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Chapter 551: Doesnt Find it Embarrassing

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“Are you confident about winning the award”

Sun Yijing smiled and said, “Chu Lings voice is very good and he has released many famous songs.

I believe the organizers and judges can see his capabilities.”

“Then well be looking forward to your good news.” The reporter smiled and said.

“Thank you,” Sun Yijing replied politely.

She heard a noise and looked in that direction.

Maybe a superstar was coming.

The camera pointed in that direction.

Then, a familiar face appeared in front of all the fans.

Shi Jin stepped onto the red carpet in her evening gown.

Her figure was long and slender, and her skin was pale under the light.

She had red lips and black hair, and her long eyelashes were slightly raised.

She looked like a painting.

“Why is Shi Jin here” Sun Yijing asked in her heart.

Sun Yijing still couldnt believe it when Shi Jing said she had her own admission ticket that day.

After all, Sun Yijing was friends with the organizers.

She had asked if Shi Jin was invited, and the other party had said that she probably wouldnt be.

Sun Yijing had also checked.

Shi Jin did not have a sponsorship endorsement tonight, nor was she nominated.

It was hard to imagine that she would come.

The comments had the same question.

“Does Shi Jin have an endorsement deal”

“Was it given to her by the brand”

“Dont tell me shes after Chu Ling No, Brother, run!”

“If you ask me, Shi Jin has already shown her capabilities at the show previously.

It shouldnt be strange even if she received an invitation from the organizers, right Some fans are thinking too highly of themselves.”

“Thats right.

I think Shi Jin is open and capable.

Some people should really save it.”

Chu Lings fans were naturally unconvinced.

“Ha, its not like everyone didnt see the list of names that were previously exposed.

There was no Shi Jin at all.

She only came now.

Could she have learned from some internet celebrities and spent money to get on the red carpet”

“Hahahahaha, I remember now.

Someone said before that you can walk the red carpet if you pay 100,000 yuan.”

“Isnt it embarrassing for an artiste to learn how to be an internet celebrity”

Initially, many of Shi Jins fans were music lovers.

They were also watching the live broadcast of this award.

Now that Shi Jin had appeared, it was a pleasant surprise.

“Our daughter went too.”

“Our daughter is so beautiful, but this gown makes her look a little old.”

“For such an important occasion, our daughter must dress more formally.

I think its quite dignified.”

‘When the reporters in Country $ saw Shi Jin, they naturally wouldnt let go of this hot topic.

They hurriedly went to interview her.

“Shi Jin, hello.

I really didnt expect you to appear today.”

“Yeah, I didnt think so.”

“So which brand are you representing today”

“No, Im not here on behalf of a brand.

Im here on behalf of myself.”

“Oh, then how do you feel about these winners and singers today”

“Everyone has their own merits.

No matter who wins the award, I will sincerely congratulate them.”

“alright, I hope you have a good time.”

The bullet screen said, “Shi Jin represents herself”

“Hahaha, Im dying of laughter.

Represent herself She didnt even get nominated, so what does she represent”

“This is the first time Ive heard someone come up with such a refreshing excuse.”

“Our daughter is amazing! She can even walk in a fashion show, why cant she walk this red carpet”

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