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Chapter 552: A Little Disappointed

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“Yeah, shes ranked 15th in the world as a supermodel.

Why cant she come”

“Shi Jins fans will be slapping their own faces soon.

Whats the big deal if she can walk the red carpet Can she enter the venue Is there a place for her in the venue”

As they spoke, the red carpet walk for many celebrities was almost done.

The cameras also tured to the venue.

People could walk the red carpet if they paid enough money, but there was a very strict order to be obeyed in the inner venue.

All the seats were filled with guests and every seat had a guests name.

Furthermore, these seats were basically arranged based on the celebrity rankings.

For example, the most popular singers in America and the most popular singers in Europe were seated in the second or third row.

The rest followed behind.

For example, Sun Yijing and Chu Ling had been arranged to sit in the seventh row.

This was already the result of Sun Yijings bribery.

There were also a few more rows of seats behind.

There were some unknown singers, producers, composers, and singers teams, behind the scenes workers, and so on.

‘When the camera panned over Sun Yijing and Chu Ling, it paused for a few seconds.

When the fans were satisfied with what they saw, the camera panned over to a few other artistes from local brands.

All the fans expressed their satisfaction.

The television station was indeed very good.

They knew what they wanted to see.

Then, the camera panned across the venue and landed on the second and third rows, showing everyone the elegance of an international superstar.

“Chu Ling and Sun Yijing are so sweet.”

“Will Alexander sing tonight”

“Wheres Shi Jin Wheres Shi Jin Wheres Shi Jin”

“Hahaha, there are still people looking for Shi Jin.

Ive already said that its hard to enter the venue.”

“Thats right.

Who knows, she might be blocked at the entrance now.”

“There are designated seats in the inner court.

Not everyone can enter.”

Sun Yijing and Chu Ling looked around the scene quietly.

It was obvious that Shi Jin was not there.

If she was here, that cold, fair skin and red lips would be exceptionally eye-catching, It was impossible for them not to see it.

The reporter also started to introduce the situation.

“Everyone saw it.

After walking the red carpet, most of the guests are already in position.

The venue is arranged according to the names of the guests.

On camera, our domestic artistes performed very well.

Their aura doesnt lose out at all.


other than the people in the first row who havent arrived, everyone else has already arrived.”

‘The camera scanned the first row.

The reporter introduced, “The first row is reserved for the CEOs and people in charge of the major companies.

The other five seats are reserved for the judges.

Therefore, the members of this row should be the finale.

They wont be here so soon.”

The smile on Sun Yijings face grew wider.

It looked like Shi Jin was really good at bragging.

She dared to claim that she had obtained an admission ticket just because she was on the red carpet.

The reporter added, “I havent seen Shi Jin, who everyone was concerned about just now.

I dont know if she will enter the venue later.”

As a reporter from a local television station, he didnt have any inclination and was just speaking the truth.

However, he couldnt help feeling a little regretful.

To him, it was entirely possible that Shi Jins songs could compete with Western singers for an award, but from the looks of it, the hope was

basically zero.

He quickly changed the topic and said, “Alright, the award ceremony is about to officially begin, so I wont talk anymore.

Ill be watching the ceremony with you guys.”

The camera turned to the stage and focused on the host.

Shi Jins fans were a little disappointed.

They thought they could take a few more glances at Shi Jin.

If there was no hope previously, they would not have been so devastated now.

Chu Lings fans were gloating non-stop.

The entire screen was about to be occupied by the sarcastic comments from their fans, making the other fans very frustrated.

The host gave a simple opening speech on stage before announcing the start of the award ceremony.

“Before the award ceremony officially begins, I would be honored to introduce our five judges tonight.

The first is from the National Music Academy…”

‘The domestic fans did not know much about these judges, nor did they know how impressive they were.

They looked disinterested and could not remember the long list of names.

“The fourth judge is a professor from the Hamilton Music Academy.

She used her professional skills to conquer the professors in the academy and taught them to the students.

Currently, many of her songs have been authorized to be sung in English.

Soon, she will appear in front of everyone.

Im honored

to introduce her to everyone… Shi Jin from Country S!”

The fans did not take this part seriously.

Many people were scrolling through their phones, eating or playing games while playing background music.

Everyones focus was not on these people that they did not know, but when they heard Shi Jins name, many people were stunned.

Following that, everyone saw the camera pointing at the face of the young girl who was dressed conservatively today.

Red lips, black hair, cold white skin under the light.

Her slightly raised eyes were sexy yet pure.

“Its Shi Ji

“Its really Shi Jin!”

“Did I hear wrongly Its Shi Jins name!”

“You didnt hear wrongly.

I saw the caption.

Its Shi Jin!”

“Oh my God!”

“What right does she have”

“If she has no right, what about you How come you werent invited”

“A professor at the Hamilton Music Academy”

Shi Jin appeared in front of the emcee.

As usual, the emcee had to interview the judges.

Everyone watched as Shi Jin used fluent French to converse with the host.

Many people were petrified in front of their computer screens.

Some of them had forgotten to finish their game.

Some of their instant noodles fell and spilled soup.

Some put down their phones.

Chu Lings fans were mocked.

“Did Shi Jin come for you Huh Huh Take a look!”

“Open your dog eyes and take a good look!”

“Does Shi Jin need to ride on your popularity Theres no room for a third person in their world Does Shi Jin need you to accommodate her”

“One of them was nominated for the Music Video costume award, while the other was nominated for a visual effects award.

How dare they mock Shi Jin who is a judge”

“Wait, let me think about it.

Everyone still remembers that after theUltimate Singer Songwriter competition ended, the champion could go to the Hamilton Music Academy to study.

Chu Ling could go too, but none of them went, so Shi Jin did not go either.

At that time, everyone mocked Shi Jin for not

wanting to go.

They even said that she gave up the chance to study in order to earn money.

Are those people going to be humiliated now Its not that Shi Jin doesnt want to study, but shes already a professor..

Whats there to learn”

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