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Chapter 555: How Is The Situation Now

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The release version of “Love of a Lifetime” did not have Shi Xuexin at all.

All her scenes were replaced by a different female artiste.

However, this did not affect the original movie at all.

The movies storyline was complete and the characters were well rounded.

It had reached an excellent state.

The popularity of the movie not only allowed Shi Jins acting skills to gain recognition once again, but Shen Xinghe and the other secondary actors also entered the publics line of sight and quickly gained a higher popularity.

Shi Jins career was becoming more stable, so she took some time to go to the medical laboratory at Imperial University.

“Shi Jin, are you here to look for Doctor Gu Ill call for him right away!” The bespectacled Glasses Boy had been Shi Jins fan previously and was now her absolute loyal fan.

“Yes, Im looking for my big brother.”

Glasses Boy hurriedly went to call Gu Jingyuan.

Soon, Gu Jingyuan, who was wearing special clothing, walked out.

He was wearing a mask and was covered from head to toe.

‘When he saw Shi Jin, he revealed a smile and said to Glasses Boy, “Bring me the set of clothes I asked you to prepare previously.

Its for Shi Jin.”

“Ah, thats for Shi Jin” Glasses Boy was very surprised.

“But Doctor Gu, the laboratory is very dangerous.

Shi Jin…”

It was not that he underestimated Shi Jin, but only professionals could enter the laboratory.

It was very dangerous for Shi Jin to go in!

“Give it to her.”

Glasses Boy had no choice, but to hand the clothes over to Shi Jin.

He was worried and could not help but say in a low voice, “Shi Jin, dont touch anything that you cant touch inside.

If youre really curious, you can ask us if you can touch it before you touch it.

Also, you can follow behind Doctor Gu at any

time and see his signal.”


Thank you.” Shi Jin took the clothes.

Glasses Boy was still worried.

He felt that there were still many things he wanted to tell Shi Jin and followed behind her.

“Also, the ones inside…”

“Hey.” Gu Jingyuan caught up with him and patted his shoulder heavily.

Only then did Glasses Boy realize that he had almost followed Shi Jin into the changing room.

He stopped abruptly and adjusted his glasses.

Shi Jin comforted him with a smile.

Seeing her smile, Glasses Boy almost fainted.

After changing, Shi Jin followed Gu Jingyuan into the laboratory.

There were many people in the laboratory.

Everyone was busy with their work.

Glasses Boy followed them in and finally followed Shi Jin with his eyes.

He lowered his head and recorded the experimental data.

When everyone saw Gu Jingyuan enter, they raised their heads to greet him.

And when they saw that the person beside Gu Jingyuan was Shi Jin, everyone was a little surprised.

However, it was not convenient for them to talk too much in the laboratory, so they lowered their heads and continued working.

Gu Jingyuan brought Shi Jin to his testing area and said to his assistant, “Bring out the previous experimental data.”

He took the documents from his assistant and passed them to Shi Jin.

While Shi Jin was reading, he briefly explained the various data and experimental principles.

After Shi Jin finished reading, she said softly, “It seems that it will be difficult to overcome this structural formula.

However, if the calculation data is correct, it will prove that this is important and effective.

However, the amount added will need to be continuously improved.”

“Thats true.

I asked you to come here today to see the ratio of this Chinese medicine and the difference in the medicinal properties of the herbs that grow in different seasons.”

“Yes, Big Brother, it looks like you already have a card up your sleeve.

If there arent too many problems, I believe you can use it on the volunteers for testing very soon.”

Gu Jingyuan passed the testing equipment to her.

Shi Jin reached out to take it and began testing.

Every step she took was smooth and efficient.

Not only did she not look like a newbie, but she looked like she had been in the laboratory for a long time.

‘The assistant was a little dazed as he watched from the side.

He subconsciously looked at Shi Jin seriously.

He had thought that Shi Jin was just here to satisfy her curiosity.

Who knew that she actually knew all this

Some of the others had finished their experiments and came to report to Gu Jingyuan.

However, when they arrived, they saw Shi Jin conducting an important experiment.

She skillfully added the reagent, observed the results, and accurately recorded the various numbers on special equipment.

Compared to when they first came to the laboratory, she was much more efficient.

When Glasses Boy heard the noise, he looked over as well.

When he thought about what he had repeatedly told Shi Jin, his face tuned red.

Then, he thought of something and instinctively looked at Shi Jin again.


The people from the laboratory went to the canteen for lunch.

Now, everyone was completely convinced.

“Shi Jin, have you done this kind of experiment before” Glasses Boy asked.

“Of course.

Dont forget what Shi Jin majors in.” The person who spoke was called Liang Jing.

He was gentle and refined.

He was one of the most cultured and refined people in the group.

“We were blind.

In the past, we thought that Shi Jin didnt really study her profession.

After all, her work schedule in the entertainment industry was already full.”

“Will Shi Jin come to the laboratory often” Glasses Boy asked.

Shi Jin nodded.

“If nothing goes wrong, I will come here often.”

“Thats great, lets talk more.” Glasses Boy was the first to smile.

Liang Jing couldnt help, but knock on his chopsticks.

“Eat your food, or else you wont have anything to eat later.”

Didnt you see how ugly Gu Jingyuans expression was

“Anyway, I hope everyone will take care of me in the future.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Yes, lets learn from each other.”

“Thats right.

Everyone should learn from each other.”

After lunch, everyone went back for a short break.

Gu Jingyuan had his own office and residence so Shi Jin returned to his residence with him.

Imperial Capital University had provided him with decent living conditions.

He lived in a standard one-bedroom apartment, so even if Shi Jin went over, it would not seem cramped.

Gu Jingyuan gave the room to her and laid down on the sofa to rest for a while.

‘When work time arrived in the afternoon, the two of them packed up and came out together.

‘The moment Shi Jin came out, she saw someone sneak past her.

“What are you doing” she asked.


He looked up and Shi Jin realized that it was a familiar face.

“Wei Zai, what are you doing here Are you looking for me” Gu Jingyuan recognized him first.

“Oh, right, Im looking for you to check the data on an experiment.”

“Lets go to the lab first.

Ill be right there.”

Wei Zai quickly slipped away.

Only then did Shi Jin remember that Wei Zai had eaten with her before.

He was a die-hard fan of Shi Xuexin.

Back then, in order to protect Shi Xuexin, Wei Zai had often spoken coldly to her.

However, not only was Shi Xuexin completely irrelevant now, she was probably still enjoying her time in prison.

Most of her fans had dispersed, and it was considered good if they didnt tun around and become haters.

She wondered how Wei Zai was doing…

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