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Chapter 54: He Had Lost and Lost All Dignity While He Was At It

A lot of professional singers had spoken about the characteristics of the song and its difficulty to master when Meng Shaoheng first sang it.

Shi Jin not only hit all the notes, she also had a powerful vocal delivery.

Even though she performed the song in a completely different style from Meng Shaoheng, it was impressive.

The comments came to a halt and the screen went blank when she reached the climax, paused for a long time until she finally continued singing.

The audience resumed their comments when she went on singing.

“Is that really Little Stone”

“Awesome! Her singing was marvelous! Even a singing major like me cant hit those high notes.”

“More importantly, the notes were high and she sounded good!”

“My ears are addicted to her singing.”

“Dont ask me why, but I couldnt help kneeling when I heard her singing.”

Chu Ling lowered his head as he contemplated.

The lyrics of the song were about breaking out of ones past and entering a new stage in life.

Was Shi Jin… really going to let go of her past

Even though Deng Yufei never once stopped to question Shi Jins abilities, she could not help reconsidering.

Her heart felt constricted.

Why did Shi Jin suddenly improve so much

Fu Xiuyuan must have hired a professional singing instructor to help hone her skills.

Even Deng Yufei was capable of improving in leaps and bounds with the help of a world-class voice instructor, let alone someone like Shi Jin!

The voting results were ready before long at the end of the battle.

The host was unsurprised by the outcome when he got his hands on the results.

“Little Sailboat had 150 000 votes while Little Stone came in with 700 000 votes! Little Sailboat is eliminated from the show!”

There was a hint of joy in his voice when Cui Hang got kicked out.

Although he was not a fan of Shi Jins, Cui Hang was an embarrassment, so he deserved these votes.

Cui Hangs face turned ashen under his mask.

He desperately wanted to stay on the show!

Cui Hang had chosen to risk his reputation when he chose to challenge Shi Jin, but he underestimated Shi Jin.

Not only had he lost, but he had also lost all dignity!

After getting chased off the stage this way, his career was bound to get jeopardized.

It was now time for the third contestant in the elimination zone to go on stage.

She was Zhang Lian, also known as Little Lotus.

She had already wanted to battle Shi Jin from the start.

The employee who lost his job because of Shi Jin was her cousin and he had done a lot to help her during the competition.

She had planned on using this opportunity to challenge Shi Jin and kick her out of the program to help avenge her cousin, but two other contestants had already selected Shi Jin.

If she insisted on choosing to pit herself against Shi Jin after she was already picked twice, it would seem unethical and she would get criticized by the public severely.

However… it was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Shi Jins odds of coming out on top were minute.

Why not take advantage of the loophole It was not like she started it.

“I am impressed by Little Stones talent, so I want to challenge her!”

All the instructors beneath the stage looked at each other.

Yu Guannan anxiously spoke to the production team, “If this goes on, Shi Jin is bound to lose.

Shouldnt you do something about it Dont you have to stop the contestants from picking on her”

“Its not like Zhang Lian is breaking the rules.” The director did not want to pass up on the opportunity.

He could see viewership rising straight up while they sat backstage.

It was mostly because everyone wanted to see people with bad sportsmanship challenging Shi Jin.

Now that the program was finally a hit, he was reluctant to stop the contestants from doing it.

The director said firmly, “Also, this is a live telecast, so we cant randomly change things.”

He continued, “We believe in Shi Jin! Also, she will stand to learn so much from this experience!”

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