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Chapter 55: How Far Could She Go

Yu Guannan turned off his microphone altogether in fury.

The audience was in an uproar.

Chu Lings fans were no longer in control of the comments.

Instead, the general public had taken over.

Some of them felt that the contestants in the elimination zone wanted to make it into the safe zone by using shortcuts and resorted to underhanded methods in order to stay in the race.

It was completely unscrupulous and unethical of them!

The other half of the audience felt something must be wrong with Little Stone if so many people wanted to challenge her.

Otherwise, why would everyone pick her Was it not easier to compete with the contestant who came in 22nd

The greater the dispute, the more attention the show gained.

Out of the top ten hot searches on social media, seven were about the program.

There were posts about Little Stone getting bullied on the program, the elimination of Little Pig and Little Sailboat, Little Stones jaw-dropping performance, and doubts about the programs regulations among others.

Little Lotus and Little Stone got ready to compete as the audience argued.

This time, Zhang Lian performed a ballad since she was good at it.

Shi Jin picked a fast song and completely outshone Zhang Lian.

She surpassed Zhang Lian overwhelmingly when the results were announced.

The audience was in a frenzy! Shi Jin had defeated three contestants in the elimination zone, but was capable of giving her best performance throughout.

It was simply inconceivable.

Gu Qinghua and Yu Guannan frowned so hard that their forehead hurt.

How could these people do this to Little Stone

The contestants could have a short break when it was time for the advertisements to roll.

Gu Qinghua ran up to Shi Jin and said, “This is so unfair for you! I am going to talk to the production team about it!”

“Its fine.” Shi Jin pulled her.

Since the production team came up with the rules, they already knew this might happen.

She had already overheard the employees conversation and heard about viewership rising swiftly.

The production team would never pass up on the opportunity to increase viewership.

“How can we let them do this to you What if more people want to challenge you” asked Gu Qinghua worriedly.

Singing was a tiring affair.

Most singers had to do a lot of work out in order to perform well on stage.

Before a singer went on concerts, they had to prepare two to three months in advance until they were capable of singing just ten songs on stage.

It was undoubtedly a grueling feat to perform in a concert.

And Shi Jin had already performed thrice!

Shi Jin smiled.

“Its okay.

There are only eight of them to begin with.”

She would just treat it like she was having a concert.

In her past life, she had mastered all these songs when she had nothing better to do.

Now was the time to check on the fruit of her labor and see how good she was.

Yu Guannan got into a huge argument with the production team, but it was futile.

Yao Jiahong said nothing.

He really wanted to see exactly how far Shi Jin could go.

Was she worthy of his time and effort to groom


The break ended five minutes later.

Everyone watched with anticipation as the fourth contestant went on stage.

“Ultimate Singer Songwriter” had become the hottest show on air.

Even people who were not interested came online to take a look.

Zhou Ziwei, also known as Little Tail, was already standing on stage.

He looked worried under his mask.

The host proceeded to ask who he wanted to challenge, “Little Tail, have you come to a decision”

He had already decided on his opponent, but his talent agent called him during the break and told him to pick Shi Jin so that he would win!

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