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This time, the three of them did not stay on the set for dinner.

They did not film at night, so they found a quiet place and ordered food to eat together.

Although they knew that the post-production would be randomly edited, Meng Ling and Liang Yu were still quite happy and didnt take this matter to heart.

As they talked about their respective careers, Liang Yu smiled.

“Its good if I can act as the female lead once.

Even if I dont become famous, I can die without regrets.”

She actually had a sweet appearance and was quite suitable to be the female lead in an idol drama.

However, fate did not favor her.

She still had to act as the evil supporting actress.

“Meng Ling, what about you”

“Me Actually, I quite like studying medicine.

When I earn more money, Ill go back to studying medicine.”

Shi Jin looked at her.

“Why didnt you learn it before You have a medical background.

Its very convenient.”

“Previously, my dad wanted me to learn, and I wanted to learn it too, but studying medicine makes money slowly.

At that time, my family owed some money.

After all, filming makes money faster, so I wanted to share some of my dads burden.

Now that the debt has been paid and the contract is about to expire, I might want to return to it after a while.”

“Your acting skills are pretty good.

Its a pity if you quit,” Liang Yu said as she supported her chin.

“Im traumatized from being hated on.

Now, when I see my own news, my heart trembles.”

Shi Jin looked at her.

“Are you willing to give it a try if you change to a role that doesnt get scolded”

“Im quite willing to do that.

After all, I want to play a better role so that I wont have any regrets in my acting career, but the company now…”

Meng Ling did not continue.

This was a common problem in the industry, and it was now directed at herself.

Of course, it was not something that she could change alone.

A lot of film and television works were done for the sake of promoting celebrities.

Most of the scripts and stories were fragmented and all the supporting actresses had the same personality.

Obviously they would get hate.

“Then I wish you the best of luck.” LiangYu raised her glass.

Shi Jin raised her cup as well.

When they returned, Liang Yu was drunk.

Meng Ling supported her and handed her over to her manager before leaving with Shi Jin.

“Is my dad doing well recently” Meng Ling had not seen her father for a long time and only had the chance to ask Shi Jin now.

“Pretty good.”

“Sigh, I already told him not to work so hard, yet he still did.

When I was young, my mom said that he wouldnt listen to her.

That time, he was too hardworking when he was pushed down by others…”

“Pushed down”

Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, Meng Ling spoke a lot faster.

“He used to work at a companys pharmaceutical factory.

You might have heard of the Sun Group.”

Sun Yijings Sun family, Shi Jin thought.

“He specializes in pharmaceutical research.

He spent a lot of effort creating drugs, and the company used them, but they didnt give him the patent.

They even accused him of selling the companys patents to other companies and sued him for a large sum of money.”

It turned out that the Sun family was used to doing such things.

“Because of this, I didnt study medicine.

I just wanted to make money faster by filming TV dramas.” Meng Ling was also a little drunk and started to blabber.

Shi Jin sent her back to her room.

The manager quickly caught Meng Ling.

“Thank you, Shi Jin.”

“No problem.” Shi Jin turned around and walked out.

She returned to her door and saw Jiang Yunmo standing there.

Jiang Yunmo did look like the male protagonist, but he was too skinny.

On camera, he looked pretty good, but in real life, he looked too skinny.

“Shi Jin, did you take it easy on me on purpose”

“Dont think too much.

“You dont have to go easy.” Jiang Yunmos tone was gloomy.

Shi Jin remained silent, her eyes bright.

Jiang Yunmo said, “Actually, you can get three IOS, right Shooting the same score as me is more difficult.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Why should I go easy on you”

Jiang Yunmo couldnt explain it either.

He could only say that it was a feeling.

“If theres nothing else, I need to rest.”

Jiang Yunmo did not move.

Just as Shi Jin was about to close the door, he suddenly held it open.

“Can I have your autograph”

After Jiang Yunmo left, Shi Jins smile was still a little helpless.

After Meng Lings manager settled Meng Ling down, she ran over.

When she saw Jiang Yunmos back view, she hurriedly asked, “Shi Jin, are you alright Although this program was specially prepared to promote Jiang Yunmo, dont worry.

I will definitely talk to the production team and wont let them cut it randomly.”

“Thank you,” Shi Jin said and closed the door.

The production team was currently in a heated discussion.

According to the director, they had to edit the video truthfully.

However, the assistant director still had objections.

“Then we wont be able to specially push Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian.

How are we going to explain this to our sponsors How are we going to push this drama Shi Jin will definitely take away most of the traffic!”

“That would make our program popular.”

“What about after the popularity Will Shi Jin still come How many fans can she keep If she leaves, the fans will definitely leave.”

The director slammed the table.

“Cut it as I said! If something happens, Ill take responsibility!”

This time, Shi Jin finished recording very quickly and returned to the laboratory at the Imperial Capital University.

The program was also edited out a week later and broadcasted publicly.

Shi Jin was not around during the first episode of “Exercise King”.

This time, it was Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian who took the lead, while the others were merely supporting characters.

It was mainly because Jiang Yunmos performance was also very good, and his score was very high each time.

Throughout the whole process, he and Mei Tian looked at each other sweetly, and the vicious supporting actress Meng Ling was always in their way.

Her gaze was always on Jiang Yunmo, but Jiang Yunmo didnt even look at her once.

He only looked at Mei Tian,

“Jiang Yunmo is too sweet! Im looking forward toAmazing Concubines Daughter!”

“It turns out that Jiang Yunmos combat power is also off the charts.

This archery action is really too good!”

“Mei Tian is really cute.

What is Meng Ling doing”

“I heard that shes a bad character in the movie.

Why does she look like this in real life”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Is she addicted to acting as a vicious supporting actress” “Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian are a couple.

They dont fancy her at all.”.


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