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559 It Stung

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Fu Xiuyuan put down the report and pinched the space between his brows.


Song Fans heart skipped a beat.

It turned out that he wasnt the only one observing Master Fu.

Master Fu had seen all of his actions.

He coughed lightly.

“Master Fu, I want to give Miss Shia present… Dont mind me.

I just thought that the stock market had made money previously.

I bought a pot

of flowers that are not commonly seen on the market for her to study.”

He had also thought about it for a long time.

Shi Jin didnt lack anything.

It wasnt easy for him to buy a pot of flowers that werent in Shi Jins garden.

He wanted to give them to Fu Xiuyuan, but was afraid that he would anger him.

That was why he wanted to hear Fu Xiuyuans thoughts first.

“What flowers”

“Im not really sure.

Thats the picture.”

Song Fan passed the phone to Fu Xiuyuan at the red light.

Fu Xiuyuan scoffed and said calmly, “Give it to her.”

“Yes, Master Fu,” Song Fan replied immediately.

He heard Fu Xiuyuan say faintly, “Anyway, she has plenty of these flowers.

Your flowers will only be placed in the corner.”

Song Fan: “…”

That stung.

The car stopped at the entrance of Imperial Capital University.

When Song Fan saw Shi Jin and Gu Jingyuan approaching from afar, he immediately got out of the car and opened the door for Shi Jin.

“Be careful on the road,” Gu Jingyuan instructed.

He knew that Fu Xiuyuan didnt really want to have another third wheel, so he didnt say much and watched as Shi

Jin got into the car.

By the time Shi Jin got into the car, Fu Xiuyuan had already put down all sorts of reports.

He took out a brocade box and handed it over.

“What is it”

“Take a look.”

Shi Jin took the brocade box and opened it.

Inside was a diamond pendant necklace in the shape of a dragon.

Her zodiac was the dragon, so this gift was quite appropriate.

“Let me think about it.

Its neither New Year nor my birthday today…”

“The stocks I bought made money.

I bought the ones you recommended.” Fu Xiuyuans eyes were brimming with radiance.

“You bought it too”


Song Fan: “…”

He had been working for Master Fu for so long.

This was the first time he had ever seen Master Fu so happy just from earning money from stocks.

Wait a minute, no.

Could it be that he, Yao Jiahong, and Shen Xinghe had made money from buying stocks with Shi Jin, and Master Fu didnt want to be outdone by

the people around him, so he had rushed to buy these stocks specially recommended by Shi Jin

Was this Fu Xiuyuan, the number one financial genius in a listed company Could this person be three years old


After Shi Jin received Doctor Mengs message, she quickly added Meng Ling.

In the entertainment industry, Meng Ling could not be considered as having no background.

At least, in every drama, she had to be scolded, and in every drama she

had to become an obstacle to the relationship between the male and female leads.

She could be considered the only one.

According to what Yao Jiahong said, “I dont know if this company purposely created this kind of persona for her or if it was because they didnt want to support her


Thats why she ended up in such an awkward situation.

If she wants to change her career in the future, it will be extremely difficult.”

Shi Jin did not mind getting involved with her.

Doctor Meng meant well.

Anyway, she had nothing to do recently.

After Meng Ling added Shi Jins WeChat, she quickly opened her Moments to take a look.

Shi Jins WeChat Moments was very simple.

Basically, she posted either flowers or her own acapella.

“It really is Shi Jin!” Meng Ling was surprised.

“Hello, Shi Jin.

Im Meng Ling.

My dad is Meng Chao.

He introduced us to each other.”

“Hello, Meng Ling.

I heard from Doctor Meng that Ill set off to your place tomorrow.”

Meng Lings heart started thumping.

Although she had been in the industry for a long time, she had never added any celebrities with high status.

In the past, when they were filming, there were old actors and main characters that she added, but she would never message the veteran actors out of the blue.

After the protagonist became famous, she was too embarrassed to chat with them, so her circle of friends was still the same.

Meng Ling could not understand why Shi Jin agreed to her fathers request.

“Okay, Ill pick you up then.”

After replying to Shi Jin, she went to look for her manager.

The manager was surprised.

“Wait, let me see if Im dreaming now.”

She pinched herself and frowned in pain.

After confirming that it was not a dream, she asked, “Is it really Shi Jin Not a lie”

“Will I get money from lying to you”

“Alright then, Ill talk to the company and the production team.”

The next days recording was the highlight since the team competition was held then.

All the artists would be divided into teams to determine the final results of the team.

The person with the worst results would be punished.

They might even be replaced by a backup artist.

There would be even fewer scenes.

The broadcast team was already preparing for the entire game.

Meng Lings manager went to the director and told him that Shi Jin was coming.

“Shi Jin” The director chuckled.

“I know Meng Ling doesnt have many scenes.

As long as she performs well, shell get more scenes.”

The director also wanted to film the program well, and in order to do so, every artiste had to cooperate.

He still needed sponsorships if he wanted to create a good


Now, he had no choice, but to accept the sponsorship of “Amazing Concubines Daughter” and focus all his attention on the male and female leads.

He could not

care about anything else.

If Meng Ling had any objections, he could understand.

However, bringing up Shi Jin was a little ridiculous.

If Meng Ling could invite Shi Jin, would she still act as the supporting actress every time and be pulled down by others until she couldnt get up


“Alright, alright.

| understand.

Ill arrange for someone to fetchShi Jin with Meng Ling.”

When the other artistes and managers heard that Shi Jin was coming, some believed it while others didnt.

The people who believed the news immediately stood up and looked outside.

The people who didnt believe it laughed out loud.

“Its been so long since April Fools Day.

Do you really believe it”

Feeling that they had been tricked, the few celebrities who believed the announcement sat down in embarrassment.

Mei Tian could not help, but ask Jiang Yunmo, “Will Shi Jin really come”

“I dont know.” Jiang Yunmo had a cold and aloof persona, so his words were concise and comprehensive, but when there was no one around, he kept looking at the


The camera captured this scene.

The director knew that Jiang Yunmo was a fan of Shi Jin, and Jiang Yunmo secretly sang many of Shi Jins songs.

This scene would create a cute contrast to his persona.

Mei Tian could no longer sit still when she heard that Shi Jin was coming.

She did not even bother to look at Jiang Yunmo.

Although everyone present did not believe that Shi Jin would really come, at the same time, they held onto this thought.

Their excitement was obvious.

When the director saw this, he could not help but shake his head secretly.

“Its a pity that Shi Jin wont really come.

Otherwise, this would be too explosive.”.

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