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Chapter 554: Announcement to Leave the Entertainment Industry

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Shi Jin had already expected this.

After all, in her previous life, she remembered that Gu Jingyuan had used Chinese medicine in the end.

However, in her previous life, Gu Jingyuan had completed it much later.

It was probably because he struggled with solving the issues with Chinese medicine.

“After I return to Country §, Ill go to your laboratory to take a look.”

Gu Jingyuan knew that she had been busy for quite some time, so he smiled and said, “Theres no hurry.

You should rest first.

Come over when youre free.”

‘The two of them boarded the plane together.

Before the plane took off, Shi Jin asked about Jing Qing on WeChat.

Doctor Meng also sent a message to ask her about the details of acupuncture.

Shi Jin replied to all of them before she saw Fu Xiuyuans message.

Her lips curled up as she sent him a voice message.


Sun Yijing had suffered a crushing defeat at Shi Jins hands this time.

When she returned to the Sun family, gossip kept coming.

Her cousins were all eager to take her place.

However, no one really wanted to become enemies with the Li family.

To put it bluntly, they just didnt want to fight and wanted to gain benefits.

The more Sun Yijing did, the more criticism she received.

Old Madam Sun called her to her side and said, “You cant even handle Gu Zehan and Shi Jin.

What do you plan to do next”

“Grandma, those small conflicts cant stop the Li family from doing anything.

I think we should focus on the pharmaceutical company.”

Old Madam Sun looked at her.

“Your father is sick and cant manage the family business.

I handed the Sun family over to you because I had no choice.

If you dont do it well, your uncles will ask you to step down from this position.

I really cant refuse.”

Old Madam Sun had already put in a lot of effort to protect the position of the Sun family as one of the Four Big Families in her early years.

Now that she was old, it was inevitable that she would feel a little powerless.

Everything could only be done by Sun Yijing.

If she really couldnt do it, she would have to prioritize the family business.

Sun Yijings heart skipped a beat.

“I understand.”

Very soon, she broke up with Chu Ling and announced her withdrawal from the entertainment industry.

In the past, when she entered the entertainment industry, it was only to make those uncles think that she was playful.

They would be uncertain and let down their guard against her.

Now that she had to give it her all, she naturally could not let this useless job affect her thoughts.


Once Sun Yijing left the entertainment industry, there was less condemnation towards her.

However, these criticisms and bad public relations all fell on Chu Ling.

Of course, this was all in the future.

Chu Ling would never rise again because of this.


‘When Shi Jin and Gu Jingyuan left the airport, Fu Xiuyuan was already waiting.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuans dark expression suddenly turn gentle and peaceful as he walked towards Shi Jin, Gu Jingyuan knew that he had become a third wheel again.

‘As expected, when Fu Xiuyuan was done hugging Shi Jin, he looked towards Gu Jingyuan as though he had just discovered his existence.

“Tl take a taxi home by myself.” Gu Jingyuan shrugged and said this before Fu Xiuyuan could.

Otherwise, if Fu Xiuyuan said it, he would be the one who would be embarrassed.

“Tll get the chauffeur to send you back.”

“What about you”

“Lleft a spare car at the airport.”

Gu Jingyuan had forgotten that Fu Xiuyuan had always been ostentatious, unlike himself, who was already used to living a normal life and was not so extravagant.

After Gu Jingyuan left, Shi Jinyuan and Fu Xiuyuan got into the car.

“Are you tired” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“Its not that bad.

I just feel a little sore after the long flight.”

‘The man naturally reached out to massage her shoulders and neck, helping her relax.

Shi Jin leaned into his embrace.

At this moment, she finally relaxed from her tense working state.


The next day, Yao Jiahong called.

“A Life of Love has premiered.

I told the production team that you were busy with your work, so you cant do any promotional activities.”

Actually, knowing that she had just returned, Fu Xiuyuan was reluctant to let her go, so Yao Jiahong had already made arrangements.

Shi Jin was the female lead.

If she didnt go for the roadshow, the others would have more important tasks.

However, the rest of the cast and crew were willing to take on more roadshows and have more opportunities to show their faces, so they were naturally willing.

As it was Shi Jins own movie, Fu Xiuyuan had bought tickets early in the morning and wanted to watch the first showing with her.

Before they left, Shen Xinghe called.

“Shi Jin, Ive booked the entire venue for your movie.

Ive booked a huge venue that can cater to more than a thousand people.

Ive invited my friends to watch it for free.

How about you join me”

“Isnt this your movie too” Shi Jin asked.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Im also supporting myself, but guess what The stocks you asked me to buy last time have already earned three times the amount! Ive invested all my remuneration for the past few years.

Great, now Ive lost my motivation to film and earn money.”

“As long as youre profiting.

However, the money in the stock market is just paper wealth.

Only when its settled will it be yours.”

“Thats why I want to book the entire venues worth of movie tickets and spend more money so that I can regain some motivation and forget the fact that Im making money in the stock market.”

“Go by yourself.

We want to watch the movie alone.”

Shen Xinghe took a bite of the dog food and stopped insisting.

‘When Song Fan arrived, Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin had already set off for the cinema.

Yao Jiahong stayed in Orchid Pavilion and helped Shi Jin water the plants.

“Brother Yao, where are you”

“Do you want to water the plants together”

Song Fan walked over, picked up the hose, and watered plants with Yao Jiahong.

“Whats the matter”

Song Fan said as he poured the water, “Dont you think its a little too much of a failure for me to be an executive assistant As the special assistant of the most discerning man in the country, I cant even see the trend of stocks.”


“So, the stocks that Miss Shi asked me to buy have already earned a lot.

Im wondering if I should sell them or not.

I really didnt expect that my taste in stocks is not as good as Shi Jins.”

He was really shocked.

Logically speaking, he was a well-known figure in the financial world and had years of experience buying stocks.

No matter what, he was better than a young girl.

However, aside from the ones he bought himself, the ones that Shi Jin had casually mentioned also rose after experiencing a few stops.

They were rising so much that he was flustered.

It also made him doubt himself.

“What do you mean by not as good as Shi Jin” Yao Jiahong was not satisfied with his explanation.

“Isnt it normal to not be as good as Shi Jin Its only surprising if you surpass Shi Jin.”

Song Fan:”…”

He had forgotten that everyone here was a fan of Shi Jin.

Not to mention Fu Xiuyuan, even Butler Chen was like that, let alone Yao Jiahong, the manager.

However, when he came back to his senses, he was still happy.

At least, the news that Shi Jin had casually revealed made him a huge profit..

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