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Chapter 553: I Can Only Call Her—Teacher Shi

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“At this moment, I can no longer call Shi Jin my daughter.

I can only call her—Teacher S

“Hello, Teacher Shi!”

“Hello, Teacher Shi!”

“With such a teacher, Im willing to study for 48 hours a day!”

Everyone recalled this memory and only then did they remember why Shi Jin made that decision.

In other words, Shi Jin already had a close relationship with the Hamilton Music Academy back then

There were people who were ecstatic just over the opportunity to study at the Hamilton Music Academy, but they did not know that Shi Jin had already become such a teacher.

Everyone: “Shocking my entire family for an entire year!”

Sun Yijing and Chu Ling sat below the stage.

Initially, they didnt care much about the judges.

However, when they heard the host say “Shi Jin”, the two of them sat up straight and looked towards the stage.

Was it someone whose name sounded like Shi Jin What was the situation

‘When they saw Shi Jin appear on stage, no matter how good Sun Yijing and Chu Ling were at managing their expressions, they couldnt help, but look incredulous and embarrassed.

Yes, true embarrassment.

Sun Yijing couldnt hide the awkwardness in her eyes.

Chu Ling seemed to have thought of something and immediately sat down, but was unable to sit still.

He folded his hands uncomfortably.

Both of them lost their usual composure and only recovered after more than ten seconds.

In the past ten seconds, the camera had been subtly focused on them.

The ten seconds that had appeared on the big screen seemed to have been infinitely extended and enlarged for the netizens to see clearly.

“If I were Chu Ling, I would be so embarrassed that I could dig out a Versailles Palace with my toes.”

“Sun Yijings expression is also very weird.

Its awkward.”

‘As the awards ceremony progressed, more cameras were placed on stage.

However, Shi Jin appeared as a judge, so the camera would occasionally sweep over her.

Her fans quickly searched for information about her overseas.

Finally, they found information regarding her position at Hamilton Music Academy.

It was only then that everyone realized that her talents were displayed in all aspects.

It was just that she never liked to show off.

‘As the award ceremony went on, Sun Yijing received the Best Music Video Vision Award and Chu Ling received the Best Music Video Costume Award.

Originally, these two awards were to be used as close-up shots and used as the first Mercury Music award that Country $ won.

However, both of them knew that there was really no need for that anymore.

When they won the award, the camera shifted to Shi Jins position.

Her expression was calm and composed.

A judge beside her was whispering something to her.

She tilted her head and listened.

She was as beautiful as a person in a painting.

After Sun Yijing and Chu Ling came down, they sent a message to their managers, asking them to cancel some unnecessary articles.1

Very quickly, the heavyweight awards began.

On stage, as the representative of the judges, Shi Jin presented the trophy to the best female singer.

After the award ceremony ended, the foreign reporters swarmed towards Shi Jin.

The reporters from Country $ were secretly regretting not taking the chance to interview Shi Jin during the red carpet walk.

As for Sun Yijing and Chu Ling, the awards they received had little to do with music.

The reporters naturally wouldnt spend too much time on them.


In Country S.

On Weibo.

This years Mercury Music Awards had received a lot of attention.

And as one of the judges, Shi Jin quickly reached the top of the search list.

Chu Lings fans: “How did she get there without any nominated works”

Shi Jins fans: “Hamilton Music Academy Professor Shi Jin.jpg”

Chu Lings fans: “She still doesnt have any works.”

Shi Jins fans: “Music Alliance signed Shi Jin English song copyright.jpg”

Chu Lings fans: “Its not a Chinese song, whats the use”

Shi Jins fans: “Music Alliances upcoming release, Shi Jins two Mandarin albums, global sale.jpg”

Chu Lings fans: “…”

Chu Lings incident this time was the last straw that broke his popularity.

Not only did it cause Shi Jins fans to rebound, it also caused the fans and passersby to feel disgusted.

“Tve never seen someone as disgusting as Chu Lings fans.”

“This time, Shi Jin has received recognition from overseas and is also part of the cultural output and communication.

What did Chu Ling and Sun Yijing do What has the Vision and Costume Awards got to do with them”

“Isnt Chu Ling the one always shamelessly following Shi Jin around”


“Its really strange.

As a passerby, I cant stand it anymore.

Every time I see Chu Ling stirring up trouble, the studio and manager also stir up trouble.

Does Shi Jin care about them”

“This kind of stinky male artist should just get lost as far as possible.

Sun Yijing treats Chu Ling like a treasure.

Do you really think theres anyone else who likes him”

Chu Lings fans went everywhere to put out the fire, but it was too late.

The collapse of public opinion was not something that happened in a day or two.

Not to mention that he was an artist without a good enough representative work.

The moment he fell, without any work to support him, his landing posture would be extremely ugly.

His manager, Hu Lai, had already deleted the posts mocking Shi Jin overnight, but it was useless.

The more people knew about Shi Jins ability and knew that she was already at a height that Chu Ling could not reach, the more people disliked Chu Ling.


After attending the award ceremony, Sun Yijing and Chu Ling returned home.

‘The two of them returned silently, wishing that they had never attended this event.

“Go ahead.

Ill look for you if I need anything.” Sun Yijings voice was extremely calm.

Chu Ling decided to take back his thoughts and focus on developing his career.

Hu Lai told him in a low voice, “The brands have confirmed that they wont renew your endorsements.

And the movie that was originally booked, the sponsors said that they want a new artiste to act in it, saying that hes more suitable.

The editors called the few covers in the fashion magazine and said

that they want to push it back for you for a few months.

They have someone else to fill in the gaps at the last minute.”

Chu Ling: “…”

He already had a premonition, but he didnt expect it to happen so quickly.

Without any exposure for a few months, he would soon be replaced by a newbie.

He would then enter a state of no return.

Hu Lai lowered her head, not daring to show him the data reports.

He fell too quickly.

After being separated for less than two hours, Sun Yijing sent a WeChat message.

“Lets delete each other.

Lets not see each other again.”


Chu Ling: “…”


Shi Jin stayed in Paris for two days longer than Sun Yijing to handle the follow-up work.

‘When she returned to the country, Gu Jingyuan happened to be with her.

“Brother, are you done with your vaccine research”

“Not yet, but weve already separated the usable parts and sent them back to Country $ for further research.

Coincidentally, I still have some questions to ask you.

This time, we want to use Chinese medicine in order to complete this vaccine.

There are many things about Chinese medicine that we need

your help with..”

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