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Chapter 556: Feeling the Dawn

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Shi Jin had a deep understanding of fans craziness.

When some fans went crazy, they would even hurt the celebrity themself.

When they attacked their opponents, they would show no mercy and resort to any means.

Previously, there were fans who splashed ink and sulphuric acid on the enemy.

At the thought of this, Shi Jins eyes darkened slightly.

Gu Jingyuan seemed to have thought of this as well.

In the afternoon, they arrived at the laboratory.

After everyone checked the data, Gu Jingyuan said, “I have some arrangements here.

Glasses Boy, you go to group 1, Liang Jing to group 3, and Wei Zai to group 7.”

Group Seven was the furthest away from Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin, so there were very few opportunities to interact with them.

‘Wei Zai was very disappointed when he heard this.

However, Gu Jingyuan was in charge of the entire laboratory.

Mobilizing the personnel and dividing them was his job.

He had mobilized a few more people in one go.

No one had any objections, so Wei Zai could not say anything.

Shi Jin knew that her brother was thinking for her sake.

He wanted Wei Zai to stay away from her.

However, Shi Jin did not take Wei Zai to heart.


The figure skating team.

Doctor Meng followed Shi Jins instructions and gave Jing Qing another acupuncture treatment.

Jing Qing started to sweat.

After Doctor Meng took all the needles away, she felt her legs relax.

“Doctor Meng, hows Jing Qing” The head coach asked.

He was one of the people who cared about Jing Qings injuries the most.

Originally, Jing Qings legs could at most support her finishing the competition last time.

When she came back, she would face the problem of retiring.

However, no one could bear to part with her, and she herself was not willing to retire.

Hence, she was still trying her best to salvage the situation.

“Head coach, I feel very relaxed!” Jing Qing said while moving her ankle.

The head coach didnt listen to her.

Instead, he looked at Doctor Meng.

“I think with Jing Qings condition, she can continue to compete in the next few rounds.

She can even prepare for the Olympics in two years.”

“Doctor Meng, dont just randomly give out good news.” The head coach was already smiling.

“Let her go for an X-ray scan and confirm the final results.”

Jing Qing was sent to get the X-ray test.

‘The head coach paced around anxiously.

Jing Qing was his beloved disciple and a good seedling.

Naturally, he didnt want her to retire too early.

If Jing Qing could be saved

The head coach felt the dawn.

And there would be even bigger surprises.

If Jing Qings injuries could be treated, then the other team members injuries could also be treated according to this method.

At that time, the combat power of the entire team would increase by 20-30%.

This was completely unimaginable in the past.

Doctor Meng also paced around nervously, waiting for the results.

After Jing Qing came out and waited anxiously for a few minutes, the X-ray results were finally out.

Doctor Meng immediately took it out with trembling hands and looked at it.

His expression relaxed.

The head coach snatched it over.

“Let me take a look.”

Doctor Meng said eagerly, “Look over here.

Her ligaments and tibia have all eased up.

Her originally weak ligaments are already showing signs of closing and growing.”

“Thats great!” The head coach slapped the checklist.

“Doctor Meng, you have to promote this.”

“Of course!”

In the entire team, no one would hide any skills.

They were not promoted before because they were not entirely sure that such treatment would work.

However, now that it was confirmed, he naturally had to use it immediately.


After Doctor Meng treated Jing Qings injuries, he told the other doctors some important points.

The gold needles that Shi Jin had given him were not enough, so he asked someone to make some new ones for the other team doctors.

“Jing Qing, is Shi Jin very popular in the entertainment industry” Doctor Meng didnt understand this industry at all.

“Pretty popular.”

“Is she busy”

“I saw the itinerary given by the studio.

Recently, Shi Jin doesnt have any plans, so I dont know what shes going to do.

For a female artiste like her who is on the rise, its quite amazing that she doesnt have a full itinerary,” Jing Qing said.

“But who knows, Shi Jin has always been unpredictable.”

Doctor Meng went through the details.

Shi Jin had only debuted less than two years ago and could be considered as a new person in the entertainment industry.

He did not know anything else and did not understand the terminology.

In that case, Shi Jin did not have a lot of work

“Doctor Meng, what are you trying to do”

“I want to introduce a job to Shi Jin.”

Jing Qing shook her head.

“Maybe Shi Jin doesnt need it”

“Whether she needs it or not is her business.

Whether I introduce her or not is my business.

I owe her such a big favor this time, and I dont have anything in return.

I really feel bad about it.

No matter what, I cant ignore someones kindness.”

“You can make the arrangements.” Jing Qing was still a young girl, so she didnt think much.

“Dont worry about it.

Get well.

Ill make the arrangements myself.”

Doctor Meng remembered that his daughter Meng Ling was also in the entertainment industry.

Meng Ling had already debuted for five to six years.

She could be considered a senior.

In Doctor Mengs opinion, she could at least bring Shi Jin along and teach her some useful knowledge in the circle.

Thinking of this, Doctor Meng called Meng Ling.

“Daughter, havent you been participating in theExercise King program recently I heard from you that youre still missing someone.”

“Thats right.

Were lacking an artist whos good at sports, but we cant be sure.

The production team is also looking for someone.”

“Lhave a friend here… If possible, can you bring her along”

Meng Ling went to the production team to ask and then told him, “Yes, you can, but they can only be a substitute.

You know that our show is about sports, and we need someone to take over the injured artistes role.

Whats your friends name”

“Tl tell you later.” Doctor Meng didnt know if Shi Jin had the time.

“Alright,” Meng Ling said.

In any case, one more person wasnt a big deal.

The show “Exercise King” had already been released into its second season.

The first season had garnered a lot of attention due to its new format.

From the start of the second season, many celebrities who were in their publicity period had been pushed in.

Recently, Meng Ling was also scheduled to appear on a new television series by the company.

However, she wasnt the main lead.

Instead, she was a supporting role in the drama that ruined the relationship between the male and female leads.

Hence, her main purpose for participating in this show was to

bea supporting character.

The person her father introduced would likely be a supporting character along with her.

The agent asked her, “Does your friend know how to shoot and drive”

“Til ask my dad later.

It shouldnt be a big problem,” Meng Ling said simply..

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