Shi Jin came, things became different.

This became a truly interesting competition program.

Shi Jin quickly signed the contract and continued filming for three more episodes.




At the same time, in the medical laboratory of the Imperial Capital University.

Gu Jingyuans new vaccine had been successfully developed, and he was currently undergoing the final live subject test.

If there were no problems, they could be handed over.

“We must keep a close record of everyones data.

24-hour personnel will be watching the test subjects.

If there are any side effects or allergic reactions, report immediately.” “Yes.”

Gu Jingyuan checked again to make sure there were no mistakes before walking out with Shi Jin.

Everyone looked happy and solemn at the same time.

They could only truly enjoy the joy of developing a new vaccine after the live subject test was completed.

“Erm, Shi Jin…” Wei Zai walked out from behind Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was about to speak when her phone rang.

She picked it up.

It was Meng Ling.

She told Shi Jin that her contract had arrived and that she had signed it.

“Thats great.” Shi Jin nodded.

After she finished talking to Meng Ling, Wei Zai stammered and left without saying anything else.

“What is Wei Zai doing” Liang Jing shook his head.

“Hes always like this.”

“Forget it.

Leave him alone.”

Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin walked out together.

After coming out, Shi Jin lowered her head and said to Gu Jingyuan, “Big Brother, I have something to tell you.”

“Mm.” Gu Jingyuan listened carefully.

The two of them exchanged a few words before parting


Sun Yijings pharmaceutical company was also researching new vaccines.

However, the process was much slower than Gu Jingyuans.

She was already putting all her effort into this.

If she didnt do this well, her future status would be in danger.

“Grandma, dont worry.

I wont be slower than Gu Jingyuan this time.”

“In any case, Im old and there are many things that I cant manage anymore.

What you do next is your own business.” Old Madam Sun spoke slowly, but her tone was very calm.

Sun Yijing immediately said, “I will definitely work hard.”

Whether it was for herself or the Sun family, Sun Yijing didnt have much time left.

After she walked out, she immediately called someone.

“Have you gotten the formula”

“Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin have been keeping a close eye on the item.

I havent had the chance to do anything.” “If you dont move quickly, it will be useless once you get it!”


Sun, dont worry.

Ill do my best.”

“Thats good.

Ive kept you in the laboratory over there for so many years just for this day.

You cant drop the ball at the critical moment.”

Sun Yijing hung up and waited for the person on the other end to give her an explanation.

There was no other way.

No one in the Sun familys pharmaceutical company could develop new drugs.

This was also the reason why the people of the previous generation were too ruthless.

The Sun familys history was built on the blood and tears of many medical researchers and doctors.

In order to pay less patent fees and gain more benefits, many capable people were forced to leave in various ways.

After that, the remaining people all came up with all sorts of reasons.

Some took care of their illnesses while others retired.

However, not many useful people were left.

This kind of inheriting of family businesses didnt just require money.

It required the older generation to lead the younger generation in order to continue flourishing.

Unless they could get a genius doctor like Gu Jingyuan, nothing would work.

In Sun Yijings hands, the Sun family was full of holes.

If she didnt steal the formula and patent, she wouldnt be able to maintain this.

“This time, I cant fail.” Sun Yijing didnt feel guilty at all.

She just had a ruthless thought.


Soon, Sun Yijing met that person.

That person was a chess piece that she had buried in the medical laboratory who followed Gu Jingyuans actions closely.

Gu Jingyuan was now recognized as a global medical expert.

Other than consultation, he spent most of his time researching various diseases and bacteria.

Only by following him could she grasp the latest developments.

Gu Jingyuan liked to use young people, especially graduate students.

He felt that they had a sharp advancement.

Therefore, over the years, Gu Jingyuan had indeed been at the forefront of research.

That person sat in front of Sun Yijing and ordered coffee.

“You got the thing” Sun Yijing took off her sunglasses and sat down.

“Its all here.” He used a paper printed document to record the information.

He pushed it towards Sun Yijing.

This was the best way to do it.

Directly photocopying and handing it over in person without leaving evidence.

It was better than using other copying methods.

Those modern methods were actually the easiest to leave traces and could be tracked in reverse.

Sun Yijing took a glance at it and passed it to an old man beside her.

The old man looked at it seriously with an excited expression.

“Its real.

Gu Jingyuan is really a genius!”

“Where are my things” the man asked.

Sun Yijing pushed the check over.

After he was satisfied with the results, he took it and asked, “You said that you would invest in the medical laboratory for me”

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