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Chapter 550: After His Old Age or After His Lack of Popularity

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This set of photos was naturally spread out.

Hence, news of Shi Jins presence in Paris spread quickly.

“Didnt Shi Jin not have any works nominated How could that be”

“From what I know, Chu Ling is in Paris.

Could Shi Jin be…”

“If Shi Jin really went because of Chu Ling, then I would look down on her.”

“Whats wrong with the sisters upstairs Other people dont believe Shi Jin, but you dont believe her Could it be that only Chu Ling can go to Paris Besides, Shi Jin has a runway in Paris.

Why cant she go”

“Everyone, wake up.

Didnt you see that the fans who sent the photos said that Shi Jin went there for work If you dont believe this, you should stop being a fan of Shi Jin.”

Chu Lings fans took the opportunity to fan the flames.

“Didnt Shi Jin already have someone she liked Did she see our brother return to the top, so she couldnt help, but act cute again and kiss up to him”

“[ really look down on women like that.”

It wasnt easy for Chu Lings manager to find this opportunity.

He immediately released a lovey-dovey set of photos of Chu Ling and Sun Yijing and added, “The world of two people can never accommodate a third person.”

‘This was an open declaration of war against Shi Jin.

It was even more direct than when Chu Ling and Sun Yijing had first gotten together.

Yao Jiahong retaliated this time.

He added a picture of Shi Jin in a suit.

“Please dont mention us, were busy working on our careers.”

After so many times, other than Chu Lings own fans who also had their own filters over their eyes and felt that Hu Lai had done the right thing by mocking Shi Jin.

Other passers-by, netizens, and fans of other celebrities were disgusted by Chu Ling.

From the time Shi Jin participated in the competition until now, her results could be seen with the naked eye.

Whether it was singing, acting in movies, or walking on the runway, she would always achieve good results every time.

She would use her performance to give everyone a visual feast.

Ina short time, she produced several albums and a few movies.

She conquered Paris, settled Hollywood, went to the national team, settled her investments, and did not fall behind in her studies.


On the other hand, Chu Ling did not have any real achievements.

He had also advanced in age, and his transformation had failed one after another.

As an idol who relied on his looks to make a living, his face was getting more and more greasy, but he still felt that Shi Jin would not let him go.

Someone asked, “What is Shi Jin after”

After his old age or after his lack of popularity

Chu Lings popularity was already on the verge of collapse.

The only thing missing was the last straw that broke the camels back.

He, his team, and his fans were oblivious.


After meeting with Professor Pence.

Yao Jiahong reported the results of the discussion to Shi Jin.

“The music alliance intends to directly import your two albums and sell them in Europe and America.

In addition, they bought the English translation rights for your ten songs for the singers under them.

If theres a chance in the future, they will

ask you for more songs.”


If theres nothing wrong with the contract, just sign it.”

“Shi Jin, are you participating in the Mercury Music Awards as a guest or something” Yao Jiahong was really curious.

He admitted that Shi Jin no longer needed him as a manager, but he was proud to even be able to be Shi Jins assistant.

Shi Jin thought about it and said, “Can I say that Im not sure yet”

Yao Jiahong: “…”

Alright, pretend I didnt ask.

However, no matter what kind of identity or method Shi Jin would use to attend, Yao Jiahong was certain of one thing.

The organizers would definitely not treat her badly and would definitely make the most appropriate arrangements for her.

Yao Jiahong didnt mention the fact that Chu Ling and Hu Lai had sent out articles mocking Shi Jin.

He had a premonition that this time, Chu Lings reputation was not far from complete collapse.


Lets wait and see.

After Yao Jiahong was done with Shi Jins contract, Shi Jin also received Professor Pences message to confirm her identity for the Mercury Music Awards.

Shi Jin showed the news to Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Yao, based on this identity, confirm my next outfit and style.”

Yao Jiahong looked at the French words and said, “Shi Jin, my French is not professional.

Tell me, is this what I think it is”

“Its what you think.

It doesnt mean anything else.”

Yao Jiahong slapped his forehead.

“Okay, Ill get someone to prepare it.”

He knew that Chu Ling had really died without a grave this time.


As the most influential music award in Europe, almost half of the singers in the industry were invited.

On the same day, the venue was filled with stars and was very spectacular.

Even those who did not pay attention to the European and American music circles would have more or less heard of the famous works of a certain singer who had come.

A certain big television station in Country $ had also purchased the live broadcast rights of the award ceremony for the Mercury Music Awards.

After all, this was the first time people from Country $ had been nominated.

Furthermore, it was the popular Sun Yijing and Chu Ling, so there would definitely

bea lot of viewers.

Chu Lings fans should be able to support half of the viewership ratings.

At the scene, the reporters from Country $ were also waiting at the entrance to send the report back to the television station.

As the stars shone and entered the venue, the fans watching the live broadcast couldnt wait to see the reporters interview Sun Yijing and Chu Ling.

The camera zoomed past the crowd and saw Sun Yijing and Chu Ling walking down the red carpet.

This was a proper red carpet for the invitees.

It was a symbol of strength and popularity.

Of course, everyone recognized a few male and female celebrities from Country S.

They were either not singers or had not been invited by the organizers.

However, because they had received several endorsements

from French brands in the country, they were invited by brands to attend the event.

Although it was not as legitimate as the nominees, they still walked the red carpet.

‘When the reporter saw that Sun Yijing and Chu Ling had already walked the red carpet, he quickly said, “Alright, we can go over and interview Yijing and Chu Ling now.

I can tell that the two of them are quite popular today.

Just now, there were already a few foreign reporters who went to interview them

before us.”

‘When the fans saw this scene, they were naturally very happy as well.

“Brother is great!”

“Yijings clothes today are so pretty.

They match Chu Lings.”

“Lets walk out of the country and let everyone hear their voices!”

“The Light of Chinese Music!”

“Shh, look, Chu Ling has been interviewed.”

The reporter had already approached them.

He first praised Chu Ling and Sun Yijings attire before asking, “Yijing, Chu Ling, do you feel nervous tonight Do you feel pressured about winning an award”

“Tm a little nervous.

After all, this is my first time participating in such a grand music award, but pressure is also motivation, so its not too bad,” Chu Ling said confidently..

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