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Chapter 538: Ignore Her

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At the airport, everyone was wearing masks.

Shi Jin did not inform her fans of her schedule, so not many fans came to send her off.

Only two or three big fans managed to get some information from Yao Jiahong and followed her to the airport.

“Shi Jin, I wish you all the best.”

“Shi Jin, when the time comes, please make an official announcement.

We must make an official announcement as soon as possible so that we can face slap a certain someone.”

Shi Jin took their pens and signed her autograph for them.

“I can give you autographs, but please take back your gifts.

Ill inform you immediately if the news is official.”

“Thats great! But the gifts…”

“Lreally cant accept any more gifts.

Im going abroad this time, so its not convenient for me to take them.

It would be a waste to throw them away.

Bring them back for your own use.”

‘The fans could only reluctantly put away the gifts.

A group of people walked towards them.

It was very grand.

Compared to Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan, where there were only a few people, there were dozens of people there.

As they got closer, everyone could see that the person who came was Song Yue.

She was the artist who had the highest chance of getting the role of Pitaya.

The public opinion in the country had basically agreed that Song Yue was the most promising.

Therefore, the other celebrities had all given up and stopped fighting for it.

They also stopped sending out publicity posts.

“Shi Jin, are you going to America” Song Yue greeted her with a smile.

“Uh huh.” Shi Jin nodded.

“So it looks like were going to the audition together”

Shi Jins fans wanted to say that Shi Jin had already gotten the role, but when they remembered that they couldnt say it, they held back.

Shi Jin did not say much in front of strangers.

The smile on Song Yues face deepened.

“Then remember to book a plane ticket back earlier.

Im afraid it wont be easy.”

‘There was a deeper meaning to her words.

It was as if she was certain that Shi Jin would return immediately.

Instead of staying behind for a month of filming.

“Then you should too,” Shi Jin replied.

Song Yue didnt take her words seriously.

She walked past Shi Jin and left.

‘The fan comforted Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, dont take it to heart.”

“Do I look like I care”

‘The fans laughed.

Shi Jin had always been calm, but she always managed to get a lot of resources without anyone noticing.

Her performance was worthy of these resources.

Everyone was actually very assured.

Who doesnt know how to boast However, only real results were the best!


‘When they arrived in New York, Shi Jin didnt stay at the hotel arranged by the production team.

Yao Jiahong had already informed them beforehand that Shi Jin had a place to stay.

Since that was the case, the production team would not care too much.

However, this time, they were filming in Hollywood.


Although this place was remote, due to the development over the years, every inch of land was worth gold.

So the staff from the production team were surprised that Shi Jin had a place to stay.

Naturally, Shi Jin stayed with Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuans small villa here had always been empty, but people cleaned it all year round so it was very clean and tidy.

Moreover, Song Fan had already arranged for someone to clean it in advance so it was completely ready for being lived in.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuans luggage had already been delivered and organized by the nanny.

By the time Shi Jin entered the house, it already felt no different from her usual place.

‘When Shi Jin walked in, she could not help but ask, “Fu Xiuyuan, why do you have so many villas and residences”

“Real estate used to be cheap, and I often went on business trips.”

“So you bought a villa wherever you went”

“More or less.” Fu Xiuyuan usually didnt like staying in hotels, so he bought all sorts of properties.

Thinking about it now, the profits brought by the appreciation would be hundreds of times more than the investment back then.1

Shi Jin had to admit that Fu Xiuyuans small habit resulted in a shocking amount of wealth and profit.

This might be the true strength of a capitalist.


The arrangements for Shi Jins scenes in Superhero would be carried out within this month.

On the second day of her arrival, she adjusted to her jet lag slightly and started filming.

Fortunately, the filming process in Hollywood was quite easy.

Every day, they would finish filming within the designated eight hours.

There was never any additional time.

Especially for a movie like Superhero, it basically used green screen shooting and special effects in the later stages, so there were no night scenes.

‘As long as the actors moved smoothly and their lines were clear, everything would be fine.

Besides, Shi Jin always finished in one take.

Although Hollywood was xenophobic, there was Eva leading the way, and Shi Jins English was very fluent.

The first day passed without any trouble.

‘The next morning, when she came over to film, she bumped into Song Yue.

“Shi Jin” When Song Yue saw that she was here for the audition, she immediately became alert.

“Its me.” Shi Jin did not avoid her and even waved her hand.

Song Yues manager said in a low voice, “Ignore her, lets go to the audition.”

Superhero was already filming and she was still auditioning

Shi Jin knew that she might have been deceived.

Ina place like Hollywood, there were countless opportunities to shoot movies and dramas.

Of course, there were also all kinds of traps.

One of them had tricked the young people to come for the audition.

With this profit, it had already become an industrial chain.

Every day, young people full of confidence would rush over from all over the place.

After being cheated until their pockets were empty, they would return in low spirits.


Shi Jin didnt expect that even Song Yue would fall for it.

She was still too young, and her agency was too trusting.

“Song Yue, since we come from the same country, let me give you a friendly reminder.

Hollywood is not only a place of dreams, but also a place of dreams for many liar:

Song Yue glared at Shi Jin.

“What do you mean”

Her tone was extremely unfriendly, as if Shi Jins words were not a kind reminder but a vicious curse.

“Whatever you think it means.” Shi Jin ignored her.

She had done her best to remind her, but she had no obligation to help her.

Without looking at Song Yue, Shi Jin walked straight into the set.


Song Yue went next door and saw the long line of people for the audition.

She was glad that the company behind her had a foreign background.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have had the chance to audition.

“Yueyue, Ill go pay first,” her manager said.

“Pay again How much did we spend on this trip” Song Yue asked.

“Its only twenty thousand USD in total.

Its not as much as our travel and accommodation.

And were already here anyway.”

20,000 USD was still fine, Song Yue could afford it.

When she saw Shi Jins smile just now, she felt a little upset.

Which path did Shi Jin take during the audition

However, she had no way to find out.

If she saw Shi Jin in the hotel, she really wanted to ask..

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