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Chapter 547: This is For Marrying a Wife

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After Shi Jin returned to the country, Old Madam Fu came to visit her with a check.

“I dont know what happened after we talked about financing.

Did those old men agree” Old Madam Fu asked the moment they met and took out the check.

“I forgot to tell you.

They all agreed.”

“Is that enough” Old Madam Fu stuffed her check into Shi Jins hands.

“If not, take this.”

Shi Jin refused.

“Grandma, its enough.”

Actually, Old Madam Fu knew that she had successfully financed the project, but she had heard that she had invested in land and stocks that others did not like.

She was worried, so she came over.

The things that Shi Jin had bought were all losing money now.

If Fu Xiuyuan hadnt been in front of them, the people in the company would have eaten Shi Jin up.

“Dont think that this is too little, take it and spend it first.” Old Madam Fu was sincere with her.

In the past, she had taken a glance at Shi Jin because of Fu Xiuyuan.

If not for this girl, she could guarantee that her grandson would be single forever.

Although there was some unhappiness between them, Shi Jins performance and the happiness she brought to the Fu family made Old Madam Fu feel that it was all worth it.

This small amount of pocket money could be treated as her investment in Shi Jin.

Seeing that she could not decline, Shi Jin could only accept it.

“Well, then, Grandma, Ill pay you back after I earn some money.”

Old Madam Fu smiled.

“Alright, give it to me after you earn it back.”

She didnt take it to heart, nor did she expect Shi Jin to earn money.

It was fine as long as Shi Jin was happy.

Old Madam Fu left after dinner.

Song Fan said from the side, “Miss Shi, the stocks that you asked me to buy are still green.

The moment I opened the app, I felt dizzy.

Should I sell some to stop the losses”

“I think we should be patient when it comes to investments.” Yao Jiahong trusted Shi Jins judgment and bought a lot.

“But this is my money for marrying a wife,” Song Fan said in a low voice.

Yao Jiahong said, “Perhaps Miss Shi can let you marry a hundred wives.”

Song Fan smiled bitterly.

Forget it, forget it.

Since he had already bought it, he might as well keep it for a while.

Shi Jin took Old Madam Fus check and passed it to Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Yao, please get someone to continue investing in it.”

Song Fan: “…”

Invest more Didnt Master Fu care

He looked up at Fu Xiuyuan, who had an indulgent look on his face.

“Is that enough If not, Ill add a little more for you.”

Song Fan: “…”



On Jing Qings side, her leg injury was recovering much faster than before.

Her own team doctor, Doctor Meng, was amazed.

Although he didnt see Shi Jins technique, he knew that this young lady wasnt ordinary.

He had specially requested to study with Shi Jin for a period of time.

The higher-ups agreed.

Jing Qings example made them take Shi Jin very seriously.

If it wasnt for the fact that Shi Ji

identity wasnt suitable, they really wanted to make her stay and serve the national team.

“Doctor Meng, please treat Shi Jin nicely.

She might not have the time, so we must make time for her.”

“Young ladies like to preach so much!” Doctor Meng pretended to be angry.

“Dont I know better than you”

“Doctor Meng definitely knows better than me, but Im afraid that youll scare Shi Jin if you keep a straight face.”

“Then Ill do it this way.

Ill make Shi Jin and Zehan come together, and Zehan can speak up for me.”

“I feel that it doesnt matter whether you invite Senior Brother Gu or not.

You must invite that handsome man beside Shi Jin.”

“Who Whats his name Is it her manager”

Jing Qing shook her head.

“I dont know what his name is either, but I know that if he doesnt agree, Shi Jin will definitely not agree to help.

I also know that his heart really aches for Shi Jin, so the key to today is him, not Shi Jin, and definitely not Senior Brother Gu.”

Doctor Meng shook his head.

“You young people.”

‘When Shi Jin received Jing Qings call and heard that she wanted to have a meal with her, she agreed readily.

Fu Xiuyuan lifted his lashes.

“Youll be busy after eating with them.”

“You already expected them to ask me for more help”

“As expected.”

Even though Fu Xiuyuan had said that it was a coincidence that Shi Jin was able to treat Jing Qing, regardless of whether it was a coincidence or not, there were still people who had the mentality of grabbing onto a straw of hope.

He looked at Shi Jin and knew that she would not reject them.

The figure skating team had a deep relationship with Gu Zehan, and Shi Jin really followed the medical philosophy, so she definitely wouldnt leave them be.

Shi Jin came over and sat beside him.

“No matter how busy I am, I will find time to think about you.”

Fu Xiuyuan pinched her face indulgently.

“Lets go.

They really dont know how precious this meal is.”


They arrived at the place Jing Qing had arranged.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin went straight upstairs to the private room.

When they knocked on the door, Jing Qing and Doctor Meng personally came to open the door to welcome them.

For todays meal, Doctor Meng even specially wore a suit and tie.

Jing Qing was dressed very formally too.

On the other hand, Shi Jin was dressed casually, as comfortable as possible.

“Shi Jin, let me introduce you.

This is our team doctor, Doctor Meng, Doctor Meng, this is Shi Jin and…” Jing Qings gaze landed on Fu Xiuyuan.

He wasnt wearing a mask today and his entire face was revealed.

It was shocking.

However, Jing Qing still felt that Shi Jin looked even better.

She was only stuck because she didnt know his name.

“Fu Xiuyuan.” Fu Xiuyuan introduced himself.


Fu,” Jing Qing said immediately.

Doctor Meng and Shi Jin exchanged a few pleasantries before they welcomed them in.

‘When Shi Jin saw that Jing Qing was well, she asked with a smile, “Hows the situation these few days”

“It doesnt hurt as much as before.

The condition of the ligament is much better now.

The joints that needed physical therapy to stretch out are also not as stiff anymore.”

Shi Jin touched her ankle.

Her injury was mainly on her ankle.

“Is indeed much better.

You have to apply the medicine on time every day.”

“Tknow, I remember.”

Doctor Meng watched from the side and felt more confident in Shi Jins medical skills.

“Shi Jin, may I ask how you treated Jing Qings injuries”

“Icant say for sure.

I mainly use ancient Chinese medicine methods.” Shi Jin had already expected that Doctor Meng would ask her about it, so she brought the medicine and the gold needles.

Without waiting for Doctor Meng to directly request to learn or cooperate, she calmly took out something to share with him.

Doctor Meng saw that she did not hide anything and took the initiative to share all her thoughts.

He could not help, but sigh in his heart.

Shi Jin took out her notes and gold needles.

“Doctor Meng, these are useful to you.”

“Its too useful.

Its really too useful.” Doctor Meng put it into his bag as if he had found a treasure..

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