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Chapter 541: Birds of a feather flock together

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Song Yue felt a wave of sadness in her heart.

The sadness of losing the role overwhelmed her.

She had originally thought that Shi Jin had gotten the role through her own efforts, but from the looks of it, that wasnt the case at all.

The man beside Shi Jin might be her sugar daddy, and he might even be a foreigner.

Did Shi Jin not feel ashamed at all for stealing her role in this way However, before Song Yue could take a photo, Shi Jin had already disappeared around the corner.

“Where does that lead to” Song Yue asked her friend.

“Youre talking about that side Thats backstage.

You can see the national team members.” The friend introduced, “Its a pity that ordinary people cant enter.”

Song Yue raised her head and saw a sign that said “No unauthorized personnel allowed”.

Others could not enter, but Shi Jin could


Gu Zehan accompanied Shi Jin inside.

The members of $ Nations national team were preparing and warming up.

“Senior brother!” Someone recognized Gu Zehan and greeted him enthusiastically.

The figure skating team members were all very young, and there was no lack of teenagers around fourteen or fifteen years old.

The oldest was only in his twenties.

Although Gu Zehan had retired for a few years, he had a good relationship with his former head coach and would come back to visit from time to time.

He had also designed the skating costumes, so he was very familiar with everyone.

This was the first time Shi Jin had come into contact with this group and their working environment, so she was very interested.

Gu Zehan introduced her to the head coach and everyone else.

“This is my sister, Shi Jin, and a friend.”

Wow!” A few young ladies immediately cupped their faces and looked at Shi Jin with starry eyes.

‘They were all fans of Shi Jin, and did not expect to see her here.

“Shi Jin, can I take a photo with you and ask for your autograph”

“Of course!” Shi Jin agreed.

One of the young ladies had a pair of especially bright and sparkling eyes.

“Shi Jin, if I win the championship this time, can you write me a blessing”

“Of course, I can write it now.”

“No, you dont need to write it now.

I want to earn the championship first.

That way, when I get on stage later, Ill take this as my incentive.”

“How about this If you win the championship, Ill give you a concert ticket, okay”

“Really Can I really” She jumped up in joy.

“Yes, you heard me right.

Im honored to have you come to watch my concert.”

After receiving Shi Jins promise, the little girl bounced to the side.

Her face was flushed red and it never subsided.

Gu Zehan said, “I shouldnt have brought you here.

I dont even have a market anymore.”

“So you used to be so popular when you came”

“Something like that.”

“By the way, Second Brother, whats the name of the young lady just now” Shi Jin wanted to record this matter down in her memo.

When she was preparing for the concert, she would ask Brother Yao to reserve a ticket for her.

“Her name is Jing Qing.

Shes 16 years old this year.

This is the year where she might win the championship.”

“Shes sixteen years old, and shell have great prospects in the future.

Even if she doesnt make it this year, shell still have many chances to win the championship in the future.”

“Other people might still have it, but its hard for her.

Dont look at her smiling face, her leg injury is actually very serious.

The team doctor said that if she can survive this year, her willpower is already very strong.”

Shi Jin knew that there were many injuries in this line of work, but she did not expect a 16-year-old girl to have such serious injuries.

“Is there no cure”


Its an occupational disease.

Dont you know I have the same occupational disease”

Shi Jin knew that Gu Zehans lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra were not in good condition.

She had given him medicine before, but she did not expect the little girls condition to be so serious too.

Gu Zehan smiled casually.

“However, if she can win the championship this time, she wont have wasted her long training.

Retiring at this glorious moment can be considered a perfect ending for a figure skating team member.”

When Shi Jin heard what he said, she knew that in their line of work, they carried the glory of the country.

To be able to bring glory to the country was indeed their greatest dream and glory.

Soon, everyone received Shi Jins photo and autograph and went to prepare for the competition.

Seeing that Shi Jin was interested in this area, a staff member who was not busy came over to show her around.

“Shi Jin, look over here.

This is where Senior Brother Gu used to participate in competitions.

His seat is still considered a lucky spot by everyone.

Before he goes on stage, everyone has to take advantage of his luck.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then can I sit for a while”

“Of course.

Do you want to take a photo I can take a photo for you and your friend.”

The friend beside her, Fu Xiuyuan, readily agreed.

He took off his mask.

‘The male staff was so stunned that his breath caught in his throat.

It was not easy for him to finish taking the photo.

He had thought that Gu Zehan was the most attractive person he had ever seen.

Until he saw Shi Jin, but just when he thought that Shi Jin was the peak, he saw Fu Xiuyuan.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Shi Jin was looking around when suddenly, someone came in and said a few words.

They brought away a team doctor.

Shi Jin heard everything clearly from the side.

It seemed like the other party was saying that there was something wrong with the team doctors visa.

Even though the people here argued for it, the team doctor was still taken away.

“F*ck, someone else is playing dirty,” Gu Zehan cursed.

Shi Jin did not ask in detail, but she knew in her heart that wherever there was competition, there would be darkness.

There would definitely be people who would resort to unscrupulous means to make use of everything they could.

Gu Zehan spread out his hands.

“This team doctor is Jing Qings professional team doctor.

Jing Qing is the hot pick for the championship.”

“Then Jing Qings injuries…”

“It shouldnt be too much of a problem,” Gu Zehan said.

“Shes already adjusted to her best condition before coming here.”

Shi Jin was relieved.

“Everyone is about to go on stage.

Shi Jin, lets go watch the competition on stage,” Gu Zehan said as he walked over.

“Ill explain it to you then.”

Shi Jin got up and went to the front of the stage with Fu Xiuyuan and Gu Zehan.

The exciting competition started very quickly.

Shi Jin quickly immersed herself in the exciting competition and enjoyed the beauty.

Song Yue, who was not far away, had her eyes fixed on Shi Jin.

She wanted to pry into her secret.

Her eyes were filled with venom as she stared at her.

To Song Yue, without Shi Jin, she would be a top actress in Hollywood and the first Asian actress to get so many scenes.

All the fame that was just around the corner was cut off by Shi Jin.

Initially, the casting director and assistant director had their eyes on her and not Shi Jin!

Her friend nudged her.

“What are you looking at Hurry up and watch the competition..”

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