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Chapter 539: Unparalleled Good Man

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Song Yues visit this time was not arranged by the company.

It was just that the company had given her various proofs and sent her out.

This time, she came over because a foreign film company had been contacting her studio.

They told her that her image was very suitable for the role of Pitaya.

She looked exactly like the comic character and the production team thought highly of her.

Song Yue was eager to get this role, so she naturally believed it.

All the other female artistes in the country had given up in this competition, so Song Yue was even more certain that she was the chosen one.

The audition process was especially enjoyable.

The casting directors and staff were full of praise for Song Yue.

They told her that they would see the director in a week and make the final decision.

At the same time, they got her manager to pay a deposit of $10,000.

When Song Yue returned to the hotel, she held her head high and puffed out her chest.

However, she didnt see Shi Jin near the hotel, so she didnt have the chance to show off.

After a week of filming, Shi Jin felt that it was too easy.

It was a nine-to-five job.

If she went out in the morning, she would definitely knock off early in the afternoon.

Due to the fact that she was filming very quickly, the director was delighted and allowed her to get off work early.

He did not request for more filming.

“Director, can I shoot more solo scenes” Shi Jin asked.

“No, our staff doesnt work overtime.”

“Even though we have extra time”

“Young lady, we had to go through countless strikes before we managed to get less than eight hours of work per day.

Everyone is okay with getting off work early, but no one is okay with working late.

Do you understand”

The countrys rapid development had resulted in their current situation.

Shi Jin understood and did not insist.

After work, she returned to the small villa.

Fu Xiuyuan had also returned.

“Youre back so early too Where are the clients and higher-ups”

“They all went home.”

Shi Jin only felt that compared to the spontaneous diligence of the $ Nation people, Americans were too lazy.

However, they believed that once their country developed to a certain extent, they would be able to enjoy the benefits of society.

“Then lets go to the supermarket to buy some things.

Well cook together tonight.”

Fu Xiuyuan drove Shi Jin to an Asian supermarket.

‘The two of them entered together.

Shi Jin did not expect that the first time they could both take care of work and enjoy life was in such a place.

‘When they returned to the small villa, Shi Jin led the way into the kitchen to wash up.

However, she did not have much experience in cooking.

In her previous life, her life was very casual.

When she was busy and downtrodden, she would often feed herself with a bowl of instant noodles.

She also didnt have much time to develop her culinary skills in this lifetime.

In the end, when faced with this large pile of vegetables and meat, she actually didnt know where to start.

“Tl do it.” Fu Xiuyuans voice carried a hint of a chuckle.

He rolled up his sleeves, revealing his muscular forearms.

“But you are also…” Shi Jin knew that he was not good at this.”…Can you do it”

“Til try.”

Fu Xiuyuan had watched quite a number of food videos recently, and his theoretical knowledge was sufficient.

“Tl help you then.”

Shi Jin stood at the side and watched him work.

Fu Xiuyuans culinary skills could not be evaluated yet, but his movements and posture were smooth and natural at the start.

It was truly perfect.

“You should be filming a food music video instead of making real food,” Shi Jin commented.

“Maybe you wont feel that way after tasting my cooking.”

“Really Im looking forward to it! Dont regret raising my expectations.”

Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head and looked at her gently.

“Help me get the plates.”

Shi Jin came over with a plate in her hands.

Fu Xiuyuan lifted the lid of the pot and the strong aroma of food wafted into their noses.

“Eu Xiuyuan, how did you do that”

Fu Xiuyuan had an “didnt you see it with your own eyes” expression.

Shi Jin leaned forward, and Fu Xiuyuan picked up his chopsticks.

He picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs and blew on it before placing it into her mouth.

Shi Jin almost swallowed her tongue.

‘There was a glint in her eyes.

“If I didnt see these things being cooked with my own eyes, I would really suspect that you ordered takeout.”

‘When the four dishes and one soup were served, Shi Jin was really shocked.

In her memory, Fu Xiuyuan had only made a cake once, and it had only succeeded after several experiments.

He had made several bentos before, but bentos were different from full meals.

“Is it edible” Fu Xiuyuan lifted his chopsticks.

Shi Jin pointed at her stuffed cheeks.

“What do you think”

Fu Xiuyuan chuckled at her cuteness.

She was two different people in front of him and in front of outsiders.

Only he could see this side of her.

It felt good.

Shi Jin picked up some food for him.

Her mouth was still full.

“Yoo haf to eat mow too.”

“So, what do you think of me now” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“Godly chef!”

Fu Xiuyuan was not satisfied with this answer.

He held his chopsticks, his expression turning cold as he shook his head.

“Head chef Ghost chef Good husband Beautiful chef”

Shi Jin could tell from his expression that none of them were to his liking.

Even “good husband” did not work on him.

Shi Jin really could not think of any other words that would suit him.

“Think again.” Fu Xiuyuan looked down at her gently.

Shi Jin: “Godly chef husband”

“Tlike that, but thats not it.”

Shi Jin did not know what Fu Xiuyuan wanted until after dinner.

After the nanny finished washing the dishes, she brought some fruits over.

Shi Jin sat beside Fu Xiuyuan and ate the fruit.

She raised the peach in her hand.

“Eat this.

This peach is super sweet.”

Fu Xiuyuan did not bite the peach in her hand.

Instead, he lowered her head and took a bite on her lips.

Then, he took a bite from her mouth.

He narrowed his eyes and said with satisfaction, “It is very sweet.”

Before going to bed at night, Fu Xiuyuan asked in a low voice, “What do you want to eat tomorrow”

“Thavent decided yet.

I have to go to the supermarket to take a look.

Anyway, I dont want to eat hamburgers or bloody steaks.” Shi Jin was not used to the food in Hollywood.

However, she still had a meal to deal with at the set every day.

Basically, it was sandwiches and hamburgers.

She had had enough.

“Tve prepared lunch for you.

Remember to bring it tomorrow morning,” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.

Shi Jin was suddenly enlightened and said in a low voice, “An exceptional man”

She finally heard Fu Xiuyuans satisfied laughter.

Shi Jin had used this sentence to talk about Qin Sinian before.

It was purely because she saw that Qin Sinian treated Fu Heyan very well, so she made a casual comment.

Unexpectedly, Fu Xiuyuan took it to heart.

He even wanted to hear the same sentence.

If Fu Xiu left to open a vinegar factory, no one would be able to snatch business from him..

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