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Chapter 540: Stop Her in Time

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Shi Jin turned over and placed her hand on his black hair.

“I prefer to call you an exceptional husband.”

Fu-Exceptional-Husband-Xiuyuan chuckled and hugged her in satisfaction.



When Shi Jin went to the set, she saw Song Yue again.

Song Yue ignored her and left, her face full of pride.

Her manager followed behind her.

“The casting director is very satisfied with you.

As long as you see the director, Jared, this matter will be settled.”

“Twonder what Shi Jin is still doing here”

“She might take advantage of your popularity.

After all, youre the top actress in the country, the first female actress to get such an important role.”

Song Yue thought of many big celebrities in the past.

Although they were said to have broken into Hollywood, the roles they got were all supporting characters.

Those who appeared for more than five minutes were considered top-notch.

As for her role, she would appear throughout the entire movie.

She was indeed inferior to Shi Jin in many aspects, but in this aspect, Shi Jin was definitely inferior.

The next time Shi Jin saw Song Yue was a week later.

Shi Jin was still the same as before.

Her expression was calm and her steps were unhurried.

There was no sense of urgency as she walked over slowly with her lunch box and coffee.

Since they had arrived early, the staff had yet to get into position.

Shi Jins filming was as simple and enjoyable as taking a stroll in the park, but this time, Song Yue was different.

She was visibly haggard and the thick foundation could not hide her slightly sallow complexion.

After waiting for a week, not only did she not see Director Jared, but when she came over today, she realized that even the casting director was gone.

Only the assistant director was still around.

The assistant director wanted her to pay another $10,000 deposit.

She was worried about whether she should pay it or not.

To her, this amount of money was not much.

However, she had spent too much time here, and it had already affected her work back home.

Furthermore, after she handed it over,

when would she be able to see Jared After seeing him, could she really get the contract

‘When she saw Shi Jin, she could not help but ask, “Shi Jin! Where are you going”

Shi Jin stopped in her tracks.

If she had been a little more polite, Shi Jin would have shared the information with her so that she would stop hurting herself.

However, with her attitude, Shi Jin really had no desire to speak.

She kept walking.

“Shi Jin, Im asking you a question.” Song Yue stomped her feet, but Shi Jin had already disappeared.

The manager said, “Forget it.

Its useless to ask her.

Ill go ask around.”


After twenty days of leisure, Shi Jin had already finished filming her scenes ahead of time.

It was estimated that it would take a month, but after 20 days of filming, Shi Jin already had nothing to do.

However, she still wanted to stay for two more days and enjoy the rare break she had with Fu Xiuyuan.

During this time, she received a call from Gu Zehan.

“Second Brother, why are you here”

“Theres an award winning actress who ordered a gown.

I came over to help her check out the situation.

Also, theres an important International Figure Skating competition.

I have a few junior brothers and sisters who are participating in the competition.

I got a few tickets.

Do you and Fu Xiuyuan want to

come and watch”

“Sure.” Shi Jin agreed readily.

“Til come and pick you up then.”

Shi Jin had never watched Gu Zehans competitions or the national teams competitions before, so she was quite interested in this.

She told Fu Xiuyuan about it.

Seeing that she was in high spirits and looked like she really wanted to participate, Fu Xiuyuan nodded and agreed.


Not only did Song Yue not see the director, even the assistant director was missing.

Her English was bad, so she got her manager to call the assistant director.

However, the assistant director was not an assistant director, he was a scammer.

Usually, they would run away after earning a sum.

This time, Song Yue was a fat sheep with no common sense.

That was why theassistant director had repeatedly placed the knife that was used to cut wool on her and played her around.

After receiving a call from her manager, theassistant director said, “Thats it.

The role is gone.

You can go back now.”

“Why is it gone Didnt you tell us that we would definitely see Director Jared You were the one who said that Song Yue is most suited for this role.” The managers English was passable, but if he wanted to go further and reason with the “assistant director”, his vocabulary was insufficient.

The other party dismissed him with a few words.

“You still dont know This role has already been decided.

Ive said it before, I cant guarantee that you will definitely get the role.

If the director doesnt choose you, what can we do”

With that, the “assistant director” hung up.

Only then did Song Yues manager realize that he had been blocked and the other casting directors couldnt be contacted.

After asking around a few times, the manager realized that the role of Pitaya had been reserved for Shi Jin.

He couldnt believe it and went to the production team to ask about the situation.

He had been there many times and they were already familiar with him.

They said to him, “Dont you watch the news The official announcement is already Shi Jin.

What are you waiting for”

In Country §, Yao Jiahong hadnt officially promoted the news yet, so Song Yue and her manager hadnt received any news yet.

However, in the past two days overseas, the entire movie had been widely promoted.

The official platform had already tagged Shi Jins social media account.

Seeing this, Song

Yues eyes went blank.

‘When she left the country to come to Hollywood, she was full of confidence and was certain that she would win this role.

When she arrived, the casting director and assistant director were all praising her.

This made Song Yue even more confident.

Hence, during this period of time, she was about to get the role, meet the director, and be popular in Hollywood.

She didnt miss out on anything.

They even filmed a few fashion photoshoots in Hollywood and sent them to local magazines.

Because they knew that she was about to enter Hollywood, several fashion magazines in the country had arranged to give her the cover page.

They were also prepared to interview her immediately after she got the role.

And now… everything had become nothing more than an illusion.

When she received a call from someone in America, she looked depressed.

In order to enlighten her, the other party invited her to watch the national teams figure skating show.

‘When Song Yue and her friend entered, they didnt expect to meet Shi Jin here.

There were two men beside Shi Jin, both wearing masks.

Song Yue immediately recognized one of them to be Gu Zehan.

His amorous eyes were very recognizable and he often went on stage, so it was easy to recognize him.

However, it was difficult to recognize the other man.

He was slightly taller than

Gu Zehan, and his eyes were very deep.

One could not tell his overall appearance, but his aura was very imposing.

He looked like a big shot..

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