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Chapter 544: Please… Shut Up

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Although Gu Zehan was pure by nature, he was still very understanding of the ways of the world.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at him.

“Of course, Shi Jin knows how to treat these injuries and illnesses.

I only rejected for her because I was afraid she would be tired.”

Gu Zehan: “…”

Afraid that she would be tired… tired… Indeed, Fu Xiuyuans thoughts were not on the same page as his.

The three of them watched the competition again.

Jing Qing went on the ice.

Her figure was like a swallow as she stepped into the venue in her skating shoes.

Her body was stretched out, and she won a round of cheers at the first opening.

After that, as the music progressed, she flipped and jumped.

She was like a fish in the sea.

Every movement was smooth and fluid.

When the music reached its peak, she performed a beautiful 720-degree rotation that left the host in high spirits.

Gu Zehan sighed at the side.

“Not bad.

She did an extraordinary job.

Shell get extra points here.”

By the time everyone was done with the competition, five gold medals were given out.

Among them, Country $ got four, and Jing Qing got first place in the one-on-one and two-on-two competitions.

‘The results this time were better than what everyone had expected.

The team members were hugging each other, and many of the audience members who had specially rushed over to support them were also teary-eyed.

After the competition, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were specially invited backstage.

Jing Qing ran towards Shi Jin and hugged her.

“Congratulations.” Shi Jin smiled.

Jing Qing was dazzled by her smile.

She blushed and felt embarrassed.

She took out her medal.

“I got it.”

“There was no doubt about that.”

“If it wasnt for the fact that I have to take pictures with the team for remembrance, I really want to give it to you right now.” Jing Qings face was flushing red.

Not only did she feel that Shi Jin was beautiful, but she also felt that she was too handsome.

Her heart started to race.

The others also came over to share their joy with Shi Jin.

Jing Qing moved her feet.

“I realized that my injury seems to have gotten better.

Shi Jin, do you think I can still go on the ice if I have the chance”

She loved her career and especially enjoyed the feeling of being on ice and winning awards.

If she could, she didnt want to give up.

“You might need more treatment,” Shi Jin said.

“You have an old injury, so you need to treat it slowly.”

Jing Qing knew that Shi Jin was very busy and that her request was unreasonable, but she still asked boldly, “Then can you help me”

At the side, Gu Zehan winked at Fu Xiuyuan.

“I think that her desire for treatment is secondary.

She wants to spend more time with Shi Jin.”

“Please…” Fu Xiuyuan looked at him indifferently.”… Shut up.”

Gu Zehan knew that it was only because he was Shi Jins brother that he added the word “please” to him.

He suddenly felt the happiness of being Shi Jins brother.

“Shi Jin is good-looking and has good medical skills.

Shes good with both men and women.

As expected of my sister.

Shes so popular.

If she wasnt my sister, I would have pursued her.”

Fu Xiuyuans tone was cold.

“Great designer Gu, you dont want to use my wife as your main model anymore”

Gu Zehan immediately backed down.

Shi Jin was the source of his inspiration.

Without Shi Jin as the main model, he would not be able to grasp his inspiration.

Indeed, compared to being Shi Jins brother, being Shi Jins husband was better.

Shi Jin promised Jing Qing that she would treat her injuries and illnesses.

She had a good impression of this girl, and doctors could not leave their patients untreated.

She didnt want to see her suffer from injuries and illnesses.


‘When Song Yue returned from the competition venue, she was still puzzled.

Her friend was still immersed in the competition.

“Our team in $ Nation is really getting stronger.

Its really gratifying.

Yueyue, what do you think”

“Its pretty good.” Song Yue was a little distracted.

“Actually, I feel that Country $ could still have gotten the gold medal that the American team got today.

Isnt Yasen injured However, I heard that he was cured by a mysterious treatment method from the East.

After he was cured, Yasen performed outstandingly.

Thats how he got the gold medal.”

Song Yue was finally interested.

“You said Yasen was cured by an Asian”

“Yeah, I heard the American audience talking about it too.

As you know, these athletes have a lot of injuries and illnesses… All of them have injuries and illnesses.

Jing Qing from $ Nation is only 16 years old, but shes already injured.

Its really not easy.”

Song Yue wasnt in the mood to pay attention to Jing Qing.

She only heard that Yasen was cured by an Oriental.

She vaguely heard that Shi Jin went backstage to treat someone.

She did not hear the details, but when she thought about it, did Shi Jin go backstage to treat Yasen

Back at the hotel, she asked her manager, “Does Shi Jin know medicine”

“Yes, you dont know She studied at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a brother who is a doctor.

However, no one knows what her medical skills are like.

Whether Shi Jin has medical skills or not doesnt affect her development in the entertainment industry.

Why are you asking this”

Song Yue recounted what she had heard tonight.

“You think Shi Jin might have gone to treat Yasen” That sounded ridiculous.

The manager was the first to find it unbelievable.

“She has that kind of medical skills”


She was just an artiste.

She did not even go to school often.

“Does it matter if she did or not” Song Yue asked.

‘The manager was a smart person and immediately understood.

It did not matter whether it was true or not.

What mattered was how to write it.

This time, Song Yue left the country with great fanfare.

In between, she had made countless announcements that she would take down the role ofSuperhero, but now, Shi Jin had directly cut her off.

Back in Country S, who knew how many people would laugh at Song Yue.

The fans of the female celebrities who had fought for this role in the past were able to pin Song Yue on the pillar of shame for an entire year.

However, if someones scandal was more popular than Song Yues scandal, the ridicule towards her would be greatly reduced.

She might even get through this

storm without any attention.

It would also trigger a series of sympathy.


‘When Shi Jin came back from the figure skating team, she added Jing Qing on WeChat.

Her trip to America was over.

It had been a rare opportunity to work and relax, so Shi Jin was quite reluctant to leave.

“Well come again next time.” Fu Xiuyuan helped her carry her luggage and held her hand.


Ill march into Hollywood and conquer the world.”

Fu Xiuyuan chuckled and left the small villa with her in his arms.

The car that came to pick them up was already waiting at the entrance.

After picking them up, they went to the airport together.

As for Gu Zehan, he had work to do and needed to stay for a while longer.

The flight from America to Country $ was relatively long.

Just before the plane landed, Yao Jiahong knocked on the VIP cabin door..

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