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Chapter 536: Do You Think I Dont Hate You

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During the celebration, the assistant really couldnt understand why Sun Yijing didnt win the championship despite spending so much money.

“Do you understand whats going on, Brian”

“Ask Shi Jin.”

The assistant looked towards Shi jin.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “In the beginning, Sun Yijing did bribe the judges.

However, the other designers all had people backing them.

How could they let her do that Therefore, all the big shots and companies behind the various designers were mobilized to speak to the judges.

They expressed that they

must let their own company win the award.”

“Oh, then who did the judges listen to”

“Of course, the judges cant offend any of them.

They can only balance the pros and cons of giving points over and over again.

They consider giving points, but they dont dare to give too high a score to the person they need to protect.

After all, when the total score is calculated, the highest score has to be


The total score is also determined by special procedures.

They cant make the decision on their own.”

The assistant understood.

“Thats why they wanted to protect too many people.

They were afraid that the person they protected wouldnt get a high score, but they were also afraid that the person they were against would get a high score.

However, they couldnt give a high score at will.

In the end, Brian,

who didnt look for any judges, got the highest score under such a coincidence.”

“How can my second brothers design be a coincidence”

“Yes, he deserves it! He deserves it! It looks like its more important to stay true to your heart in this industry!”

Shi Jin felt that this assistant was quite cute.

No wonder Second Brother had been using him for so many years.

Staying true to oneself was the most important, but external forces were not completely unimportant.

However, it was really difficult for ordinary people to control this kind of relationship.

If Fu Xiuyuan hadnt mentioned it, Shi Jin would have felt that things had fallen into a dead end.

Of course, Fu Xiuyuan was also involved in this.

He constantly released news to sow discord between the people behind this group of designers, causing them to lose their judgment in this complicated situation.

In the end, when the results came out, it was the most beneficial for the most talented one.

When it came to manipulating peoples hearts and controlling the business situation, Shi Jin couldnt help, but admire Fu Xiuyuan.


After this international fashion show competition, Sun Yijings plans to stop Gu Zehans career fell through.

Gu Zehans brand was like a hot knife through butter in $ Nation and Europe.

It had entered a period of stable development.

Shi Jin had also gained a lot.

As a model, she was ranked 15th on the international supermodel rankings.

This was mainly because she didnt put much thought into it, so her ranking couldnt continue to rise.

At the same time, Anla officially signed with Gu Zehans company.

Her supermodel ranking rose to 12th place, and Julia and the other three entered the top 100.

After bringing so many models into the top 100, Gu Zehan once again proved to the world the value of his brand pushing people and his taste in discovering models.

Sun Ning, who was originally in the top ten, had fallen out of the top fifty due to successive defeats.

Her commercial value was greatly reduced, and her image value also fell rapidly, unable to recover.

Gu Zehan was designing at home when his assistant received Sun Nings call.

“Brian is very busy and may not have time to see you.

Why dont you call him yourself” The assistant tactfully declined.

“Assistant Tang, help me transfer the phone…” Sun Ning pleaded.

If she had not called Gu Zehan and realized that she had been blocked, she would not have called her assistant so humbly.

Now she had no one else to look for.

Sun Yijing didnt succeed in her fight with Gu Zehan and lost a lot of money in the Sun family.

Sun Yijing had also changed her way of fighting.

It was impossible for her to keep chasing after Gu Zehan.

Sun Ning didnt know what she was going to do next or what her motive was, but Sun Ning knew that

her focus would no longer be on the fashion industry.

If she couldnt follow Sun Yijing, when Sun Ning went overseas, many big shots wouldnt let her be the main show.

No one was willing to bring a model who was getting worse and worse.

If this continued, her ranking would only get lower and lower.

The only way out for her was to revert to Gu Zehan.

The assistant said, “How about this Ill ask him.

If he refuses to answer, theres nothing I can do.”

The assistant walked up to Gu Zehan and deliberately did not cover the microphone.

He asked, “Brian, Sun Ning called.

Do you want to answer”

“Tm busy,” Gu Zehan replied concisely.

“If you dont answer, Im hanging up”

“Do you have a lot of time on your hands”

The assistant did not dare to say anything else.

He walked out and said to Sun Ning on the phone, “Did you hear that Have you given up”

“Assistant Tang…”

“Hey, dont beg me.

Its useless to beg me.

Do you think I dont hate you Its just that Im busy with work and getting my bonus, so I dont have time to hate you.

Goodbye, I wont see you agai

He hung up.

On the other end, Sun Nings heart was dead.


In the show that Shi Jin walked overseas, her action of pulling out a gun and pretending to shoot was simply too valiant and handsome.

It captivated many fans.

Yao Jiahong received many private messages from his fans.

“Brother Yao, are you sure you dont want Shi Jin to play such a role”

“Brother Yao, please choose a similar script for Shi Jin!”

“Brother Yao, I heard that the Hollywood blockbuster Superhero is going to produce a retired female police officer hero.

The image in the comic is an Asian face.

Everyone is guessing that they will find an Asian person to play this heroine called Pitaya.

Cant you fight for it”

On Yao Jiahongs side, he had already signed the contract to play the role of Pitaya.

It was just that Hollywood hadnt started their publicity yet.

They had their own publicity plans and hadnt announced it to the public yet, so Yao Jiahong naturally couldnt reveal it.

Therefore he only replied, “We will definitely fight for more suitable roles for Shi Jin.

Dont worry.”

Everyone was not satisfied with this reply, but they also knew that managers had their own workflow, so it was useless for fans to be too forceful.

The fans couldnt force Yao Jiahong, but they could edit the production themselves.

The images of Shi Jin were edited by the fans into a two-minute short film calledSuperhero Pitaya.

When the short clip came out, fans reposted and admired the screen.

However, there were soon some discordant voices.

The role of Pitaya was based on an Asian face when it first appeared in the comics.

Therefore, the female celebrities from several countries were all itching to get their hands on this role.

‘There were a lot of people in $ Nation and there were also a lot of celebrities.

Hence, the competition for this role was getting more intense.

There were many female artistes who were close to 30 years old who were facing a transformation and breakthrough.

There were also many female artistes in their twenties who wanted to surpass their peers..

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