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Chapter 548: Do You… Have an Entry Pass

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Although Shi Jins acupuncture technique was very niche and Doctor Meng might not be able to remember all of it, he believed that with these methods, it would be much more convenient for him to study and practice before helping his team members.

He sighed.

“Shi Jin, every year, I have to watch many team members quit this line of work due to injuries and illnesses.

I feel really bad.

All along, the medical methods we used were very advanced, but I didnt expect that the traditional methods would have such a good effect.

Indeed, people should learn


“Tm glad I could help.”

“Of course.

When I get back, I still have to study it properly and promote it.

There are indeed many things that I dont understand about this technique.

I hope to learn more from you in the future…”

“When Im free in the future, Ill visit Jing Qing again.

Lets add each others contact details so that we can communicate in the future.”

Doctor Meng was overjoyed.

He took out his phone and added Shi Jin.

Then, he raised his glass solemnly.

“Shi Jin, I really want to toast you today.”

“Shi Jin needs to sing.

She doesnt drink.” Fu Xiuyuan took the wine glass.

“Tll drink on her behalf.”

He hadnt said anything just now, but his presence was very strong.

When Doctor Meng heard him speak, he instantly felt the pressure.

When he heard that Shi Jin couldnt drink, he naturally didnt force her.

After finishing the glass with Fu Xiuyuan, he changed the drinks to beverages.


After dealing with this matter, the award ceremony for the Mercury Music Awards was about to begin.

Previously, Shi Jin had planned to take a detour to Paris after filming in America.

However, the filming time ended early, so she returned to Country $ to rest for a while.

‘When the award ceremony was about to begin, she flew to Paris again.

This time, her schedule was much tighter, so Fu Xiuyuan did not accompany her.

Her main schedule was to go to the Hamilton Music Academy.

For more than a year, she had been conducting lessons online and had never been to the venue.

This time, the old professor at the academy, Pence, knew that she was coming and contacted her early in the morning and insisted that she visit the school.

Yao Jiahong followed beside Shi Jin and got off the plane.

Because there were people from the academy to pick them up, Yao Jiahong did not prepare a car.

Yao Jiahong had never asked Shi Jin about the Hamilton Music Academy, but he had bumped into Shi Jin teaching lessons once or twice.

He just didnt know if she was a guest speaker or an honorary speaker.

The two of them walked out of the airport, then Pence came over with his assistant.

“Shi Jin, Mr.


“Professor Pence!” Shi Jin walked over and accepted the old professors hug.

“Welcome, welcome.

Its great that youre here, Many students are asking me about you.”

“Talso want to interact with them in person.

Im very happy to have such a good opportunity.”

“Lets go.

Lets get in the car and talk as we go.”

Yao Jiahong saw that Professor Pences attitude towards Shi Jin was very respectful and familiar.

He couldnt help but wonder exactly what position Shi Jin held within the academy.

From the looks of it, the importance Shi Jin received far exceeded his expectations.

Yao Jiahong was good at both French and English, so he was able to work efficiently, but beside Shi Jin, he still felt that he was too weak.

Shi Jin was able to easily deal with the entire trip to Hamilton without any obstacles in communication with the outside world.

The last time she came to Paris, her main contacts were Gu Zehan and Assistant Tang, so Yao Jiahong had never seen this side of Shi Jin.

This time, she was more familiar with French than Yao Jiahong could imagine in front of Professor Pence and his students.

Shi Jins schedule for the day was mainly to meet Professor Pence.

She went to the school and met the students in person.

Then after dinner, she followed Yao Jiahong to the hotel.

Because they were participating in the Mercury Music Awards, the hotel they were staying in was near the venue of the award ceremony.

Currently, there were already quite a number of singers from all over the world staying there.

It could be said that they came and went like clouds.

Some of the most common singers in Europe and America would receive a lot of attention here.

After all, this was a European award.

It was rare to see Asian faces.

Reporters were filming everywhere.

Shi Jin was a familiar face because she had been on the stage before.

However, foreigners could not differentiate between most Asians.

Furthermore, when Shi Jin was on stage, her makeup had deliberately enhanced her bone structure.

Her usual makeup was very light,

but it was more of her own appearance.

Therefore, none of the reporters came after her.

She could use her original appearance to appear here, and her movements were very free.

However, the moment she entered, Sun Yijing recognized her.

Sun Yijing and Chu Lings albums were both nominated for the Mercury Music Awards.

One was the Best Album Vision Award and the other was the Best Music Video Costume Award.

Although they were only nominations for two mediocre awards, it was still a prestigious award from the Mercury Music Awards.

Sun Yijing and Chu Ling still thought highly of it and came over early in the morning.

On Weibo, their fans had already started to post the data.

They also included these two nominations in their results.

This was especially true for Chu Ling.

He had been quiet recently and had finally regained some popularity.

His fans bragged about this award as if it was the Best Male Singer Award.

On Weibo, many people praised him as the nations pride and said that he brought the music of Country $ into Europe.

When she saw Shi Jin, Sun Yijing stood up and greeted her in a friendly manner, “Shi Jin”

Chu Ling walked over and looked at Shi Jin.

“Are you here for the Mercury Music Awards”

“Yeah, do you have any questions”

“No.” Chu Ling retracted his gaze, but could not help speaking to her.

“Do you… have a ticket”

He restrained his previous arrogance and looked at Shi Jin expectantly.

He thought of many things in the past.

There were regrets and reluctance.

He clenched his fists by his sides and waited for Shi Jins reply.

He had completely forgotten that the current Sun Yijing was his girlfriend, whether in private or official.

Yao Jiahong couldnt help but retort, “Of course were here.

Why would we just stand at the door and watch”

“Thats not what I meant.

I was thinking that if you dont have one, you can come with us.” Chu Lings attitude was sincere.

Sun Yijing stood at the side, watching quietly.

“That wont be necessary.

Our Shi Jin is very busy now.” After Yao Jiahong said that, Shi Jin had already walked forward and followed behind him.

Chu Ling turned around and saw Sun Yijings expression..

Only then did he remember whose boyfriend he was

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