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In the middle, Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian took the initiative to provide their own equipment because Shi

Jins bow and arrow was broken.

In the end, Shi Jin chose Mei Tians.

Jiang Yunmo even looked a little pitiful.

“I can tell now.

If Shi Jin and Jiang Yunmo are a couple, then Shi Jin must be the dominant one.

Look at how calm she is towards Jiang Yunmo.”

“What kind of look is that in Jiang Yunmos eyes Why does he have a feeling that theres love and hate between him and Shi Jin”

“I ship it, Im going to watchAmazing Concubines Daughter.

“May I ask what role Shi Jin plays inAmazing Concubines Daughter”

“Shi Jin didnt participate!”


This barrage of comments and popularity stunned the director and assistant director.

Although Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian had their ship torn apart, the audience could see all kinds of chemical reactions from everyone in this episode.

They even made a Shi Jin vs Jiang Yunmo fanpage.

The comments were all like this: “My ship can be tacky, but it cannot be from hell.”

“My ship can be unpopular, but it cant be random!”

The effect of this episode was very good.

Although Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tians company had a completely different process, every artist had a moment of glory.

Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian were not deliberately depicted as a couple, but it left a deep impression.

The publicity effect was actually not bad at all.

The title of “Amazing Concubines Daughter” appeared in many places and many people expressed their desire to watch it.

Even Liang Yu and Meng Ling, who had always been attacked, gained some good impressions.

“Liang Yu is really quite cute.

Shes not scheming.”

“Meng Ling is so cool too, she got a score of 9.9.

Who doesnt love a woman who focuses on her career”

“Thats right.

Dont give these young ladies lovesick personalities.

They are just women who focus on their careers.

What era is this”

The director finally held his head high for once.

“Did you see that The audience is not stupid.

They dont want to watch variety shows with scripts! The reality is the foundation of variety shows!”

The assistant director took a look at the script in his hands and instantly felt that it was not good.

How could he have expected that the effect would be so different after joining Shi Jin

The director said to the assistant director, “Make sure this is done well.”

That night, Yao Jiahong received a call from the production team, inviting Shi Jind to attend a few more episodes.

Previously, Shi Jin had only participated in one reality show.

This was the second time she had appeared.

The production team had repeatedly said that they would film properly and not mess around.

“Assistant Director Liu, I heard that youre very familiar with the people from Le Yuan Entertainment, right”

“A bit.

Brother Yao, if you have any requests, feel free to bring them up.”.

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