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“Were waiting!”

“Im looking forward to it.”

“Aiya, Im not really looking forward to it.

This show is entirely Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tians show.

When Shi

Jin gets caught in it, it will be very awkward.”

“I agree.

Isnt it a little awkward”

“I just dont know how the editing will be done.”

When the trailer for the second episode was released, the number of people who made an appointment to watch the show “Exercise King” increased by several times compared to before.

The numbers were visibly increasing.

Meng Ling and Liang Yu only had two days a week to record this program.

After this recording, they still had to do other things when they went back and could only come over for the weekend.

When Meng Ling returned, she first gave Dr.

Meng a call.

“Dad, youre really something.

You called the real Shi Jin over.”

“Yeah, dont I owe her a favor.”

“Then you wont be able to repay this favor.”


“Dad, do you know how much more popular Shi Jin is than me”

“Ah Im not too sure about that.

I havent paid much attention to the entertainment industry.

Besides, I dont know much about it.”

“Lets put it this way.

If Shi Jin can be equal to Jing Qing, then Im equivalent to a primary school student who just entered a figure skating class.”

This comparison finally made Doctor Meng understand the contrast in the entertainment industry.

He asked, “Then what should I do now”

“Just take it.

Dont worry about anything else.”

Meng Ling had just hung up when an unknown number came in.

She took a look and picked it up.

“Miss Meng Ling Im Yao Jiahong.”

‘Mr… Mr Yao

“The management company that Shi Jin established previously is currently recruiting members.

Miss Meng, can we talk”

“Of… of course!”

After that, Liang Yu also received a call from Yao Jiahong.

She immediately agreed to meet him.

The two of them didnt mind the role as long as they could shine, but they really minded the fact that they were always used by the company as tools.

Even if they were acting as supporting characters or villains, they wanted to have the determination to let their characters live and become a real person.

Very quickly, the second episode of “Exercise King” was broadcasted under the attention of everyone.

This time, the director did all the editing without any grafting or random editing.

When the audience saw Shi Jin appear, they all swarmed towards her.

The comments said, li lts me, its me.

Ill probably be in the same state when I see Shi Jin!”

“Teacher Shi sure is good.

Is this sportswear tailor-made”

“Didnt you see that this is a spare set for the show They took it out at the last minute when Shi Jin arrived.”

‘I l wonder if its Shi Jin or Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian thats going to be shown next.

There are only so many scenes.

Its not enough.”

As the show started, everyone realized that Shi Jin and Meng Ling were friends.

Shi Jin came because of Meng Ling.

“I didnt know Meng Ling had such a secret.

The two of them have such a relationship.”

“Ive never heard Meng Ling mention it before.”

“With such a relationship, Meng Ling has yet to use it to publicize herself.

Actually, her character is not bad.”

The two teams began to compete separately.

Mei Tians gaze never left Shi Jin.

She hid behind the camera and quietly drank some water.

When she whispered that Shi Jin was handsome, she looked like a little love-struck fool.

“Hahahaha, I originally had no feelings for Mei Tian, but this time, Im really laughing.

Isnt this me when I see my idol”

“Hiding behind the camera to be a love-struck fool Hahaha, thats me too.”

“1 think Mei Tian vs Shi Jin is a little sweet too.”

“Shi Jin is really not bad.

She knows that Liang Yu doesnt have many scenes.

During training, she interacted with Liang Yu a lot.”

“Looking at it this way, Liang Yu looks quite cute too.”


Actually, so many young ladies are quite cute.

Any pair of them would be great.”

This scene was something the director and assistant director had not expected.

The two of them were watching the premiere on their screens.

They were afraid that this episode would be unsatisfactory.

They had to grasp the situation and prepare for the next episodes recording and editing.

The assistant director drank his tea nervously.

If Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tians publicity for this episode was not good, they would be doomed.

When Jiang Yunmo joined the battle, the scene that would include Mei Tian, Shi Jin, and Jiang Yunmo, becoming a situation with two females and one male.

It was very likely that this might cause trouble.

However, because Mei Tian was especially sweet and had always been infatuated with her idol, Shi Jin and Jiang Yunmo looked like a pair of love rivals with daggers drawn.

Jiang Yunmos gaze would occasionally land on Shi Jin, sweeping past her indifferently, seizing the opportunity to practice.

“Hahaha, I suddenly feel that Shi Jin is even more handsome.

Look, Jiang Yunmo is getting anxious!

“Is Jiang Yunmo jealous of Shi Jin and Mei Tian”

“Yes, yes, yes, the feeling of love rivals is there.”

Following the official competition, this time, Liang Yu, Meng Ling, and the other celebrities scenes were not deleted.

Everyones scenes were kept, and everyones performance was brilliant and varied.

The assistant director had predicted that people did not like to see such scenes.

However, everyone was actually watching it with great interest.

Initially, they were interested in this show because of the sports theme.

Therefore, they felt that it was interesting to let every artist perform.

When the other artistes were performing, Mei Tian looked at Shi Jin and Shi Jin looked at Meng Ling.

The camera secretly moved over, thinking that Meng Ling was looking at Jiang Yunmo.

In the end… Jiang Yunmo was also looking at Shi Jin.

“Im dying of laughter.

So Shi Jin and Jiang Yunmo arent love rivals! Mei Tian and Jiang Yunmo have become love rivals!”

“Jesus, whats this funny situation”

The scene in person was not funny at all, but the viewers felt like they had discovered some new ships..


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