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Chapter 561 Shi Jin Is Really Here

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“What is Shi Jin doing here… is Shi Jin really here” The director looked over.

This time, he could finally see clearly that there was a particularly outstanding figure among the audience.

It was really Shi Jin! She was a head taller than everyone else, and her palm-sized, cold, fair-skinned face was especially easy to recognize.

“F*ck! What are you waiting for Wheres the camera Is there a camera there”

Shi Jins arrival made the crowd fall silent for a while.

Meng Ling walked to Shi Jins side and saw that she had changed into the same sportswear as everyone else.

The ordinary sportswear on her body looked as if it was tailor-made for her, showing off her figure.

Everyone stood up.

They finally believed her.

Jiang Yunmo was lost in his thoughts.

He shook himself before standing up.

The director rushed over.

“Shi Jin, welcome to our show!”

This time, he had a whole new level of respect for Meng Ling.

She had invited Shi Jin over without saying anything.

“Is it a shooting competition now” Shi Jin asked.

Her voice in real life sounded better than the one they heard from the CDs.

It sounded like a lingering echo.


Today is a team competition.

We will be divided into two groups to compete.

Those who fail will be punished.

The person with the worst results may be eliminated and replaced by a substitute member.”

“Since Im Meng Lings friend, Ill be in the same team as her,” Shi Jin said.

The director had no objections.

In Meng Lings current team, besides her and Liang Yu, the other team members were led by Mei Tian.

The other team was led by Jiang Yunmo.

Both teams were evenly matched.

However, according to the directors plan, Jiang Yunmos team would always win.

However, they predicted that Jiang Yunmo would deliberately lose to Mei Tian and accept the punishment himself.

In any case, the goal was to satisfy the publics appetite.

However, with the sudden addition of Shi Jin as a variable, the director and assistant director had to discuss this.

The director said, “If Shi Jins ability is only so-so, well still follow the original plan and shoot later.”

“What if Shi Jins skills are very good”

The director was a little hesitant.

“Then lets shoot the truth!”

“But how are we going to explain this to our sponsors How are we going to promote this drama”

“What else can we do Do you think we can cheat in front of Shi Jin Do you think its more worth it to shoot Shi Jin or Jiang Yunmo”

When the assistant director thought of the money the sponsors gave him, he really couldnt make up his mind.

Jiang Yunmo walked over.

The director quickly comforted him.

“Yunmo, perform well.

Youll definitely do well.”

“I want to compete fairly with Shi Jin.”


“Lets have a fair competition!” Jiang Yunmo insisted.

He didnt want to be looked down upon in front of his idol.


The competition officially began again and the recording was started again.

Mei Tians team was arranged by her.

“Shi Jin, hows your shooting”

“Not bad.”

“Then you can be our teams trump card.

I have high hopes for you.” Mei Tian was a sweet girl herself.

She liked cold beauties like Shi Jin the most.

When she saw Shi Jin, her eyes lit up.

“Do you have your own shooting

equipment Can you use mine”


“Alright, Ill go get it.” Mei Tian went to get her bow and arrow and told Shi Jin how to use them.

Jiang Yunmo was planning to fight Shi Jin himself.

Other than the director, no one else knew that Shi Jin was his idol.

His gaze swept past Shi Jin several times.

The assistant director could not help but say, “Could he be jealous of Shi Jin Look at that lass Mei Tian.

The moment she sees Shi Jin, she doesnt even look at Jiang Yunmo.

Jiang Yunmo must be jealous.

When this part

is broadcasted, it will definitely be a spectacle!”

The director muttered to himself, “What do you know”

“Meng Ling, lets practice first,” Shi Jin said to Meng Ling.

Meng Ling called Liang Yu.

“Liang Yu can help us.”

Mei Tian hid under the camera and secretly drank two mouthfuls of water.

She whispered, “Shes too handsome!”

Shi Jin was almost as tall as Jiang Yunmo.

Moreover, she looked more powerful than Jiang Yunmo.

The key was that when Shi Jin smiled like this, there was a hint of sweetness.

When Mei Tian hid under the camera, she was her real self.

However, she didnt know that the camera had caught her.

Jiang Yunmo practiced diligently at the side.


In this competition, Meng Ling went up first.

She performed normally this time and took two 9.8s and one 9.9.

This time, the referee was also very normal.

“Meng Ling, two at 9.8, one at 9.9! Good performance!”

Jiang Yunmo appeared.

Seeing that it was a normal shoot, the manager was a little worried about him.

He glanced at Shi Jin and pulled up the bow.

“Eight points!” the referee shouted.

“Jiang Yunmo, you can do it!” His team members applauded for him.

Jiang Yunmo shot another arrow.

“8.5 points!”

He glanced at Shi Jin with a hint of embarrassment on his face before shooting again.


Shi Jin entered and the production team immediately passed the spare bow to her.

Shi Jin took it, pulled the bow fully and shot an arrow.

“8.1 points!”

It happened to surpass Jiang Yunmo by 0.1 point.

But at the same time, Shi Jins bowstring was broken.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.” The teacher from the props team apologized immediately.

This was a backup.

They didnt expect Shi Jin to come, so they didnt investigate in detail.

“Use mine.” Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian took out their bows.

The assistant director finally understood.

“…Could it be that both of them like Shi Jin”

The director looked at the assistant director with an expression that said, “You just realized it”

Shi Jin looked at them and chose Mei Tian.

For the next two arrows, she shot them at 8.5 points and 8.6 points respectively, just like Jiang Yunmo.

However, because she had scored 0.1 points higher for the first arrow, she still won.

After the recording of the competition ended, Shi Jin, Meng Ling, and Liang Yu walked backstage to remove their makeup and change their clothes.

When Shi Jin was changing, the two of them could not follow her in.

They entered another changing room at the same time.

Liang Yu said in a low voice, “Meng Ling, you performed so well, but there might not be any scenes when the time comes.”

Meng Ling was already mentally prepared, so she didnt mind.

“It doesnt matter if I dont have any, but Shi Jin especially took time to come over.

It would be awkward if she didnt have any scenes.”

“Then what should we do”

“Tll get my manager to communicate with the company again and see if its effective,” said Meng Ling..

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