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Chapter 546: Spouting Rumors

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The reporters were afraid that they wouldnt be able to interview Shi Jin, so they were agitated.

Now that they knew she was going to accept interviews, they naturally didnt panic.

The order was quickly maintained.

Shi Jin said, “I signed this role with the director when I was in Paris.

I didnt publicize it in advance just to match their timing, As for whether Song Yue is my competitor, Im not sure.”

“Idont think I need to compare myself to Song Yue because not only do I not know her, I am also very unfamiliar with her.

There is no way to compare myself to her.”

“As for treating Yasen Although Ive never treated Yasen, Im a benevolent doctor.

If I were to really encounter a foreigner who was injured or sick, I wouldnt give up on treating him just because of his nationality and race.

Just like many international doctors, doctors are humans, but theres no clear

distinction between treating illnesses.”

“Every year in our country, there are many great doctors who go to various countries to provide support.

There are also doctors from other countries who come to our country to help.

I dont think this is a sign of patriotism or not.

I think this is a sign that the doctors have done their part.”

With just a few words, the reporter had already gotten the basic information.

“Is there anything else you want to ask”

‘The reporter asked many more questions, but they were all minor details.

After Shi Jin patiently answered a few questions and seeing that no one had any new questions, she said, “See you next time.”

After she finished speaking, Fu Xiuyuan led his men to protect her and quickly got into the car.

Under Yao Jiahongs watchful gaze, the news was sent to where it should be to clarify for Shi Jin.

Hence, the fans and passersby understood a few points about Shi Jin:


She did not treat Yasen, but she still expressed her opinion as a doctor and would not pick patients based on nationality.


She got the role of Superhero earlier than Song Yues promotional period.

When she was in Paris, she had already signed a contract.

There was no such thing as an intercept.


The so-called competition with Song Yue was just a rumor.

Shi Jin wasnt familiar with Song Yue at all.

These few points were enough to prove that the news was just nonsense.

‘The fans quickly reposted it.

The more rational netizens could tell that the truth was the truth.

If not for the fact that Shi Jin had already signed the contract, why would she have reserved this one month of filming time to go to America

One had to know that any movies filming would take a long time to prepare.

If Song Yue went at the last minute, there was no way she would get the chance, right

However, the haters and fake reviewers were still relentless.

They grabbed Shi Jin and bit onto her.

Soon, Yao Jiahong released the screenshot of the contract.

Time proved what Shi Jin had said.

She had signed the contract in Paris.

ShiJins fans couldnt help but say, “You guys really think that Shi Jin is all-capable, to able to treat Yasons injuries and illness You guys even believed such an ignorant joke.”

“Thats right.

If its really as others say, Shi Jin would have to take out something written in black and white to prove her innocence.”

“Ah, it only takes one mouth to create rumors, but you need to break your legs to prove your innocence.”

‘Then, Shi Jins own fans were slapped in the face.

Because Jing Qing had posted on Weibo.

“Thank you, Shi Jin, for giving me your autograph and for using acupuncture to help me recover.

Otherwise, I really dont know if I would be able to go on stage.

[solo photo with Shi Jin.jpg] [entire team and Shi Jin jpg] [photo with Shi Jin and gold medal photo.jpg]”

“Ah, Shi Jin is really godly.

She didnt treat Yasen, but she treated Jing Qing!”

“As a fan, I actually didnt believe in Shi Jins medical skills! My face hurts.”

“I forgot that our precious daughter is studying ancient Chinese medicine!”


Our daughter is forever a god!”

Jing Qings words were naturally trustworthy.

As a member of the national figure skating team, it was impossible for her to lie on social media.

And because she looked sweet and cute, she was considered the nations younger sister and had many fans.

Fans who had been paying attention to her for a long time knew that she was injured.

She was currently in poor health and could regrettably retire at any time.

Seeing her post on Weibo, many fans were concerned about her injury.

“Im fine for now.

Shi Jin will help me for some time.

I think I can fight until I reach my ideal age before retiring!”

Jing Qings words made her fans heave a sigh of relief.

She was very popular and people had good impressions of her.

She let everyone know that Shi Jin played a huge part in her ability to maintain such a good competitive state.

Abunch of people flooded into Shi Jins Weibo and shouted.

Some apologized, some begged for treatment, and some expressed that they wanted to be her fans immediately.

“The daughter and little sister that I like have actually met!” Many fans were so excited that they could not control themselves.

Many people thought about what Shi Jin said and felt that it made sense.

“This time, Shijin didnt treat Yasen, but I think her words are right.

Who cant be treated This is the doctors mission and duty!”

“That makes sense.

Now that globalization has developed, even the national team has foreign team doctors and coaches.

Why cant Shi Jin”

“Thats right, thats right.

All the artistes in the industry are fighting for a chance to go to Hollywood.

Cant they work together There are many domestic movies that are also collaborating with international friends.

There are good people and bad people everywhere.

Theres no need to beat them all to

death, right”

“Narrow-mindedness is the stumbling block that prevents progress, not broad-mindedness.”

“”Tve really changed my opinion of Shi Jin.

I didnt expect her medical skills to be so good.

Shes also very forward-minded.”

“Maybe its because of her thinking that she can go further.”

As for Song Yue, no one mentioned her name anymore.

Sometimes, when someone mentioned it, it would just be someone saying that she was trying to gain attention.

No one cared enough to even mock her.

This was very sad.

In the entertainment industry, being mocked, scolded, and cursed was better than being ignored by others.

At this moment, Song Yue was still in the United States and was badly battered.

‘The management company was already very unhappy that she had delayed a month of work in the country.

The reply they received was that Shi Jin had already signed the contract and that Song Yue had been cheated.

The management company also felt embarrassed.

Song Yues trip this time was entirely her own plan and had delayed a lot of work.

Now that she was left behind to cooperate with the investigation, who knew how long it would take for her to escape.

The company quickly transferred her work to female artistes of the same type.

As for the lawsuit in America, the company was too far away and couldnt do anything about it.

They arranged for a translator to go over and realized that the matter was too difficult to handle.

They returned very quickly.

Song Yue was suffering by herself in America..

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