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Chapter 56: People Must Really Hate Her

Zhou Ziwei did not want to hit Shi Jin when she was down and wanted it to be a fair fight.

However, his talent agent threatened him, “If you lose because you didnt pick her, dont blame the company for giving up on you!”

Since it was already the fourth round, no one felt Shi Jin could make it.

He was in a dilemma.

He wanted to become a singer using his singing abilities, but his talent agency signed an eight year contract with him and had total control over his future.

He contemplated for a long time before he struggled as he said, “I choose Little Stone.”

The audience already saw this coming.

Some viewers started to comment on the tough position Little Stone was in, so they could not help taking her side.

Gu Qinghua pulled Shi Jins hand and wanted to say something, but did not know what to say.

Shi Jin walked out from the safe zone.

Even though she was wearing a mask, it failed to conceal her tall, slender body and long legs.

She was dressed in a white shirt and an ordinary pair of jeans, but it was perfect on her and looked completely custom-made for her.

They played a majestic and sad song in the background like she was readying herself for battle when she walked out.

The audience could not help feeling sorry for her when they heard the music.

Zhou Ziwei removed the microphone and said softly, “Im sorry.”

Shi Jin had overheard his conversation with his talent agent and knew a lot of celebrities did not have a choice.

Even more so for people new to the industry who were still struggling and had yet to become a part of it.

She moved her microphone away and replied, “There are no sorries on stage.

Just do your best.”

Zhou Ziwei finally let go of his sense of guilt and his fighting spirit got reignited.


Fu Heyan lay sideways on the bed and was unable to sleep in the hospital.

She was in a foul mood and her mind was in chaos.

The foreign doctor had already examined her injury and found the local doctors surgery and postoperative care well done.

However, he did not feel confident she could recover so much that she could go back to playing piano professionally.

He was one of the best surgeons in the world and only set aside his work to come over at the request of Fu Xiuyuan and Qin Sinian, but he gave her a negative outcome.

The nurse noticed Fu Heyan was upset when she changed her dressing, so she comforted her gently and tried to distract her, “Miss Fu, do you want to watch some entertainment programs Its not good for your injury for you to feel sad.”

“Why dont you pick one for me” Fu Heyan wanted to stop feeling depressed as well.

“Why dont you watchUltimate Singer-Songwriter Tonights episode looks really good!” The nurse was an avid fan of watching talent programs and watched everything that was ever aired.

“The episode tonight is really exciting.

A contestant called Little Stone was challenged four times in a row! Everyone targeted her to battle, but she took them out one by one and made it to the end.

She is simply incredible!”

Since Fu Heyan had investigated Shi Jin, she knew Shi Jin was Little Stone.

She sneered, “People must really hate her!”

The nurse hurriedly said, “But she performed really well and has great vocals!”

Fu Heyan sneered again nonchalantly.

Fu Xiuyuan must have paid someone off to create hype for Shi Jin.

How could she challenge four contestants at one time

It was just hype!

The nurse had already turned on the program and got absorbed by it in three seconds as she looked at Shi Jin with her eyes starry.

Shi Jin was singing a saccharine song now!

First, she did a ballad, then a fast track followed by rock, and now a sweet love song! She was showing great potential in all song categories!

She was capable of singing an incredible range of notes, but she was surprisingly able to make a sweet song like this sound youthful and girlie!

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