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Chapter 545: Help Her Call the Police

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The door opened and Fu Xiuyuans face appeared before him.

“Tm looking for Shi Jin, Master Fu.”

“Shes asleep.

Lets talk after we get off the plane.” Fu Xiuyuan did not care what it was.

Yao Jiahong lowered his voice.

“I know that letting Shi Jin rest is the most important, but look at this…”

Fu Xiuyuan saw the headlines.

“Shi Jin especially fawns on the Americans for the role in Superhero.

She even treated the American Champion Yasens injuries before the skating competition.”

There was other similar news.

Although international exchanges were normal nowadays, many people still scolded Shi Jin after hearing the news.

They felt that she had gone too far.

Not only did she go to America to suck up to foreigners for her role, but she also helped the opposing team win the championship.

Some netizens were indeed prone to such instigation.

They believed that Shi Jin had done such things.

So there was a wave of scolding.

Fu Xiuyuan frowned.

“Check who sent the news.

Contact Jing Qing.”

As long as someone gave such news, there would definitely be some clues.

Without a benefactor behind the scenes, who would spend money to publish such a manuscript

After Yao Jiahong left, Fu Xiuyuan returned to his seat.

Shi Jin had already woken up.

She opened her eyes and Fu Xiuyuan placed his palm in front of her eyes, blocking out the light for her.

“Sleep for a while more.”

“Theard it, and Ive already slept enough.” Shi Jin sat up and hugged the blanket.

“Are there a lot of haters now What exactly did the news say”

“Its all about something you didnt do.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I definitely didnt do it, but there are still many people who believe I did.”

“Jing Qing will clarify things for you very soon.” Fu Xiuyuan didnt want more people to know about Shi Jins ability.

He was afraid that it would be tough on her, and had even specially instructed the figure skating team not to publicize this matter.

“When we get off the plane, well take a special passage.”

He could predict that there would be many reporters at the airport.

This time, the matter of Superhero choosing Shi Jin had already been officially announced.

The news just now had also deliberately mentioned this point.

Some people asked around and found out that Shi Jin had already finished filming the scenes of the Pitaya and was returning to the country in the next few days.

“No, I want to meet these news outlets and clarify things personally,” Shi Jin said.

“I dont want to delay things.”

Fu Xiuyuan respected her opinion.

“Then Ill accompany you.”

Yao Jiahong quickly found Song Yue.

It was very simple.

Song Yue fought for the role of Superhero and was a popular candidate.

She released the most news and would report her progress from time to time, but she didnt get the role.

Creating rumors about Shi Jin and letting Shi Jin be embroiled in scandals was the best way to get her out of the center of attention.

If Shi Jin was scolded by the public, she would be the biggest beneficiary.

There were even many people who sympathized with her.

She was pushed down by Shi Jins improper methods.

“Song Yue is back” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“Not yet.

I checked.

She is coming back two days later than us.

It was the perfect time for this wave of news to be most favorable to her.

It was also the time for passersby to feel the most sorry for her.”

Fu Xiuyuan took the information Yao Jiahong had found about Song Yue and scanned through it.

His eyes shifted.

“Help her call the police in America.”

Yao Jiahong was also a smart person.

Hearing Fu Xiuyuans words, he couldnt help, but slap his leg, “Okay!”

Young Master Fus method was really ruthless.

Now that he had helped Song Yue call the police about her being tricked, she would definitely cooperate with the investigation.

Even if the police didnt make her stay, Young Master Fu still had his connections to make her cooperate with the investigation.

A fraud case could be big or small, but it involved international borders, so they had to give Song Yue justice.

Song Yue would not be able to return to Country $ anytime soon.


To an artist, time was not only about money but also life.

This method of killing without spilling blood was simply too ruthless.

Yao Jiahong often felt that he was not evil enough to reach Fu Xiuyuans level.


Things had indeed exploded in Country s.

“Superhero” had just announced that Shi Jin was the actor playing Pitaya, and Yao Jiahong had also increased the publicity.

Just as the fans were celebrating, a piece of news suddenly came, telling them that Shi Jin got this role because she helped Yasen treat his injury.

And that she stole the role from

Song Yue.

Before the fans could believe it, the passers-by and netizens already did.

Coupled with the comments from fake reviewers, the scene was extremely ugly.

“Whats going on with Shi Jin Does she still have her country in her heart”

“prostitutes are heartless.

Could it be that someone really thinks that Shi Jin has surpassed this category”

“Its fine if you pay someone off, but your table manners are so ugly.

Youve really refreshed my understanding.”

“Why dont you stay overseas and not come back Disgusting!”

“Get lost! Why did you come back”

“Song Yue is really pitiful.

The role of Pitaya was tailor-made for her, right Its gone just like that.”

“My heart aches for Song Yue.”

Shi Jin received a lot of attention before she even got off the plane.

The media had surrounded the airport so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

They were just waiting for her to get off the plane so that they could get first-hand news.

Many reporters waited at the corners of the airport, afraid that Shi Jin would sneak away from a corner and leave everyone empty-handed.

When they found out about Shi Jins return, the fans waited there all night.

Yao Jiahong had already contacted Shi Jins big fans urgently, telling them to control the other fans and not let them affect other peoples normal travel at the airport.

However, even after the fans left, the media did not leave.

They were still looking forward to cornering Shi Jin.

Everyone was surrounding every corner, but there were not many reporters in the main hall.

‘When Shi Jin got off the plane, she took off her sunglasses and walked out with only her mask on.

Yao Jiahong and Fu Xiuyuan stood beside her, both wearing masks and sunglasses.

Shi Jin, who did not have sunglasses and did not dress up specially, was extremely recognizable.

Her eyes had already made countless passengers carrying luggage recognize her.

“Shi… Shi Jin”

“Its me.” Shi Jin faced him calmly.

“Its really Shi Jin!”

Although there was a lot of scolding on the Internet, the passers-by were still very excited when they saw her in person.

The reporters were immediately attracted and rushed forward.

“Shi Jin, did you go to America to film Superhero”

“Was this role originally hanging between you and Song Yue”

“Do you think youre better than Song Yue since you got the role but not Song Yue”

Fu Xiuyuan moved to the side to protect Shi Jin.

The bodyguards he had arranged also arrived at lightning speed to protect Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong stood up and said, “Dear friends from the media, Shi Jin will be accepting an interview today to answer the relevant questions.

Please ask in an orderly manner and dont delay the normal schedule of the other passengers.”

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