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Chapter 543: Its More Important To Hide Your Abilities

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Jing Qing wiped her tears and looked at Gu Zehan.

Gu Zehan patted her shoulder.

“Be good.”

Shi Jin bent down and picked up Jing Qings ankle.

“Shi Jin…” Jing Qing shrank back and wanted to retreat.

She was Shi Jins fan and she was already very happy that Shi Jin had come to visit her.

She didnt want Shi Jin to do anything else.

“Dont move.” Shi Jin picked up her ankle and examined it carefully.

Jing Qings injuries were indeed serious.

Her ligaments and bones all had old injuries and illnesses.

Figure skaters were trained from a very young age, so it was easy for old injuries to form.

If Jing Qing were to continue like this, it would indeed cause more problems in the future.

No wonder she was retiring at such a young age.

However, that was based on current medical technology.

If she used ancient Chinese medicine to treat it, there was still a glimmer of hope.

“Second Brother, help me borrow the team doctors first aid kit.

There are also a few things in my bag.

Help me take them out.” Gu Zehan immediately went to the team doctor to get the first aid kit.

Shi Jins bag was in Fu Xiuyuans hands.

Fu Xiuyuan already knew what she wanted to use and reached out to take it out for her.

Her gold needles were all in her makeup bag, Usually, they didnt look much different from makeup tools.

No one could tell what they were, but Fu Xiuyuan had been with her for a long time, so he naturally recognized some things.

After Gu Zehan returned, Shi Jin instructed him again, “Please discuss with the head coach.

I will treat Jing Qing.

At least, I can ensure that there wont be any repercussions from this match.”

Gu Zehan went over to discuss with the head coach.

The head coach and team doctor looked very surprised.

They were not familiar with Shi Jin and only knew that she was a popular artiste and Gu Zehans younger sister.

Shi Jin looked at them and saw that Gu Zehan was trying his best to convince them.

Their expressions were grave and some of them kept shaking their heads.

“Jing Qing, I will treat you.

At least, I can guarantee that there wont be any problems in your match, Are you willing to believe me”

Jing Qing looked up at her.


She was a fan of Shi Jin and knew that she was studying in medical school when she was in university.

Although there was no public record of Shi Jins medical experience and treatment of any illnesses, Jing Qing was like many other fans and did not doubt her idol.

Besides, she didnt have much hope now.

Even after retiring, she had to recuperate for a long time.

There was nothing she didnt dare to let Shi Jin try.

Shi Jin nodded and started to insert needles immediately.

“Jing Qing, which song of mine do you like the most”

“Um,The Moon Represents My Heart.”

Shi Jin nodded to show that she understood and started humming softly.

“You asked how deep I love you…”

Jing Qing never thought that she would be able to hear a live performance, and it was even specially sung by Shi Jin for her.

Her eyes were watery.

As her thoughts were filled with emotions, a needle pierced into her.

Jing Qing gritted her teeth in pain, but with Shi Jins singing, she held it in.

The scene quieted.

Shi Jins voice seemed to be echoing throughout the backstage.

‘When the head coach and team doctor saw the situation, they knew that it was useless even if they objected, so they could only silently agree.

Shi Jin picked up the second needle.

Jing Qing thought it would hurt, so she closed her eyes tightly.

‘When she realized that there was only a slight numbing sensation when the golden needle was inserted, her eyes opened unconsciously.

She couldnt help looking at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin lowered her eyes.

Her expression was serious and calm, as if she was doing a very normal and peaceful job.

She stopped singing and focused on what she was doing.

From Shi Jins expression, Jing Qing found confidence.

Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine was very powerful to begin with.

Perhaps it really had a good effect

She did not dare to ask and could only wait quietly.

In her view, Shi Jin was constantly injecting needles and changing positions.

Other than the pain from the first needle, Jing Qing only felt a very slight sensation.

She knew that Shi Jin was afraid that she would be in pain.

That was why she sang for her the first time.

She never knew that her idol had such delicate and gentle thoughts under such a cold exterior.

The tall man standing beside Shi Jin naturally took the things from her hands and put them back into the medicine box.

Then, he accurately took out the equipment she needed and placed it in her hands.

Their cooperation was flawless.

However, when Jing Qing looked at him this way, this man did not

look like an assistant.

He had a strong aura, but was very obedient in front of Shi Jin.

“Done.” Jing Qing was engrossed in her observation when she heard Shi Jins light voice.

She quickly said, “Thank you.”

“Get up and take a walk.”

At this time, Jing Qing was already surrounded by people.

There were team doctors, coaches, and some companions who had finished the competition.

They were all very concerned about her condition.

Everyone naturally did not dare to have too much expectations for Shi Jin, but when they saw Jing Qings relaxed expression, they couldnt help but hope.

Jing Qings leg was swollen just now.

Because of her old injury, she couldnt get down, let alone move.

Under Shi Jins encouraging gaze, she stood up and moved her feet.

The expected pain did not come.

She said in surprise, “It doesnt seem to hurt anymore.”

“Are you sure you can compete” the head coach asked.

“I think so.” Jing Qing tried a few more times and showed a few difficult movements.

“No problem!”

“Alright, Il arrange it immediately!”

The rest could not help, but look at Shi Jin.

A few of the team members who belonged to her fans said without any surprise, “Dont look at Shi Jin like that.

Shi Jin goes to the capitals University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Also, you should know that Shi Jin and Senior Brother Gus eldest brother is a

well-known doctor.”

“Oh!” The surrounding people finally understood.

“Shi Jin, can you look at my old injuries” someone asked.

Fu Xiuyuan answered first, “Shi Jin just happens to be familiar with Jing Qings injuries.

Not all injuries are suitable.”

“Oh.” Although everyone was a little disappointed, it was still within expectations.

After all, Shi Jin was not only a student, but also an artiste.

It was already amazing that she could help Jing Qing with treatment.

They couldnt count on her for everything.

After Jing Qing recovered, she was already waiting for her turn.

Shi Jin did not stay backstage and followed Gu Zehan and Fu Xiuyuan out to watch the competition again.

“Fu Xiuyuan, youre really something.

I wanted to reject those team members on behalf of Shi Jin, but you were one step ahead of me.

Shi Jin can definitely treat those injuries and illnesses, but if she agreed, wouldnt she offend all the team doctors Youre right, hiding your abilities is more important.”

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