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Chapter 557: What kind of good fortune

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‘When Shi Jin received Doctor Mengs call, she was a little surprised.

“Youre introducing me to a job”

“Yes, Ive asked around.

This job is quite popular and the remuneration is not bad.

I also know a lot of people.” Doctor Meng was almost sixty years old.

If it wasnt for Shi Jin and his daughter, he wouldnt have understood so much.

“So, I think it might be of some use to you”

Shi Jin smiled.

She knew that he must have felt bad about learning her skills without giving anything in return.

Hence, he gave her this opportunity.

“Doctor Meng, how did you find this opportunity”

“Isnt my daughter also in the entertainment industry In the past, I wanted her to study medicine with me, but later on… she still studied acting and entered the entertainment industry.”

“Alright, I have to discuss this with my manager first.”

“Alright, if theres no problem, let me know.”

After Shi Jin hung up, she confirmed with Yao Jiahong.

Exercise King Its true that it has some influence, but Im not very familiar with the name Meng Ling.” Yao Jiahong went to check and found out that Meng Ling had been in the industry for five to six years.

However, because she had never been the main lead and only acted as a vicious supporting actress, her reputation wasnt very good.

The only bit of popularity she had was basically from being scolded.

From the looks of it, her popularity was worlds apart from Shi Jins.

Yao Jiahong chuckled.

“This Doctor Meng is really her biological father.

In his eyes, his daughter is much more popular than you, right”

“At his age, its normal that he doesnt know much about the entertainment industry.”

“Then reject him.” Yao Jiahong didnt want Shi Jin to be tired.

Helping Doctor Meng was already hard enough, but she still had to help his daughter

Was Doctor Meng repaying kindness or taking revenge

“Forget it, Ill take it.

Since I have time, it wont be an issue.”

Yao Jiahong shook his head.

“I dont know what kind of good fortune Doctor Meng has accumulated in his previous life.”


Meng Ling had come to participate in “Exercise King,” mainly because the current new drama, “Amazing Concubines Daughter,” had already been scheduled and would be broadcasted this month.;This was the final period of intense publicity.

The male protagonist Jiang Yunmo and the female protagonist Mei Tian were also on this show.

Today there was a shooting competition.

‘The competition was divided into individual and group competitions.

Everything was done according to the rules of an official competition.

“alright, lets get ready.

Then, well start the competition.”

“The solo competition is beginning.”

“Meng Ling, dont just stand there.

Look in Jiang Yunmos direction,” her manager walked over and instructed her in a low voice.

Meng Ling knew that they wanted her to focus on Jiang Yunmo.

However, Jiang Yunmo would look at Mei Tian at all times, creating a scene where the male protagonist followed the female protagonist seriously while she, the evil supporting actress, had to be the third wheel.

To be honest, if it was filming, she really didnt mind doing her part as an actress.

However, the current situation was just a publicity stunt.

Meng Ling didnt like it.

However, her manager tried to persuade her.

“For the sake of the popularity of the show, the supporting role should be sacrificed to help the main character, right Think about it, you also accepted the money for publicity.”

“Got it.” Meng Ling didnt need to think to know that when the real drama was broadcasted, she, the evil supporting actress, would be scolded badly in the drama and even more so outside the drama.

She looked in Jiang Yunmos direction.

Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian interacted with each other and discussed the shooting process.

“Jiang Yunmo, enter the competition.”

The handsome Jiang Yunmo looked lovingly at Mei Tian before entering the competition arena.

He shot three arrows consecutively, each one hitting seven points!

The referee shouted, “9 points, 9.9 points, 9.7 points!”

Meng Ling frowned and waited for the camera to move forward.

Through the screen, Jiang Yunmo indeed got the score the referee shouted.

However, from her position, she could clearly see Jiang Yunmos results.

Previously, during the first season, the entire “Exercise King” competition was very exciting.

Out of love for sports, Meng Ling had even been a live audience.

She knew that the artistes at that time were all real competitors.

It was also because of this that after the first season was broadcasted, the viewership ratings were very good and there were many good reviews.

However, then the second season began.

So quickly, this show had been completely reduced to an artists promotional venue.

Did they not care about their ability at all

“Jiang Yunmo is really amazing!” The audience below the stage was too far away and couldnt see clearly.

They could only see it on the big screen.

Jiang Yunmo had a lot of fans, so no one picked on him.

When they heard his results, the entire venue erupted in applause.

Meng Ling was truly disappointed.

Knowing that the production team was probably going to help out with the viewership ratings for “Amazing Concubines Daughter, they had specially set it up for Jiang Yunmo, who played the God of War in the TV series.

After Mei Tians competition, the production team still used this method to give her a relatively high score.

There were many other celebrities who were filming the show together, and had nothing to do with this drama.

‘When it was Meng Lings turn, she was about to pick up her bow and arrow when the manager said in a low voice, “Theres no need to shoot anymore.

Weve already finished filming.”

“Huh” Meng Ling looked at her in confusion.

“Lets go, lets go.”

The camera also left.

Meng Ling could only follow her manager.

“Why Why dont I have to film”

“Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian are already in the first and second places.

The champion of the third and group competitions will definitely be given to the artists from other companies.

You dont need to be included.

Plus, time is a little tight now, so…”


Hence, there was no need to even film her.

If the production team had enough time, they would definitely continue filming.

As for whether they would cut it out for the audience to see, that might not be the case.

However, wasnt there not enough time now Hence, they didnt even bother to shoot.

Meng Ling could already imagine the effect this show would have after it was edited out.

When the time came, she would be an exceptionally vicious female supporting role between Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian.

She would have neither screen time nor anything to showcase.

Other than being infatuated with

Jiang Yunmo, there was nothing else.

She sighed.

Artists who were not famous had no status.

The manager had no choice.

She had to follow the companys requirements.

Someone had to be sacrificed.

It would be good if an artist that wasnt famous could be used.

At least, they could earn some money.

If they didnt even have this bit of value, then there would be nothing left.

At dinnertime, every artist received their share and everyone went to the table to eat.

The camera faithfully recorded the scene.

The dining table was a large one.

Jiang Yunmo took a lunch box and naturally sat down with Mei Tian.

Jiang Yunmo and Mei Tian had taken up a lot of screen time this week, so many of the other artistes had their own performances cut..

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