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Chapter 549: Brother Has Gone International!

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Chu Ling said, “What I mean is, if Shi Jin came with us, we can write a publicity script later.”

“Is that so” Sun Yijing didnt expose his private thoughts.

“I wonder which brand invited Shi Jin this time.”

Chu Ling knew that Shi Jin had not been nominated, but many singers and artistes who had not been nominated could still get tickets to show their faces if they had sponsorships.

However, if the sponsor was only rich and not of a high grade, it would often be seen as a freeloader.

Only those who were

truly nominated could receive the true welcome of fans.

Sun Yijing ignored Chu Ling.

She even invited the organizers of the competition for a meal.

Of course, even if these two awards were small, methods had to be used to win them.

Of course, Sun Yijing didnt dare to think about the real prize.

English songs still dominated the mainstream market in Europe and America.

It would take time for other languages to gain mainstream recognition.


In Country S.

Due to the massive publicity by the fans, the news that Chu Ling was going to win an award spread throughout the country.

The fans were elated.

“Brother has gone international! Hes really amazing!”

“Top tier is top tier.

He has such strength and capital to begin with.”

“sun Yijing and Chu Ling are really a match made in heaven.

Both of them should win an award this time, right”

Jing Qing was also watching the news.

“What This Mercury Music Award doesnt look professional.

If its really professional, Shi Jin should be nominated.”

Sometimes, Shi Jins major fan, named “A Man Like the Wind” would lecture her and other fans on the internet.

“For this award, you have to let the company use your work to participate in the competition before you can be nominated.

Shi Jin didnt even participate, so how could she be nominated”

Jing Qing asked, “Why didnt Jin participate then”

“Maybe she doesnt care about such foreign awards.”

“Thats true.

Its enough as long as we like her.” Jing Qing typed furiously.

“I dont care if she wins or not.”

“None of us care.”

Chu Lings fans had been watching Shi Jins fans movements.

Seeing them say this, they couldnt help but mock, “Not important Not participating I think some people actually sent their works to participate in the competition, but they werent selected at all.

Thats why they said its not important.”

“Theres no doubt about it, shes just jealous.”

“Shes bragging so much.

What soul singer Shes only popular with her fans.”

“The only things that can truly be recognized are Chu Ling and Sun Yijings grand style and traditional music.”

“Thats right.

Theres no need to say that she doesnt care about the award.”

Shi Jins fans could not take it and argued with Chu Lings fans.

“A Man Like the Wind” quickly restrained them.

“Why shouldnt we argue with them”

“A Man Like the Wind” had always been rational.

“What good will it do for Shi Jin if you guys argue Think about it, arent you giving other people free publicity”

With that thought, the fans felt that it made sense and stopped arguing.

From time to time, Chu Lings fans would send out a photo of Chu Ling and Sun Yijing in Paris.

“Chu Ling and Sun Yijing have met a famous French producer.

Are they going to release a new album overseas”

“I think they will definitely win the award.”

“Tm looking forward to it!”


After Shi Jin settled down, Pence sent a message.

“Im having dinner with the chairman of the organizers of the Mercury Music Awards and the CEO of the Music Alliance.

They really want to see you.

Are you coming”

“Tl come over.”


Ill arrange for a car to pick you up.”

Shi Jin put down her phone and tidied up a little before leaving with Yao Jiahong.

‘When they reached the hotel lobby, Sun Yijing and Chu Ling walked out together.

Today, Sun Yijing invited a member of the organizers for a meal and brought Chu Ling along.

The award that she and Chu Ling had nominated might not have much weight in the first place, but if she brought it back to Country , it could still save Chu Lings popularity and her status in the Sun family.

Whether it was a small award or not, Sun Yijing was determined to win it.

‘When he saw Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong coming out together, Chu Ling couldnt help but ask, “Shi Jin, where are you going”

“This doesnt seem to be a problem that Mr.

Chu should be concerned about, right” Yao Jiahong helped Shi Jin block him.

Shi Jin had almost no desire to talk to Chu Ling.

As he watched Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong leave, Chu Ling had no choice, but to look away.

Sun Yijing sneered.

“Why dont you follow them”

Naturally, Chu Ling would not do such a foolish thing.

He did regret separating from Shi Jin, and also regretted using her and stepping on her, but now, he couldnt go back.

The way Shi Jin looked at him was as though he was a rag and she would never take him seriously again.

He only had one chance now, and that was to surpass Shi Jin as soon as possible and return to the peak.

Only when he could give Shi Jin resources would she truly change her mind.

“The person were going to meet later is very important.

I hope you can perk up.” Sun Yijing looked at him and felt unhappy.

Fortunately, she was not with Chu Ling for his love.


‘When Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong appeared at the dining area, a few Asian faces recognized her and ran over to greet her.

“Shi Jin, is that really you Have I seen the real Shi Jin”

“Is me.” Although Shi Jin was still cold towards her fans, her attitude was very good.

It was her fans who had made her popular.

She never denied this point.

“We wont bother you, will we Are you working here”

“No.” Shi Jin took their pens and papers and started to sign.

“Its a work schedule.”

The fans were very polite and Shi Jin chatted with them for a while more.

By the time she arrived, Pence was already there.

Along with him were the chairman of the organizers of the Mercury Music Awards and the CEO of the Music Alliance.

Pence introduced them to Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong was now certain that Shi Jin was not just a guest or honorary lecturer at the Hamilton Music Academy.

Her influence and position far exceeded that of a guest lecturer.

As expected, after the CEO of the music alliance changed the topic to music, he proposed to buy the copyrights to the English cover versions of Shi Jins songs.

Yao Jiahong perked up.


Shi Jins fans that saw her just now were a group of friends.

They studied in Paris before settling down in Paris, but even being overseas, they still liked the culture and artistes in Country S.

And Shi Jin was one of their favorite artists.

After receiving the photos, they couldnt hold back their excitement and posted it on the Internet…

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