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Chapter 537: Normal and Confident

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Shi Jins fans directly edited this short film, offending a large group of female artistes and their fans.

Unknowingly, many competitors became enemies.

Although this was a common occurrence in the entertainment industry, Shi Jin still became the public enemy of these fans.

“Just her Just her Did she really think that she would make it onto the international stage just because she walked the runway”

“Ha, some people really dont even know what they are worth.

They can go to heaven just by doing a show”

“Actually, dont you think that some people have to meddle in every industry and might not be able to do anything well in the end”

“In any case, Im not optimistic about her development.

Shes everywhere, but not good at anything.”

“Have you guys heard of the old saying,Half a bottle of water makes a sound Perhaps its because Shi Jin knows that she wont be able to reach the top in any industry, so she wants to try every industry.”

“Thats right.

Pitaya could never look like her.”

Shi Jins fans naturally wanted to argue with them.

The other families joined forces and openly mocked Shi Jin as a “bootlicker”.

It meant that in order to get a certain role, she would publicly make her fans kneel down and lick the investors boots.

When the words reached Yao Jiahongs ears, he first restrained Shi Jins fans and made a public statement.

“Shi Jins schedule is very full now.

When she has news, she will inform everyone.

We wont kneel down and ask for resources, but if the right resources come to us, we wont reject them either.”

When he said that, many people stopped talking.

Only a celebrity named Song Yue did not stop.

In the past two years, Song Yue had acted in several popular idol dramas and gained a lot of fans.

Her momentum was quite good.

However, it was probably because she was too naive that she felt that the good luck in life would always fall on her.

Among all the celebrities who fought for the role of Pitaya,

she felt that her chances of winning were the highest.

‘When she realized that Shi Jin was also fighting for this resource, she couldnt help criticizing Yao Jiahong, “A suitable resource Youre making it sound like Shi Jin would really be casted for Pitaya.”

Many fans knew about her alternate account.

Once she said that, it was equivalent to openly competing with Shi Jin for resources.

The outsiders thought that Song Yue was overestimating herself, but she felt good about herself.

Yao Jiahong and Shi Jin ignored her.

Most importantly, given her status, Shi Jin really did not need to bother with her.

However, those with low celebrity rankings would hope to see those with high celebrity rankings tearing at each other.

Those with low celebrity rankings would always be the beneficiaries.

The number of trending searches would not decrease, and passersby would also become increasingly familiar with

her name.

Song Yue got a taste of fame.

Every two to three days, she would release some news about Pitaya.

Those who did not know would think that she was really going to act as a Pitaya.

Actually, she was not completely without confidence.

‘The company behind her was backed by a multinational corporation with a lot of money.

They had indeed been fighting for this resource for her and had made great progress.

However, these were all clowns and Shi Jin did not take them seriously.

Currently, she was preparing for a music award, the Mercury Music Awards.

‘The Mercury Music Awards were extremely famous throughout Europe.

It was originally a national award, but it later encompassed all of Europe.

Now, their reputation had already left Europe and were gradually accepting musicians from other continents into the competition for this award.

For example, this year, the Mercury Music Awards had already begun accepting Asian singers into the competition.

‘As everyone knows, due to historical and economic reasons, Asias cultural output has always been at a disadvantage.

In recent years, due to the rise of the economy, it has slowly begun to enter a larger and wider stage and was recognized.

When Shi Jin received the invitation, she naturally did not want to give up her original profession.

“Ive already decided to participate.

Lets announce it directly,” Shi Jin said to Yao Jiahong.

“Okay, but… Sun Yijing and Chu Ling have also been invited.”

Shi Jin: “..”

Why were there these two people everywhere

However, Sun Yijing and Chu Ling were indeed singers, so it was easy for them to be invited.

“Forget about them,” Shi Jin said.

In fact, the passersby had long felt that Chu Ling could not be compared to Shi Jin.

It had become a classic joke when they said that Shi Jin still wanted to pursue Chu Ling.1

However, Chu Lings fans were all ordinary yet strangely confident.

They always felt that Shi Jin still had to woo their Brother, who was on the brink of being forgotten, which was why this matter was mentioned from time to time.



“Shi Jin!” Fu Heyan walked quickly towards Shi Jin the moment she entered.

Qin Sinian, who was following behind her, turned pale in fright.

Shi Jin immediately walked towards Fu Heyan and asked Fu Heyan to not walk so quickly so that Qin Sinian would not be too worried.

“Sister, how has your body been recently” Shi Jin saw that her abdomen had already started protruding, but her face did not have the usual swelling that a pregnant woman usually had.

Instead, there was a kind of gentleness and magnanimity.

She already knew in her heart that Fu Heyans situation must

be extremely good.

“Look at me, I can eat, sleep, and jump…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Qin Sinian grabbed her waist from behind, afraid that she would really jump up.

“can tell.” Shi Jin sat down first.

Fu Heyan couldnt speak to her while standing, so she sat down as well.

Only then did Qin Sinian get down to business.

“Heyan has been going for check ups on time, but I feel uneasy, so I wanted to ask you to take a look.”

“I told him that youre busy, so how could you come over from time to time to waste your time But your brother-in-law refuses to listen.” Fu Heyan was helpless.

“How can it be a waste to look at my niece” Shi Jin immediately felt her pulse.

“It looks like my niece is doing very well.”

Qin Sinians tense expression finally relaxed.

“Thaventt seen you in a long time.

Stay for lunch,” Fu Heyan said.

“I have a lot to tell you.”

Qin Sinian rolled up his sleeves, stood up, and headed straight for the kitchen.

“This…” Shi Jin was astonished.

“After I got pregnant, your brother-in-law mastered the skills of a head chef.

As long as hes not busy, hes always the one cooking.

Today, Il let you and Xiuyuan taste his cooking.”

Shi Jin said enviously, “An exceptional man.”

Fu Xiuyuan was walking down the stairs when he saw this scene.

He silently opened the video website, clicked on the gourmet section, and selected the culinary section.


‘The Mercury Music Awards would be held in Paris a month later.

Hence, Shi Jin went to America to film Superhero first.

This time, Fu Xiuyuan adjusted his schedule and went with Shi Jin.

Song Fan really admired Master Fu.

For the sake of his trip to America, he had forced himself to finish all his work for the past month.

He had decided to check on the American branch companys performance.

Now, the senior executives of the American branch company were probably unable to sit still..

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