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Chapter 560 Are You Chasing Me Away

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Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tians managers came over to remind them.

“Dont forget about your publicity mission.

Youre not here to chase after celebrities!”

The two of them responded and said weakly, “We can only chase her if she actually comes.”

“Alright, lets start the recording!”

Everyone perked up and continued recording.


Meng Ling walked outside with her manager.

Ananny van slowly drove into the filming set.

The manager grabbed Meng Lings hand tightly.

“Dont tell me its really Shi Jin”

Up till now, the manager did not believe everything.

The car stopped and the door opened.

A pair of slender legs stepped out, followed by a slender waist and a fair face with red lips.

When she saw Shi Jins face, the manager was stunned.

So this was the face that was so beautiful that it surpassed the borders of the country and could unify the beauty standards of the West!

“Shi Jin!” The manager quickly greeted her.

“Shi Jin.” Meng Ling walked over as well.

“Hello.” Shi Jin was still cold.

After a polite smile, she maintained her usual expression.

However, she was cold, not aloof.

She looked calm and polite.

“Shi Jin, I really didnt expect it to be you.” Meng Ling smiled and shook her head.

“I thought my dad was lying to me.”

“I promised Doctor Meng that I would come, so I came.”

The manager said, “Then Ill go prepare the sportswear for Shi Jin.”

She ran away and Meng Ling and Shi Jin entered together.

“Im really curious.

How did you know my dad”

“The last time I went to watch the figure skating competition, | first got to know Jing Qing, through whom I got to know Doctor Meng.”

“Oh, you helped Jing Qing treat her injuries, I saw it on Weibo.” Meng Ling then thought of something.

“Then you must have helped my dad too”

Thinking about how Shi Jin had helped her father, yet her father had tricked Shi Jin to accompany her for the recording

Meng Ling knew it.

Her father was too much.

Shi Jin was too nice! It was her father who owed her a favor, but Shi Jin was the one who came to help.

“Shi Jin, if you dont want to record, you dont have to.

Its alright.” Meng Ling had been in this industry for so long.

How could she not know how much influence Shi Jins arrival would have on the show

“Im already here.

Are you chasing me away” Shi Jin smiled.

She was extremely stunning.

When she smiled, she was not delicate.

Instead, she was very heroic, charming and valiant.

Meng Lings heart softened.

How could she really bear to let her go No matter where she sat, she would be pleasing to the eyes.

“Go change your clothes first.”

Meng Lings manager had already brought over the production teams sportswear.

“Okay.” Shi Jin went to change.

Meng Ling walked over to the production team.

Many people could not help, but laugh when they saw her return alone.

“Wheres Shi Jin”

“Shes changing.”

“Hahaha, shes changing her clothes.” Everyone laughed again.

“Then, will she leave after changing her clothes”

It was rare for everyone to smile at Meng Ling in such a unanimous manner.

However, it was obvious that they were just teasing her and watching the show.

“Meng Ling, its your turn.”

Meng Ling went on stage.

Her father worked in the national team and had a certain level of athletic attainment.

So she had also developed many professional sports skills as well.

She walked over to the platform, took out her arrow, and shot it with a swish.

Three scores of 9.9.

“Three scores of 9.9, Jiang Yunmo, three scores of 9.9!” the referee shouted.

These three arrows were extremely swift and smooth.

Although they did not reach ten points, they were very stable and accurate.

The referees shout was naturally aimed at Jiang Yunmo.

When the editing was done, it would all be Jiang Yunmos credit.

This was the script given to the director by the company.

The director looked at Meng Ling reassuringly.

Meng Lings face was expressionless as she sighed in her heart.

Jiang Yunmo didnt look happy either.

He said to his manager in a low voice, “Cant you let me give up this persona Im really not good at sports.

Can you let me sing”

“What the company means is that there are too many people singing.

How will you stand out Establishing this persona is efficient, short, and convenient.”

The manager repeatedly comforted Jiang Yunmo.


After changing her clothes, Shi Jin stood at the side and took in the scene.

As she thought about it, she realized that although many artists were not satisfied with the companys arrangements, they had to go with the flow.

In the past, many companies were willing to spend time and effort to nurture their artists various professional skills before pushing them into the market, but now, the company couldnt even be bothered to train

actors or singers, let alone other skills.

As long as the artiste was packaged nicely and put into the market, there would naturally be people paying the bill.

As for whether they had the ability or not, it all depended on how well the company set it up.

In any case, variety shows could be edited, television dramas could be edited, concerts could be played with recordings.

The company only cared about whether they could earn money quickly.

As for the long-term

development of artistes and their professional lifespans, it was none of their business.

To be able to harvest leeks quickly was the real thing.

“Meng Ling, one more time.

Lets see if we can get three 10 point scores this time.”

Meng Ling, who did not have much chance to perform yesterday, had more chances to perform today.

Meng Ling pulled herself together, drew her bow again, and shot three times.

“One 10 points, two 9.9 points.

Jiang Yunmo, not bad!”

Again, they gave Jiang Yunmo the credit.

The fans below the stage could not see what was going on, so they cheered.

The assistant director said to the director in a low voice, “Let Meng Ling do it again.

This time, well report as three 10 points.”

“Forget it.

If this goes on, Meng Ling will lose her temper.”

“This was arranged by their company.

We followed their script.

Even if she has a temper, she cant vent it on us, right”

The director frowned and remained silent.

“Look, Meng Ling doesnt have many fans.

When she was competing, the audience below the stage all ran away…”

The director followed the audiences gaze and saw that they were all running towards the exit.

“Wheres the stage supervisor Whats going on Were only halfway through the recording.

Whats going on with the audience Who let them move”

The audience had very strict requirements for such a programs recording.

They were not allowed to bring any recording equipment, nor were they allowed to walk around freely in the venue.

Looking at the chaotic scene before him, the director was furious.

The stage supervisor ran over.

“Director, great news!”

“Great news my ass! If I cant finish recording today, Ill skin you alive!”

“Shi Jin is here!”.

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